How to Dress Up a Plain White Tee

plain white tee, how to style a t-shirt, fashion blog, ootd, knoxville fashion, how to wear a white t-shirt, maternity style, what to wear when you're pregnant, third trimster outfits

plain white tee, how to style a t-shirt, fashion blog, ootd, knoxville fashion, how to wear a white t-shirt, maternity style, what to wear when you're pregnant, third trimster outfits

plain white tee, how to style a t-shirt, fashion blog, ootd, knoxville fashion, how to wear a white t-shirt, maternity style, what to wear when you're pregnant, third trimster outfits

plain white tee, how to style a t-shirt, fashion blog, ootd, knoxville fashion, how to wear a white t-shirt, maternity style, what to wear when you're pregnant, third trimster outfits

You know what I truly love more than shopping? Going through my own closet to see what new looks I can create.

I’ll be somewhere else in my house and get an idea for an outfit combination and immediately I’ll have to drop what I’m doing to go try it on and see if it works. I promise that’s a practice I’ll put to bed whenever this guy comes along – or else I’m going to have an angry baby on my hands ;)

The process of tweaking and editing an outfit till it works is right up my alley inside my wheelhouse (sure my wheelhouse has an alley).

Take this plain white t-shirt for example. Right now especially I’m doing my best to stretch a slim maternity wardrobe so the more ways I can wear a simple t-shirt the better.

One thing about plain white tee’s is they are very see-through. Instead of trying to fight its sheerness, use it to your advantage and wear a striped top underneath. Really almost any patterned tank will work because all the white does is mute the pattern a bit so the louder the better.

It creates a whole new look and allows you to dress it up even further by adding a cute colorful statement necklace (this one came from Rue21).

Also, lets talk about this clutch for a moment. This is actually an Ipsy bag. That’s right, I was getting ready to leave one day and in desperate need of a tiny purse, when I looked on my dresser and saw this bag. Perfect! Another point in the Ipsy category as a box would be a lot less glamorous to carry around. I can’t wait to see what next months bag looks like!

Baby Side Note: I just have to say how much I’ve enjoyed being pregnant. I want to meet this guy so badly, but I really do love getting to show off a baby bump. This whole process is so miraculous and I’m just so thankful to be experiencing it! :) Have a great weekend!

You’re Cordially Invited to Wear This to a Wedding

There’s an unbelievable amount of thought put into wedding invitations. For example, did you know how the parent’s names are listed indicates who’s paying for the wedding?

If the parents names are written as inviting you to the wedding of their son Billy Bob then the parents are paying, but if Billy Bob is listed as inviting you together with his bride Tookie, then ole’ Billy is footing the bill.

Invitation should also indicate the level of dress. They’ll do this by either explicitly saying “IT’S BLACK TIE” or more subtlety with the look of their invite and the location.

But even if everything’s spelled out for you it’s still hard to determine what to wear. So I’ve found four looks that will help with wedding guest attire conundrums.

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Outdoor Weddings:

These days it seems everyone is getting married outside. Whether it’s in a barn, near the lake or in someone’s backyard, the biggest problem an outdoor wedding poses is the ground. Walking through a field is definitely not 4″ stiletto friendly. Therefore if the wedding is outdoors, regardless of the time of day, you’ve got to craft your outfit around wearing wedges or flats.

The two options I’ve put together are perfect for either shoe. The daytime look from Ann Taylor is nice and light and would work perfectly with nude colored wedges.

For the nighttime look I went a little crazy and picked out a jumpsuit from White House Black Market. It seems you can’t walk five steps in a store without bumping into a jumpsuit these days (unless it’s just me and my prego belly).

It’s definitely a refreshing choice over a dress and is probably pretty comfortable (except for when you have to pee which I do about every ten minutes and oh yeah…this would look crazy with my prego belly). Choose one that’s short enough for you to pair it with flats.

Indoor Weddings:

Daytime weddings can be a little tricky especially if there’s no indication of dress on the invitation. For this I say, dress as if you’re going to church. This blue number from New York & Co. would work in that instance, and it’s definitely a great choice for indoors as it would look great with ankle strap heels (like that girl is wearing). It’s also great for disguising a larger midsection (notice the rouching) and the little bit of sleeve will help hide heavier arms.

