You Should be Wearing This on Your Face

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And the one word that sold me on it.

Not going to lie, I thou1ght “setting powder” was a total scam.

Just a useless step in the makeup process – another product for “them” to sucker us into buying. *shakes fist in air

Uh but it turns out, it’s pretty useful.

I’ll tell you what sold me on it. I went into Bare Minerals one day to try out a new foundation. And the girl that was applying my makeup (Sarah – who now works at Coach in West Town Mall – go see her, she’s the sweetest, most beautiful creature) used the word “airbrush” when describing its finishing qualities.

Literally, I bought it on the spot.

Why that word is so alluring, I DON’T KNOW. But it is.

Still I used the powder faithfully until the other day… I’m getting low so I decided to skip it on a day when I was just running around. It was on that day that I realized it does more than make me look like a magazine cover.

First of all, I didn’t like how my face felt. It was as if my makeup was exposed. Like if I were to rub my finger down my face my makeup would wipe right off. With the finishing powder, my face feels more natural. Does that make sense?

Secondly (and most importantly) I got a glimpse of my eyes at the end of the day and I saw that my mascara or something was all smudgy under my eyes! Like I had sweated it off! I had just come out of the gym, sure, but I’m not a big sweater (more like a small cardigan – bud-dum-chhh), so it was surprising. And that’s never happened before, so I know it’s because of the powder.

The lesson in all of this? That powder really does help. And the good news is, it helps you use less makeup since you won’t have to do as many touch ups throughout the day. Plus it really doesn’t take that long to apply.

Of course, I’m going to recommend the Bare Minerals version as I’m a BM girl all the way. But I’ve also heard good things about Laura Mercier’s version and Bobbie Brown’s.

Regardless of the brand you use, just be sure to use some! Get a big fluffy brush and apply it all over your face before you add blush or any kind of contouring.

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