The Best of 2014

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To be fair, the best of 2014 could include every single blog. But enough bragging.

Here are my actual favorites from the year…

Remember when I talked about wearing your maxi dress different ways? I had more people (even strangers) come up to me and tell me how much this helped them. I cannot convey to you how much I love that. Really, I can’t.

Um, how about the big unveil of my new site!! This was so exciting because it symbolized a new chapter in this love project of mine (I feel like love project is a nice way of saying the thing that’s both highly frustrated me and created tears of joy).

Oh and I CANNOT forget the April Fool’s joke I pulled off. Probably my favorite moment on the segment ALL YEAR ;) I’m just so proud I didn’t laugh…

Then there was my favorite beauty purchase of the year

And my favorite clothing purchase… (At least in my top five. It would be hard to name just one).

I really have to stop myself. There are so many moment from the blog this year that I really enjoyed.

I’m so thankful to get to do what I love and what God created me to be passionate about. I hope you go through and relive the fond memories, and I really hope you’ll come back because we’ll be making newer and even better ones in 2015!

Happy happy year!

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