For All You Polish Lovers

Last week I became acutely aware of how much I love having painted nails. I took the week off from color, and  it made me realize why I love wearing nail polish.

First of all, I love that it distinguishes my hand. Not only is it another chance to show off my personality and likes, but it also gives my fingers a bit of feminine edge. A well polished hand is just another detail that helps make you feel beautiful. And you don’t have to have long pointy nails to feel that way either. I like to keep mine short and square, so do what makes you feel most comfortably you!

That being said, I wanted to let you all know about the Julep box I received in the mail. Back when I did the segment on subscription boxes, I had contacted them about sending me a box. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time to be on the show, but I did want to write about it so you’d know the great things they have to offer…

julep maven

In their box every month comes $40 worth of product whether it be a beauty product or a nail polish. The upside to that is you’ve only paid $25 for it (or $20 if you pay in 3 month chunks). What I got in my box was two full size nail polishes and a full size eye liner. Not bad. (You can upgrade to Maven Luxe for $60 worth of products for a little bit higher monthly fee).

Plus, their nail polish has oxygen technology that helps your nails still get air, as well as green coffee extract that delivers antioxidants. Not bad at all.

One of my favorite things about their box is that during a specified window of time each month, you can get online and see what it is you’re getting and change something if you don’t like it. No other box offers this kind of customization and I think that’s worth noting.

If you’re not an adventurer when it comes to picking colors but you still want to build up your collection – this box is for you.  Here’s a link to get started!

Labor Day!


This past week I took a much needed vacation. I had a break from more than just deadlines and alarm clocks, I also decided to go the full week without color on my nails. I haven’t done that in over 6 years…

Aside from the occasional, “Ah! Who’s hand is that!?” moments, it was nice to give my nails a break.

I hope you’re able to take a break from something today or maybe sometime this week. Even a break from something you love is nice every once in a while. I helps clear your mind and come back loving it even more! Now excuse me while I go get every nail polish I own and paint my every finger nail… ;)

Rent the Runway

This summer for my sister-in-laws wedding, I decided to rent a dress rather than run myself ragged all over town trying to find one. Here’s what I thought of the experience…

That dress that I’m wearing? If I were to walk up to a BCBG store and buy it off the rack, it would cost me, $398. You know how much I paid to wear it? Less than $70.

I rented it from a little site called, “Rent the Runway.” If you’re like me, thinking you would never spend that much for something you only get to wear once, let me change your mind…

Back in March I poked around their website, found this dress and reserved it in two sizes (at no extra cost).

I didn’t have to traipse from store to store trying dresses on, getting frustrated. I didn’t have to drive all over town tracking down sizes and colors.

I reserved it, then I browsed through the hundreds of pictures of how other girls wore it so I could get an idea of what accessories to add. I knew the neckline deserved it’s day in the sun, so I just planned to wear some diamond hoop earrings and a silver bracelet. Done.

The week before the wedding, I got an email from Rent the Runway letting me know my tracking number and that I could get text alerts to know when my dress was at my front door.

What I didn’t have to do was drag the dress out of my closet and steam it.

Two days before the wedding, the dresses arrive at my doorstep. I open the box, try on both sizes, determine which one fits, set the other one aside and continue on with my day completely relaxed with my look. (In the event of an emergency where neither options fits, RTR gives you a back up plan where they’ll overnight you a dress in a different size if need be).

You get the rental for four days, and you get to determine when it starts. I chose Friday because that would give me enough time on the front end if something had gone wrong, and it gave me Monday to get it back in the mail.

Included in your rental cost is an insurance fee in case anything goes wrong in shipping, and like I said, they send you two sizes which really helps boost your peace of mind.

After it was all over, I packed both dresses into the UPS envelope they provided, sealed it up and dropped it off. Done. Check. (I get to keep the two clip hangers they came on – suckers!! ;)

Now I don’t have another fancy dress in my closet that will never get worn again. I had a designer dress to wear to an important event, and peace of mind in the months leading up to it.

Would I do it again? Oh, you can bet your sweet Badgley Mischka I will.

Packing for a Summer Getaway

Don’t let the text in this picture fool you. If you’re packing for any getaway, these pieces (which are now probably all on sale) will build the perfect vacay wardrobe…

what to pack

Whether you’re packing up for a quick jaunt to the beach, or scooting your lawn chair into the sun on your back patio, this week is a great time to shop for some fresh pieces. Good thing West Town Mall has such a great selection!

American Eagle bathing suit: The stripe placement on the bottoms will help your hips look narrow (yay!)

