I write this blog because I have such a passion to see women become more confident in the person God created them to be.


The idea for starting the blog came to me when I was laying in a field of wild flowers one day, just thinking about life. But when I say “field of wildflowers” I mean the desk chair at my job as an assistant at an advertising company.

It was quite literally an “Ah-Ha!” moment when I realized I could combine my love to talk about clothes with the infinite amount of knowledge I had just gained with my degree in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Tennessee (and when I say infinite amount of knowledge…I mean…yeah let’s stick with that).

It was a year before I hit publish on a post. I took my time picking a name (more on that in a second) and building posts so that I would be able to hit the ground running. That was in 2010. After that, I watched God open door after door for me. First, in 2012 with a regular spot on WBIR’s show on FOX – 10News This Morning, then in 2013 as a Style Consultant for West Town Mall.

Every time God brought about a new opportunity, I considered it proof that I was doing what He called me to do – help women have great style and feel good about themselves.

The word “Spiff” came from my mother who always likes to check with me that she’s still spiffy even though she’s in her late 20’s *wink. The word means to make someone attractive, tidy or stylish, and when combined with this verse in Luke 14:11, “…if you are content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself,” it sums up my intentions perfectly.

Something else that sums up my intentions is this quote from one of my readers,

What’s really great is the way the Spiff encourages you to be yourself and develop your own style. You don’t have be a certain age, weight, shape to be beautiful. And there’s no requirement to be trendy if you don’t want. With the Spiff, you can discover what works best for you and what makes you feel good.

I hope you enjoy reading, and that you feel like you have access to a well-informed jovial girlfriend (who uses words like “jovial”).

Because (like I say a lot around here) everyday should be a spiffy day!


  • Dayna

    Somehow I’m not getting your posts sent to my email anymore, and I miss it! I forget to come to the blog every day, but when it’s in my email, it’s like a tasty brain snack that comes right to me instead of me having to go find it. So how do I subscribe to get this back in my inbox?!?

  • Jennifer R

    Elizabeth, where did you get the top you were wearing during the WBIR segment about “Clothes to help get kids moving in 2017″ last week? I loved it and have been looking for a top like that! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42f18407e52049965f1f541bed937a561e9abaa7084fbd3616c3990c0328c61a.jpg

    • http://www.thespiff.com Elizabeth

      Thanks! I got it at Old Navy :)