A Special Discount Just for You

Good news for all you people out there who love shopping, cute things AND discounts.

You’ve heard me talk about Fiore before. They’re a great boutique that offers all kinds of cute clothes as well as really unique house decor and a whole slew of adorable gifts. I mean really, you shop there for all three things and you’ll look good, live cute and gift well. For real.

Let me get to the good news…when you shop on Fiore.com enter the code “thespiff” and you’ll get a 10% discount!!

That’s pretty awesome, amiright?

Here are some examples of their adorable offerings…

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Love this striped dress for all ages. Wear it as a dress or pair it with tights. And the options of statement necklaces with this classic black and white pattern are eeeendless.

I plan on wearing a maxi dress only on days that end in “y” this summer. So I’m thankful for cute one’s like this to stock up on. I love that it includes a lot of colors, without being an overwhelming pattern.

Piko tops. Well, you should know where I stand with these. Thank God there are short sleeve options!

They also have all kinds of great accessories. Gorgeous jewelry and really great bags. Bags like this brown cross-body or how about the bigger black tote to double as a briefcase.

And I’ve already dropped in to pick up a last minute gift for a friend. Their selection of cute items from brands like Lily Pulitzer and Kate Spade translates to perfect presents you can keep on hand or pick up last minute.

And if you’re living in good ole’ rocky top, they’ve got a wonderful selection of Vol attire and home décor.

I’m so excited about this collaboration with them, and I really hope you take advantage of the discount! Remember enter “thespiff” for 10% off…do it right now!!

(Stay tuned for updates about mentioning the code in-store to get the discount in person).

Shopping My Closet

8 Makeup Brushes I Wouldn’t Live Without

Spring has arrived! The birds are singing, trees are starting to bud and all of the people complaining about winter and snow have finally put a sock in it. ;)

Sure, spring is great. It’s beautiful, blah, blah, blah. But I’ll miss my snow, boots and tights!

So all you winter-haters out there, let’s put your money where your mouth is and start talking spring cleaning! It’s a great time to deep clean, refresh and re-evaluate your beauty routine. Which is perfect because today I’m going to talk about the makeup brushes you need. There are 8 of them to be exact.

Opinions on this subject may vary, depending on who you talk to (or whose blog you read), but these are the 8 brushes I’ve found to be the most helpful in my beauty routine. And one thing everyone everywhere will agree on, is that a good makeup job is highly dependent upon the type of brush you use and it’s quality. So if you’ve been frustrated with how your eye shadow looks, it could be entirely based on the brush you’re using.

5 eye shadow brushes that will make your life easier…

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1. Fluff Brush: this is a bigger brush used for depositing color all over your eye lid. This one you’ll use almost everyday, since just one sweep of subtle color is perfect for a daytime look.

2. Shader Brush: this brush gives you more control and helps add color closer to the lash line (above and below) and in the corners of your lid. Which leads directly to the next brush…

3. Tapered Blending Brush: once you’ve used the Shader Brush to deposit a little bit of color in the corners of your eyes, you’ll want to use this one to blend that color across your crease.

4. Pencil Brush: I love this brush for smudging shadow and getting a smokey look around my lash line.

5. Angled Liner Brush: truly, I couldn’t live without this guy. This is how I apply my eye liner everyday, and fill in my eyebrows. It may look daunting, but once you use it a lot it’s precision will be invaluable.

3 Brushes you need for your face…

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1. Powder/Foundation Brush: depending on how you apply your foundation, you may or may not use this one a lot. I’m a die-hard Bare Minerals lover, so I love this brush for adding and buffing that mineral powder onto my face. If you’re adding powder on top of a liquid foundation, you wouldn’t need a brush that’s packed this tightly.

2. Bronzer Brush: DO NOT use a bronzer brush for anything but bronzer. And, by the way, you should be using a little bit of bronzer all year. I love the fluffy bristles of this one because it allows me to add bronzer in a less precise way which allows me to contour my face without looking like a Pinterest tutorial picture.

3. Blush Brush: an angled blush brush like this will really help you to add blush to your cheek bones like a pro.

A good brush can really elevate your beauty routine from DIY to “done by a professional.”