Gap shirt dress: Pick one up to wear over tights, with wedges, or let it pull double duty and wear it as a bathing suit coverup.

Garage t-shirt: Takes up very little room in your suitcase, and really comes in handy.

Forever21 beaded necklace, maxi dress and hat: I love love the coral color of this necklace. I can think of at least 5 ways to wear that dress (it’s less than $15), and that hat would really come in handy on days you don’t want to do your hair (so…everyday).

Dillard’s wedges and infinity scarf: These Lucky Brand wedges are by far THE MOST COMFORTABLE wedges I have ever put on my feet. Don’t go one step this spring without trying a pair. Seriously. And what’s better for cool nights then a light scarf with this adorable print? (“Nothing” is the correct answer).

The Limited “Love” necklace: Having a great long necklace is a great way to pack another accessory without taking up more room.

Bath and Body Works lip balm: Essential only if you plan on using your lips while on vacation.

J. Crew shorts: Cool, in every sense of the word.

Charlotte Russe cross body bag: I love this for the pattern, but also because you can tuck the chain in at night and use it as a clutch.

Sunglass Hut Tory Burch shades: Yes. Please.

Express sandals: Looks like comfort and versatility finally met and formed an adorable friendship in the form of this sandal.

Aeropostale sweater: If you don’t pack a light sweater, you’re going to think back to this blog and think how right I was to suggest it and how you really should have listened.

If you plan on getting all gussied up on vacation, pack this uh-mazing dress.

My Favorite Beauty Purchase from 2014 (Thus Far)

Wand is the perfect word for this thing.

curling wand

Not only because it sounds better than, “curling stick” or “curling pole.” But also because “wand” makes me think of magic. And how it curls my hair – hair that wouldn’t take to any other curling iron or roller in the past – is magical.

There are many great things to be said for a curling wand, but today I want to talk about the wider width one I recently purchased at Target.

I wanted something that would mimic my natural waves so I could touch up the next day, or go full on beach wave look without having to let my hair air dry.

So I went out and bought this mammer jammer.

Its barrel is 1-1 1/2 inches wide – and let me tell you width makes all the difference.

It can give you great curls, but my favorite thing about it is that it can also give you that tussled wave look. My hair is very layered, so there are nights when I’ll sleep all over the bed in crazy positions and wake up with kinks everywhere (I don’t know exactly if that’s how they come about, but it is pretty wild how some days I’ll wake up with straight hair and other days…not so much).

Curling wands are nice for adding a touch of texture here and there. They also eliminate that line that you can sometimes get from a curling iron, and make the whole look a lot more natural.

Try one out for yourself this summer! They’re less than $30 and can add a new do to your routine.

Catch the Unveil (Again)

In honor of it being almost 2 months old now, I thought it would be fun to relive the unveil of the new site from this past June. Watch the quick video to not only get the ta-da, but to also get some tips on how to receive a compliment!

Family weddings are complete, the website is unveiled…I’m breathing large sighs of relief these days.

If you’d like to watch my segment from yesterday where I talked about what all the features spiff now has to offer, along with how to confidently respond to compliments, click below!

Meanwhile, I’d like to point out a few new things around the site that I didn’t get to yesterday on the show…

You can now easily like and share posts with the Facebook buttons located at the bottom of each post. These are not for emergency use only, please share with others only after you’ve enjoyed it for yourself.

Located in the top right hand corner of each picture (*points with stewardess fingers) is the “pin it” button. Feel free to use that anytime I post a picture. And I do mean anytime. Seriously.

Social buttons are available for your following pleasure there on the right. Click each and every one and faithfully follow my every move in every social media avenue possible (too strong? How about…) Feel free to follow me and my adventures as a fashion blogger, get more great tips, outfit inspiration and adorable pictures of my dog!

Summer Would be Cuter if it Were Fall



This summer, much like my dog, took off quick and had me running the whole time.

It started with both my sister-in-law and sister getting married, then there was the little thing of revamping this website that happened in June, and since then it’s been a sprint to right about now. So far I’ve visited the pool once this summer, past Elizabeth of any age would be very disappointed with that.

Something else that kind of changed this summer is my roll as Style Setter. If you remember, I was writing for another style blog there for a while. This past May that blog gig kind of ended, but out of that a new (more fantastical) position has sprung up!

I am now the Style Consultant for West Town Mall (a Simon Mall), which means I’ll still be bringing you great things from all of the awesome stores they have there, but I’ll be doing it all on my own blog. There is more fun stuff to come with this position, so stay tuned!

All of that to say, I’m taking some much needed time off! But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you!