An indoor nighttime wedding? *Rubs hands together* They are my favorite! Typically they’re dressier so you get to pull out all the stops. And if you ask me, this black and white dress from Chico’s pulls out all the stops and throws them as far as they can.

I made an audible “wow” when I scrolled down and saw this. I love the whole look – from her bun to her chunky silver bracelet (although I would put the bracelet on the other arm to balance out the look). This is the kind of dress you wear when some of the wedding guests include people you haven’t seen in a while.

Be sure to walk in the room in slow motion like the camera is slowly panning your look and there’s a sexy song playing behind you…or would that look ridiculous? You be the judge.

By the way, all of these stores are at West Town Mall so be sure to get out and grab something glam for your next wedding invite!

Want to wear something you already own, and just add new accessories? Check out these great options from Vera Bradley…even jewelry!

Shopping My Closet

Mint Green & Ripped Jeans

piko top, ootd, fashion blogger, boyfriend jeans, maternity style, pregnant, pregnancy outfit

piko top, ootd, fashion blogger, boyfriend jeans, maternity style, pregnant, pregnancy outfit

piko top, ootd, fashion blogger, boyfriend jeans, maternity style, pregnant, pregnancy outfit

I feel as if I could easily get swept up in a pyramid scheme for Piko tops.

They’re so comfortable, flattering and…well, there really needs to be nothing after that “and.” If you’re looking for something outside of comfortable and flattering, good luck.

This mint green color is out of my norm, but I really love the softness it brings to the look.

The necklace is Old Navy. If you’ve not been over there to see their jewelry collection, drop what you’re doing. Cancel lunch, get off the phone, march your butt over there. They’ve got fantastic jewelry.

This particular piece I could wear everyday. The only problem with it is I found it to be a little too short. But I’ve got a trick for that…

I string a bunch of gold safety pins together to elongate the necklace in the back. Of course this trick won’t work if I ever want to wear my hair up with it, but it’s completely doable when wearing my hair down.

I’ll also use an old anklet from time to time because it leaves the necklace at the perfect length.

Heels (similar here) and cuffed ripped (maternity) jeans will probably be my uniform this summer. It’s such a balanced comfortable look that works in a lot of situations. Not too casual not too dressy. Perfectly comfortable for a girl entering her third trimester. :)

What to Wear This Weekend

chico's, weekend wear, what to wear on the weekend, west town mall, knoxville fashion, knoxville fashion show

Saturday can be a tricky day to dress for.

It’s usually the most uncertain of all the days because it could include breakfast out, working out, shopping, cleaning, sports games…it’s a wide variety.

My two requirements for Saturday outfits are these: what I put on has to be comfortable enough for me to be-bop around town in. It also has to be attractive enough that I could walk into a nice restaurant/retail store or run into a friend I haven’t seen in years and not want to cover myself with a house plant.

Also, if I am going shopping I don’t want to wear something with 50 buttons or an intricate tie contraption in the back. I want to be able to try on clothes easily. Which is great because it rules out that 1800’s style gown I just can’t stop reaching for.

Last Thursday during the Indulge event at West Town Mall, Chico’s showed off some perfect Saturday outfits (see pic above). All three looks perfectly embody all the requirements of a Saturday.

My favorite is the blue top (far left). That open collar with the silver hardware on the draw strings wraps up cute and comfortable in a very chic package. You could easily wear that with yoga pants and nice tennis shoes, or black yoga pants and fancy flip flops.

I also love the open sweaters in the other two looks. The green swacket (it’s both a sweater and a jacket) is exactly what I wish was living in my closet on cooler Saturday mornings, and the coral striped sweater is just enough class to dress up a simple white tee. Both of which could easily be worn with boyfriend jeans, or colored pants like our models are showing off here.

A lot of these pieces come from their “Zenergy” line. To check out more looks from that, click here (there’s a striped jacket in there that’s SO CUTE).

These looks really showcase what it is we need to be looking for when we go out shopping for a Saturday or even ON a Saturday. Shopping for what to wear the next time I go shopping sounds like a great excuse to shop!