Tune in to FOX43 tomorrow morning at 8:30am to see how I clean and organize these brushes and all my other beauty products!


The Guide to a Figure-Flattering Easter Dress

The trick to writing a guide of any sort is research. And if there’s ever been an Easter where I’ve done extensive dress research, it’s this one.

I will be 5 months pregnant by the time Easter gets here, which means I don’t know what my body will look like. On top of which, I’m in the Easter program at church, which means I have to find a dress that meets a long list of standards (not to mention my own crazy self-imposed ones).

But man do I love a good clothing challenge.

I started looking for a dress in January, just to start formulating a vision. Once I knew the direction I wanted to go in, I started seriously looking in February and had my dress by early March.

Saying all of that to say, I know my stuff. I know what’s out there and I know what will look good on your body type.

So let’s dive in…

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The best way to flatter a larger mid-section is by going with a dress that’s waist defining. All three of these options give the illusion that you have a tiny waist whether it be through color blocking, a change in pattern or strategic rouching. Those are the types of things you need to look for in your dress.

And if you want to add a cardigan to the mix, stay away from those that are short and boxy. Go with one that lays a few inches below where you’ve defined your waist, or better yet, choose a structured blazer to give you even more shape.

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For a larger bum and hips it’s all about where you’re drawing the eye. First of all, make sure to go with an A-line shape. This shape is flattering on so many body types, but especially yours as it perfectly conceals your lower half. To carry the illusion a step further, opt for a dress that has a pattern/detail on the top half which will instantly draw the eye up.

The White House Black Market dress does a great job of drawing the eye to your neckline with that lace detail; as does the JCP dress by putting that gorgeous blue color on the top half of the dress. And of course the print overlay is just pretty all over on the Fiore dress.

easter dress, west town mall, the limited, express, fiore boutique, cache, white hosue black market, how to buy a dress, what dress to buy for your shape, figure flattering dresses, easter dress shopping, easter, what to wear this easter

If you’re looking to create a figure, you’ve got some great options as well. Look for dresses with ruffles or pleats to add volume where you need it, but stay away from anything too baggy. You want to show off your slimness while adding volume in all the right places.

The blue dress from Express gives your girls a little help with the pleats in the bust line. The middle dress from The Limited does kind of the same thing but in a cool modern way – I love the illusion of a crop top over a black dress. And by the way, this one would really do a great job showing off a gorgeous statement necklace. Finally, the navy Ann Taylor number defines your tiny waist but gives you a curvy hourglass shape with the addition of those ruffles (the dress has a tiny polka dot pattern too, which I think is so classic).

I wanted to show you that no matter your figure, there is a dress out there that will make you look your best. I purposely stayed away from using words like “flaws” and “problem areas” because you don’t have to look at your body that way. Appreciate what you’re working with, and learn to dress so that you show off what you love most!

If you have any questions or need more help, you can reach me through any of my social media outlets I’ve linked to there in the upper right.

Happy shopping!

Spring Neutral: Army Green

As much as I mourn the loss of tights and boots (eventually…I will wear them sporadically until Easter – Shhh) I am excited about all the kinds of clothing changes spring brings.

Like this guy – army green!

For those of you thinking army green is the LAST color you’d associate with spring outfits, I’ve included color swatches there on the side to show just how far this spring neutral can go.

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Pair it with bright pink, light pink, coral, stripes, leopard, even some lighter greens will pair with it beautifully. And most of the time it can go with either silver or gold accessories (if you can find anyone selling silver anymore!). And of course it plays well with other neutrals like white, black and even taupe if the taupe is on the bottom of your outfit, further away from the green (see what I did there – “if the taupe is on the bottom”?!).

An army green jacket becomes part of my regular rotation this time of year. This one from Dillard’s at West Town Mall is a great supplement for your jean jacket. Since the days/nights are still cool at times, it’s great to have a jacket like this one that can get thrown over so many other items.

Speaking of throwing over things, I love this Fossil bag from Belk. I just don’t think you even realize how fluidly this will work into your closet. A great cross-body bag like this will go with so many things while breaking you out of the boring black box (I’m preaching to myself with that line).

I included a layered necklace from Altar’d State because I wanted to show that those lighter pastel colors work well with the darker, more masculine color. In fact it would create a great balanced look.

