A Blazer Covers a Multitude of Summer Pieces

pink blazer

track pants

fall blazer

As much as I want to pile on the fall clothes the moment September strikes, there are a few pieces from summer I’m going to miss.

These track pants are on that list.

They’ve got an elastic waist band AND a cute black and white pattern. Oh and they’re made out of a super light material so it’s virtually impossible to get hot while wearing them. Gah, why didn’t I LIVE in these this summer?

Oh, right. They look a like I forgot to put actual “public” pants on when paired with flats (at least on me they do).

But they look killer with black pumps. So I’ll continue their farewell 2014 tour into fall by balancing their lightness with a blazer. Because a blazer covers a multitude of summer clothing options and makes a lot of things perfectly acceptable for fall.

And a colored blazer? Well that’s just a party.

Sweaters to Bulk up Your Collection, Not Your Body

sweaters for fallI’ve already started planning how I’m going to celebrate when the clock strikes 10:40pm next Monday and fall officially arrives. So far included in that plan is dancing, confetti, and then some more dancing (ok I never said I was lavishly planning).

Looking at sweaters just gets me so giddy about getting to walk out of the house all comfy and cozy. They’re such a comfortable way to add texture to your looks for fall.

Here are 7 sweaters that can really fill up your whole week with cute/comfortable looks!

1. Sunday: This GAP sweater is a classic. It’s iconic. And since graphic t-shirts and sweaters are so popular right now, why not get into it with something that will always be in style. I love how this one has the GAP letters in a matte cloth, that totally updates the whole thing to 2014.

2. Monday: Aero (or Aeropostale as we know it) has a really awesome selection of sweaters that can really update your basics. Like this v-neck pink number. I’d wear this with some polka dot skinnies for a cute look, or pair it with gray hounds tooth slacks for a softer look for the office.

3. Tuesday: A floral pattern is such a fun way to add personality to neutrals. This floral sweater from Aerie (not to be confused with “Aero” …apparently vowels are cool) would be an unexpected piece when worn over  a white button down, or a button down with tiny polka dots if you’re feeling the need to pattern mix!

4. Wednesday: Now that Tuesday’s had all the crazy pattern mixing fun, let’s tone it back down with some soft gray for Wednesday. Wait…this is American Eagle knit let’s a little light, so be sure to wear a colorful tank underneath.

5. Thursday: I’ve got this exact sweater in an off white/sparkly color and I love it. It’s from Aerie and the cowl neck and slim sleeves makes it so that you don’t feel frumpy, but rather very dangerously cute. And feeling very dangerously cute on a Thursday is a must.

6. Friday: I’ve tried on this muted hounds tooth waterfal cardigan from Aeropostale, and I’ve fallen in love. It’s super duper uber soft, and needs to get in my closet.

7. Saturday: A great henley sweater, some boyfriend jeans, a long necklace and some Keds is the formula for good Saturday dressing. Get your Saturday collection started off right with this one from American Eagle.

Did I mention yet that all of these can be found in West Town Mall? No? Well now you know.

New Store: Fiore



There’s a new store in town and they’re featuring a gorgeous pink skirt. I want that skirt.

But I should probably tell you more about the store in general…

They’ve got a lot of cute things not only for you to wear, but also for you to put in your house. I’d like to walk by a whole line of those light up letters while wearing my new pink skirt.
It’s definitely the place to go for uber trendy pieces, some really cute TN orange items, and unique gifts/items for the home!

One line of products I was quickly drawn to was their planners. I L.O.V.E a good agenda that I can write in and make notes on, and they’ve got some beautiful options by Kate Spade (the owner said they’ll be getting even more of her stuff in), and they have a whole cabinet full of items from Lily Pulitzer. Cute. Stuff.

So if you’re keeping track, I want to sit around in my new pink skirt and write in a jumbo agenda by the light of those really cute glow letters.

Fiore is located at the mall entrance closest to JCP. It’s where AT&T used to be and is right across the hall from a soon-to-open Charming Charlies! Go check them out!

Before you do, watch my segment from this week where I talked about a whole slew of skin care products from great face wash all the way to lipstick – all of which can be found at Dillard’s in West Town Mall!

Time to Rejuvenate Your Beauty Routine

September is the perfect time to replenish your skin since we’re finished with most of the heat/chlorine exposure from over the summer, and have yet to hit the really dry weather. It’s also a fun time to start changing up your makeup routine for fall!

Today I have lots of products that will help you from start to finish in this process, and they’re all from Dillard’s in West Town Mall.

product collage

Starting with what you’re using to wash your face…

FAB First Aid Beauty wipes – They’re so saturated in cleanser, you could even cut one in half and get double the 30 wipes. This is one of the best selling cleansing lines out there. Free of all bad chemicals, they’ll take off all your makeup and leave behind things like chamomile, aloe and antioxidants.