This week please enjoy my favorite posts from the past three months. I’ll share my favorite video, my favorite beauty purchase of 2014 (thus far), and a great place to get a fancy dress in a pinch.

I hope The Spiff has helped you to have your best dressed summer yet. If not, you obviously didn’t read enough ;) and there’s still fall!! Fall is such a fun season clothing-wise so squeeze out all you can of summer this week and the next, but from then on it’s layering, pumpkins, boots, scarves and coziness baby!

Have a happy Monday!



Leather. Rinse. Repeat.

Erase whatever preconceived notion you have in your brain about leather. Unless that notion is it makes you look cool and gives your look a high fashion edge.

If that’s the case, don’t erase anything. Leave it be.

Because a “high fashion edge” is exactly what the look of leather is all about. And for the upcoming season it’s going to be everywhere – even the piping of a classic dress.

So here are four ways (all from West Town Mall a Simon Mall!) to incorporate it into your wardrobe this fall…


Leather Leggings

These are literally on the top of my “must-have” list. I’ve let the thought of buying them simmer for over a year, now it’s just a matter of time till I find the right ones (these pictured are from Dillard’s, by the way). Wear them as pants, or pair them with a tunic or over-sized sweater and some black stilettos. Mmm girl. I don’t care what age you are, you’re going to look good.

Leather Piping

Ok, so maybe you’re not ready to drape your body entirely in the slick material. Go for something like this leather lined dress from Belk. It’s made by Ralph Lauren so you know you’re striking the right chord between classic and cool.

Leather Tank

Express really hit the nail on the head with this “wet look cami” as they call it. I love love love the way it drapes. The texture of it would make an all black outfit look so chic. In true Chandler fashion, “Could this top BE any cooler?!”

Leather Cardi

I’m currently in the market for a new black sweater for the fall….wait, looks like I’ve found the one. This cardigan from The Limited with the front leather detailing is going to be the bad boy of your closet. Pair it with even your sweetest, most floral-y top and it’s going to make them look oh so dangerously good.

The ABC’s of Fashion

This past Saturday, West Town Mall held a Back to School Fashion Show that resulted in a whole lot of cute pictures and tons of great fall outfits that have me so excited for fall*

*That’s an understatement.

Instead of piling all the pictures in one blog post, I’ve decided to spread them out that way you can savor them one piece at a time like a good pumpkin pie (See? Fall is on the brain).

Let’s give it up for the gorgeous track pants from Gap kids that I talked about on the show a couple weeks ago (pictured left)! And what’s even more exciting is their adult counter part was featured as well (pictured right). I love both looks! On the left even though it is a kids outfit, I think that would make a great school day outfit for any age. By pairing it with a white button down and a slouchy sweater, it hits all the right notes of comfort without going flat by looking sloppy.

track pants

If you did want to lean into the comfortable look, the model on the right does it well by pairing them with more of a structured shoe and jacket. Remember, it’s all about balance so if you’ll pair slouchy pieces with ones that have a little bit of bones to them, you’ll be able to pull off pants like these in public. Proudly.

I’d also like to take a moment to talk about that great chambray shirt dress in the picture on the right. I love those things. They can be worn so many different ways! If you’re looking for a versatile piece this fall, put that on your list. I don’t care what age you are.

I’d also like to give a shout out to some of the girls I recognized from Fashion Camp this summer! Each one of them carried themselves so well! I was so excited to recognize them and see them in their first “gig.” All I ask is that they throw me a Calvin Klein dress or two once they get famous. I’m serious about that. Size 6.

fashion camp

Be on the look out for more pics from the show!

More Subsciption Boxes, Oh My!

Beauty boxes aren’t the only subscriptions taking over your mail box. There are other products you can subscribe to and receive in a tiny box, while still in your bathrobe. First watch my segment from yesterday, then see what else you can subscribe to!


For $16 get a new, well crafted pair of underwear in your mailbox every month. So many underwear jokes…so little time.

Wantable Accessories

For $36 a month you get 3-4 jewelry and accessory pieces based on your taste.


If you consider your initials to be DIY, this box is for you… For $15 every month you get a box filled with the materials and instructions you need to make a certain craft.


This box is like having a dermatologist who’s in love with you, sending you presents. At least that’s what you can pretend when you pay the subscription fee up front for $36. That will get you 3 months worth of Derm (we’re on good terms now so he has a nickname) approved products tailored to your skin needs. It’s a subscription for only 3 months, though because their goal is to get you in a routine using the same products once you discover what works. Also, there’s a waiting list right now.

Stay tuned for future posts on more subscription boxes! It’s an industry that’s growing by the second!