And finally, for the more adventuresome among us there are cargo jogger pants at Charlotte Russe. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear these with a belly baring shirt, or heels for that matter. Pair them with crisp white Keds and a striped tee for running errands around town in the chicest way possible.

Listen, you can sit there in your bland neutrals, or you can drop and give me 10 outfits that go with army green!!! ;)

Shopping My Closet

Essential Spring Shoes

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These are the very shoes I was wearing when I discovered that Chick-Fil-A light lemonade tasted just like their regular lemonade. That was a life-changing moment.

Good thing I had on great shoes.

I’ve had my eye on these types of sneakers for over a year now. It wasn’t until Target came out with a cheaper pair that I decided to try them out, and if I liked them I’d buy the real thing.

Turns out I don’t like them – I love them.

They are exactly what I’ve been looking for to give my running around outfits the cute yet comfortable edge I’ve been needing. This pair from Target only cost around $14, but I’ve tracked down an affordable Ked’s option for around $30.

And these shoes can go a lot farther than I originally bargained for. Here’s a Pinterest collage of all the different ways you can wear them. Jennifer Aniston sports her’s with a blazer! You’ll notice they can almost fluidly take the place of heels or wedges in unexpected yet wildly comfortable ways…

keds, spring style, what to wear this spring, sneakers, what to wear wit keds, fashion blog, knoxville fashion blog, shoes

They’re really perfect for boyfriend-jeans and will make me look so cute and keep my pregnant feet comfortable this summer. Go get your own pair, cause you’re not borrowing mine!

Also, be sure to follow my new “Spiffy Keds” Pinterest board (click on the Pinterest link there in the upper right)!

From the Runway to the Real-Way

Sitting on the floor watching Suits the other night, I noticed that one of the female character’s legs didn’t touch. You could pass an Oxford Dictionary through the gap between her thighs. I said to my husband, “I bet that girl doesn’t eat tater tots,” then popped a tot into my mouth.

So this post is for all of us tot-eaters who don’t have the legs of a supermodel but want to dress like one.

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The runway version you see here is from the Badgley Mischka Spring 2015 collection. Which in all reality was probably sent down the actual runway last fall. It’s a beautiful sheath dress with panel pattern blocking on the sides – something that really flatters a gal’s figure.

To the right, are two wildly cheaper options that are accessible here in town (at West Town Mall, in fact).

The first, is from JCPenney. It’s Bisou Bisou (place special emphasis on the “s” in those words when asked who made your dress, and even when not). The white makes it perfectly daytime appropriate, while the side paneling draws all the attention into a smaller version of yourself that the dress has carved out for you. It gives the illusion that your curves are only to be found there in the middle. Consider the black portions of the dress completely invisible. It’s a very cheap, very fast, and very much pain fre e version of liposuction.

Beside that is a dress from The Limited but instead of darker paneling they inserted lace. This is from their Scandal collection (which won’t be around forever, folks!). It too carves out a beautifully slimming mid-section with the addition of the lace and even extends into the back of the dress.

A beautiful white sheath dress like either of these options would make a great Easter dress!

Piko (Boo, I See You) Tops!

So far this pregnancy journey has not lead to any weird hormonal outbursts.

Other than the fact that I cried once at a wrestling special. And not just a tear…I was balling at Shawn Michaels’ story. But that’s not weird (or so I told myself).

Hopefully (and as far as I know) no one has been on the receiving end of a hormonally charged rant…no one, but not nothing. I’ve found myself continually in a heightened state of frustrated cleaning when I look at just about any corner in our abode. Today as I was cleaning our kitchen I went from audibly growling to sitting on the floor clearing out cookbooks. That’s a little out of the ordinary, so I’m going to chalk that up to being Jackson’s fault. Thanks for the sudden motivation to clean the bakers rack, buddy!

Needless to say, this would be a great time for me and you to buy some fresh things for our house.

We’ve been staring at the same old same old for a little while (especially during all of those snow days) so why not give yourself something fresh and pretty to look at. Enter: Fiore.

Fiore in West Town Mall has a superb collection of cute home items as well as great additions to your closet. Additions like Piko tops. What’s a Piko top, you ask? Oh, only the greatest most flattering and comfortable top you’ve ever put on your BODY. That’s all!