Side note: I just have to say what an absolute blast it was to commentate during the fashion segments we had that night. Coming up with descriptions for each outfit as they walked onto the platform stretched me in the funnest way possible! I can’t wait to do it again :)

Where to Save and Splurge with Hair Products

I was going to start this by saying I could REALLY blow a budget when it comes to hair products, but then I thought about it for a second and realized, I could easily blow a lot of money on just about anything I put on my body…just ask my husband ;)

But just as there are ways to save and splurge with beauty products, there are strategic ways to spend when it comes to how you do your hair.

hair products, beauty blog, knoxville beauty blogger, straightener, hair dryer, hair spray, heat protectant spray, mousse, brush

Hair tools: Splurge

Because these are things you use on a regular basis and because they really play a big role in the health of your strands, it’s important to spend a little bit more to get quality hair tools.

A straightener especially can make a difference. The higher quality tools (like Chi) will have things in place to protect your hair (like real ceramic) and a way for you to see the temperature. You may think that’s just a luxury to see how hot your tool is, but it can be the difference from you frying off strands because you can see how hot you’ve gotten it.

A blow dryer is another good example. The good ones are high powered which means you spend less time underneath them = less chance of you doing any more heat damage to your hair.

And while this might be a surprise to you, a hair brush is another great tool to spend a little bit more on. This brush acts just like a straightener leaving your strands super soft and frizz free.

Let me point out, investing in great hair tools is money well spent because they’re going to last a long time and really make the investment worth it in the long run – especially in the life of your hair!

Speaking of saving…. Since you’ve bought some expensive tools, let’s save when it comes to certain hair products. Not all products are worth skimping on but these three are…

Hair products: Save {on certain ones}

Hair Spray – if you want to read all my thoughts on this spray, you can do so here. It works great, doesn’t leave your hair sticky and truly holds your style.

Heat Protectant spray – again, for a full review click here. I love the way it sprays and that it really coats my hair which is important with something that’s protecting your strands.

Mousse – honestly, Sauve is a favorite of mine. My biggest requirement for a mousse is to not leave my hair crunchy. I want it to control frizz and let my natural wave do its thaang. I’ve not tried a ton of expensive versions, but I have gone through all the drugstore possibilities and this one always comes out on top.

Now Sephora and Ulta are filled to the brim with hair products we can all easily splurge on, and I’m not saying never do that. But you can cut some corners with these three products which will allow you to spend a little more on others.

I hope this helps! It’s always good to have the peace of mind that you’re putting your money in the right place!

Watch yesterday’s segment to see where to save/splurge on beauty products!


Where to Save and Splurge with Your Beauty Products

In a dream world we could splurge on everything and it wouldn’t affect our budget. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. We run out of everything at the same time, our panty hose run and our hair looks fantastic the day before our hair appointment – such is life. So we have to strategically splurge and save in order to get the most for our money and look.

My general rule of thumb is to splurge on your base products, save on the “fluffier” ones. I’ll explain that here in a second.

First, keep in mind the fact that when you spend a lot of money on a product, it is going to go a lot farther so your cost per use might be about the same as a cheaper product.

Now let me show you what I’m talking about…

beauty products, moisturizer, good night cream, day cream, face wash, sephora, cetaphil, target eye makeup remover, mascara, loreal mascara

Moisturizers: Splurge

It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you put on at night. They sit on your skin for long periods of time and have long-term effects on your skin. Here’s what I use…

Artistry Brand Night Cream – one of the highest rated brands in the beauty industry. It runs around $100 (click here to get more info about purchasing). At night your skin cells are turning over while you sleep, which makes it even more important that you have quality ingredients helping your skin repair itself.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – Facial oil that also helps while you sleep. It’s going to really moisturize and help stave off wrinkles as well as help with putting good oil on your skin so that it doesn’t have to work hard to produce its own (which ends up in a breakout). This is around $50 at Kiehl’s.

Neutrogena Day Cream – while it’s not as expensive, it is a higher end drugstore product ringing in at $20. It’s got SPF and Vitamin C which helps keep your skin tone look radiant.

With all the money you’re spending on these moisturizers you can save it when it comes to face wash and body lotion.

Face Wash, Body Lotion: Save

Cetaphil: I’ve heard and read so many good things about this brand. And I’ve gotten from multiple sources that dermatologists recommend it. I’ve also tried a wide range of brands when it comes to face wash and this stuff does just as good of a job as the expensive brands. It’s only $6. The lotion is great as well, it really puts the moisture back in your skin without being greasy (it’s around $10).

Makeup Brushes: Splurge

To get the most professional looking makeup, you’ve got to have great brushes.

A cheap makeup brush isn’t going to last you as long, it’s not going to leave the product on your face well, and it’s going to start shedding little hairs all over your face.

Sephora has a great selection, MAC and Bare Minerals are also great places to go. I have an angled eye brush from MAC that I’ve been using every day for over 5 years and the bristles are still strong and useful. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it.

Mascara, Eye Makeup Remover: Save

Save some cash with your mascara and eye makeup remover. I’ve tried different expensive brands of eye makeup remover that do work great – but this Target brand does just as good of a job and it’s around $3-4 (and sometimes it comes in a two pack at a deal).

Same things goes for mascara. Sure there are some expensive brands out there that are going to be awesome, but with something like this that you have to replace every 3 months, go with a cheaper brand that’s going to work really well. I love this Loreal Voluminous mascara more than I’ve loved bigger brand name mascaras that promise all these different things but don’t deliver.

This one gives me full lashes, allows me to touch up without becoming crunchy and comes off easily at night.

I hope this has helped spread our your beauty budget as well as give you ideas on how to best take care of your skin!

Baby Update II

6 months

Well folks, I do believe we’re past the point of “is she or isn’t she pregnant?” It’s a fully on baby belly now :) Which means it’s time for an update!


I’ve looked forward to this stage for so many years and I’m loving it as much as I thought I would. Just the other day when I went to sit on a stool, I thought of how great it is to have a baby belly because it meant I didn’t have to adjust my pants or make sure my shirt was covering everything in the back. I could just plop down in a chair!

Thankfully a lot of my regular clothes still fit. I’m super annal about having tops that are long and that’s really really come in handy. The shirt I’m wearing in the picture is one of three actual “maternity” shirts I’ve purchased (all of which were less than $10). Other than those three items and jeans, I’ve been wearing regular clothes.

I am enjoying the everyday challenge of dressing around the bump as much as I thought I would too. It’s just fun to have a new look and very exciting that it involves our baby!


Not craving anything new in the past couple of weeks. Even my lemonade intake has slowed down (but not stopped because I’m still a living breathing human). And I’ve even feel like my hunger has plateaued, which is nice. What hasn’t plateaued is my need to pee. That’s pretty constant. At work I’ve gotten in the habit of waiting and waiting till I can’t hold it anymore, which means I often blow past people in my charge to the bathroom. I may loose some friends that way, so I probably need to quit.


I’ve heard people mention “pregnancy brain” but I’ve always thought it was an excuse to get away with stupid mistakes. Turns out it’s a thing. The other day I drove in the wrong direction to work for almost a full 2 miles before I realized what I was doing. A couple weeks before that, I sent out an email to some people at work then another email stating almost the same exact thing two minutes later. Both things I wouldn’t have done 7 months ago. Weirdo.

The number of people who’ve wanted to touch my stomach has increased (you’d be surprised at how many people touched it when I wasn’t even showing…you won’t be surprised to know it’s about as awkward as it sounds). I am not at all a touchy person, so this will be a fun adventure. I do always wonder what people expect to feel when they touch a pregnant belly. Do they think their hand is immediately going to cause the baby to bump around? Because all it really feels like is that I’ve swallowed a basketball.


If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t you really should) then you know that my sister is also pregnant!

We are so very excited about this, and can’t wait to see our kids grow up together. My sister-in-law also had a baby this year, so our kid will have cousin’s a-plenty to play with as he grows up. It’s all so very exciting.

Tune into FOX43 tomorrow morning around 8:15 to see when to save or splurge when it comes to beauty products. Or check back in with the blog tomorrow because I’ll have everything listed there as well.

And HEY have a happy Monday :)


Give the Gift of Indulgence


One of my favorite memories with my mom happened when I was still small enough to be hoisted in the air.

She had been working hard for a couple of hours while I played quietly in the living room (being the angel child that I was *wink). After she finished working, she came out, scooped me up and asked me what I wanted to do. Did I want a snack? Did I want to go somewhere and play? It was entirely up to me.

I don’t remember what I chose, but I still remember the surge of excitement in my little brain that I could have a treat of my choosing. She was going to indulge me! That moment has stuck with me throughout adulthood (even kept me out of the bar scene as a teenager. Just kidding….not really).

The truth is, everyone wants one of those moments. Whether they’re asked while being hoisted in the air or with feet firmly planted on the ground, the feeling that someone wants to indulge you is one of the strongest pleasures in life.