Really, these tops are amazing. Regardless of your age, weight, height, family medical history and math ability these tops will amaze you. Go get one (or a Piko tunic!). They’re soft, and drape well so they’re not going to cling to love handles. They’re also very tight in the arms, so if you need to wear them under a jacket they’re not going to add a lot of bulk.

piko tops, piko, fiore, west town mall, fashion blog, how to wear a piko top, piko top and statement necklace, gold statement necklace

Watch this video of my segment from yesterday to get see what adorable home items they have, and to see the skirt I’ve been trying to track down for months!


Shopping My Closet

3 of My {Current} Favorite Things

Well, hello Tuesday!

hair, hairspray, big sexy hair, product review, fashion blog, leopard top

A few things that have me looking and feeling more beautiful lately…

Favorite Hair Product:

Big Sexy Hair Spray. While this Dove hairspray really locks down my hair style so I can sleep on it, this hairspray really amps up my hair style so I can rock it. I had two events over the weekend that required fabulous hair, and this hair spray worked so well to keep my volume. Plus the name – I mean, did they nail what every woman wants out of a hair product or what?

Favorite Clothing Item:

If you don’t yet know what a Piko top is, hold onto your hat. These tops are comfortable and actually cute. They’re a better looking version of pajama jeans for your arms…yeah, that doesn’t quite click as a comparison. I’ll be talking more about these this morning on FOX 43 (tune in at 8:30 am!). Don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of these amazing tops.

Favorite Feeling:

I haven’t done much shopping this year. Part of that is due to the fact that I don’t want to buy much before my baby bump comes, but a large portion of it is due to the fact that I’m really digging what’s in my closet. And what a great feeling that is! It’s so satisfying to come out of your favorite store, completely content with what you already own. It’s wildly satisfying and very budget friendly ;)

Goals and a Style Plan Made Interesting, I Promise

So I’m going to ask a potentially uncomfortable question…where are you at with your goals for the year?

I’ll share an update with my goals so it may make you feel better… Back in January I talked about doing a style refresh, which included some of my goals for the year.

For example, the one goal of mine was to make social media time productive. While I have done that in some ways (planned Jackson’s nursery…ok I’ve done it in one way), I haven’t really limited my mindless scrolling time. I don’t know why our brains suddenly depend on a social media break, when just 6 years ago they barely knew what it meant. Regardless, I can be better at stopping myself from grabbing my phone every 30 minutes to see information that does me absolutely no good.

The goal I have done well with, is being careful how I shop. The goal of not buying something just because it was on sale has really prevented me from buying things I’m really not going to wear. I don’t want to fill my closet up with junk pieces.

gap, maternity clothes, maternity, maternity style, the limited, banana republic, gwen steffani, statement necklace, blazer, white blazer

A new goal I’ve added to the list, is coming up with a maternity style plan. Funny thing about me…10 years ago I was not a planner. At. All. Then I met my husband. He plans his path through Wal-Mart. So in the 6 1/2 years we’ve been married, a lot of that planning has rubbed off on me. It’s mostly shown up in planning what I wear.

After showing up late to a lot of functions because I was frustrated with finding something to wear, I realized planning an outfit in advance would really help me feel better and look better (which is always the goal). I now religiously plan what I’m wearing. Saturday, my husband and I are going to run errands, I already know what I’m wearing. It’s not uncommon for my Sunday morning outfits to be planned out weeks in advance.

That’s why I came up with a maternity plan, because what I REALLY want to avoid is frustration over that baby bump.

Above is my idea board.

I’m going to shop for deals, but I do plan to replace each pair of jeans I currently wear with their maternity version. That way I won’t miss a beat with my pants.

Maxi dresses are going to really come in handy because I’ll be able to wear those before and after (plus I can wear them 100 different ways). And blazers, well I’ll be stocking up on these for the rest of my life pregnant or not.

And statement necklaces are something I’m really going to load up on so that I can get away with repeating the same basics but still add my own flare.

You should try this. Start formulating a plan for what you want to wear this spring/summer. It will really focus your shopping time and help you put outfits together with greater ease.