Mother’s day is coming up. Why not indulge your mom for an evening of fun and fashion inspiration?

Thursday night (May 7th) it’s going to be easy to indulge her at West Town Mall as there will be fashion shows, demonstrations, prizes, drinks and light appetizers.

Stop by for any of those great treats from 6-8 then take her shopping! If you’ll spend a total of $50 that night you’ll get a free gift at guest services.

You’ll get to see me, as I’ll be the emcee for the evening and you’ll just generally bring mom pleasure as you’ll be spending quality time together.

Sounds like you may be forming a lasting memory in her brain that she’ll cherish for years to come. And who better to give that gift to than mom!

Watch the video below to find out more about the theme of each fashion show and how it can all benefit mom!

See you Thursday night!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Because She Birthed You

Being on the cusp of full on motherhood, I’m excited to bring you this gift guide so we can all celebrate our mom’s together! And on a completely unrelated subject (and if my husband’s reading this) growing the child in your belly counts as being a mom so gifts are totally acceptable at this point in time ;)

If you’re stuck on what to get your mom and she hasn’t given you any hints, I like to take the, “what would make her feel pampered?” approach. Which is the question I used as inspiration to bring you these items.

Bring on a happy Mother’s Day with any of these great gifts all found at West Town Mall…

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1. Godiva Chocolate: I don’t think this needs much explanation. It’s delicious.

2. Ugg Slippers from Dillard’s: If wearing these comfort clouds around the house isn’t enough of a luxury, thinking about going home and relaxing in them will help get her through a busy day.

3. Vera Bradley Travel Cosmetic Bag: Travel bags fall under the category of things you really need but don’t want to purchase for yourself. Give her this gorgeous one that’s lined inside so even if her makeup breaks it won’t be ruined.

4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow: Pamper her with these gorgeous shades from Sephora (and throw one in the bag for yourself…I won’t tell).

5. Boscia Cleansing Kit: Giver her the gift of flawless skin with this Japanese cleansing system. It’s the least you can do to make up for that rebellious phase.

6. Chico’s Jewelry: I just couldn’t take my eyes off these tortoise shell pieces from Chico’s – they’re gorgeous! They’ll go with so many things, but especially pair well with your loving card :)

Also, be sure to bring her to West Town Mall Thursday night May 7th for a night of indulgence! I’ll be there giving away prizes and there will be a fashion show, but I figured I could stop with “I’ll be there.” ;)

A Light Spring Makeup Routine

A giant eye shadow pallet is enough to make me want to create a new eye shadow look every. single. day.

Which is kind of what I’ve been doing for the past year, ever since I got Sephora’s giant eye shadow collection for Christmas.

One day it dawned on me how much time creating a new look adds to my morning routine, plus my day time look  was heavier than it needed to be. Not to mention the fact that I had almost used up all the good shades when I could have been saving them for special use.

Enter: my resolve to pair down my every day eye makeup routine. Spring especially is a great time to do this because everything gets lighter and we’re outside more, so we want to make sure our face is conveying our natural beauty and not a strong sparkly purple shadow.

Here are the three products I used to lighten up my look and my routine…

hikari cosmetics, blush, urban decay, eyeshadow primer, maybelline eyeshadow, beauty blog, beauty routine, spring makeup

1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden: I’ve been using the primer on my lids for years, but when I went in to get some more, the girl suggested using it under my eyes as well. Whoa girl – it does an amazing job of not only brightening that area but keeping my concealer in tact (sometimes I’ll even skip concealer…shhh). This shade is perfect for pulling double duty if need be because it’s light and matte.

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in “Bad to the Bronze”: I’ve written and talked about this product so much, it would take me half an hour to track down all of the other blogs I’ve mentioned it in. This shade is light, it’s shimmery but not over powering. It gives you a nice natural sheen that lasts for hours. And the fact that I can apply it simply with my finger means it goes on in seconds.

3. Hikari Blush in Tango: For over five years now I’ve been slapping on the same old boring blush thinking I was doing just fine. Then when I got this full size product in my Ipsy bag, it was as if someone turned off the black and white in my world. It’s bright, vibrant color translates perfectly on my cheeks making me look as if I just DANCED the tango and am now lit from within. A great blush, truly goes a long way to waking up your look.

Time to take a look at your everyday beauty routine – what can you improve?!