Philosophy Purity Face Wash – This bottle will last a long time which is great because Philosophy is a trustworthy brand. All natural and repeatedly being voted as the best  – Glamour magazine just did a reader pole and this won for best department store cleanser.

Osmotics – The whole line is great for anti-aging products. This cooling moisture mist is good for refreshing your makeup, leaving you feeling refreshed, calm and cool. It supposed to plump and soothe lines and is anti-inflammatory.

After you wash your face, the next thing you should be applying is a moisturizer…

StriVectin Present Perfect lotion is great for people in their 20’s and 30’s who are wanting to prevent signs of aging. It’s light, can be used both day and night, full of antioxidants and helps to brighten up your skin overall.

Glam Glow – Someone say ultra hydration? You can wear it as a mask for 10-20 minutes and wipe it off, or let it soak in overnight. This line was developed for celebrities then later made available to everyone (the common folk). Which makes me wonder what else those people are holding back from us!? Men can even use it for irritation after shaving.

Bliss Multi-face-eted Anti-Aging Clay Mask – Shrinks pores, reduces lines, evens out skin tone. This one you leave on for only 5-7 minutes twice a week. It’s got all the good kind of ingredients to make your skin look gorgeous – like having a spa treatment at your house!

In order to lock in that moisture and create a smooth canvas for your foundation to sit on, you’ve got to use a primer…

Smashbox Under Eye Primer – Genius. You’ve heard of primer for your lids, this is primer for under your eyes. It’s supposed to brighten that area and allow your concealer to stay all day. You can use it alone or under concealer.

Smashbox Foundation Primer – It claims to minimize your pores for 8 hours. This you can also wear alone, under makeup or use it for touch ups.

And for the grand finale…

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette – Fool proof eyeshadow application. Start in the middle and work your way out on the pallet and your eyes. Use the left side (fluffier) part of the brush for shimmer, and the tighter side for matte color application. There’s an instruction booklet to show you what colors should go where for your eye shape. All of it comes with a mascara for only $50.

Bliss Fabulips – Comes with a lip cleanser (perfect for left over lip stains), scrub, plumper and softening balm. I love this for coming off of summer where we may have gotten sunburned lips. Also good for removing the dark colors that are big this fall…

Smashbox plum scene – Plum is a beautiful color to play with and it doesn’t go on as scary as it looks. You can go really light with it and get a nice fall lip.

They also have a great long wear lip lacquer that stays on like a stain but has the sheen of a gloss.

Fall Indulge

Last Thursday night West Town Mall held an event for the girls called “Fall Indulge.” There was a fashion show, a really awesome swag bag, food and fabulous vendors.

The fashion show was another great way to get inspired for fall, and featured stores from all around the mall. My favorite thing about these fall shows is that you get to see great ways to layer. Even if you can’t run out and buy every piece from the show, you can always mimic how they’ve been layered up.

I’ll be sprinkling blog posts with pics from the show, but first let’s talk about these three looks from JCPenney (which is perfect since it was right outside their doors).


The three looks JCP chose to showcase are perfect because they hit an outfit for the office, going out, and Saturday shopping.

The first look (far left) is perfect for the office. See how they belted the layers together?! That is such a genius way to pull the look together visually and cut down on bulk (making you look skinnier overall). It also breaks up the long lines of both the sweater and the skirt, which means her shape isn’t getting lost.

The middle outfit is so much fun because that leather jacket is just so cool. It also shows off a great way to wear booties and how far a printed skirt will go. Really, that bold black and white print will go with just about any other color. So stretch your closet for miles with one of those!

And finally the last look is the perfect thing to shop in. Especially as it gets cooler outside, it’s important to be able to layer up on a Saturday and this look does it so well. Plus I love wearing tights when I shop because they’re so comfortable, but still give me the visual I need when just trying on tops.

Stay tuned for more posts from the show, and while you’ve got your tuner out…tune in tomorrow to FOX43 for tips on how to switch your skin and makeup routine from summer to fall!!!

What Belts Can do For You



Often the forgotten accessory, belts can really be a fun way to play with your look and really help you get more mileage out of existing pieces.

Take this look for example. Here I am able to get another look out of my maxi dress and make the whole ensemble completely fall appropriate because I’ve paired it with an animal print sweater. But what really adds the final touch of polish and pulls the whole thing together is this simple black belt.

Did you know each body type has a perfect, most flattering spot for a belt?

If you’re more of an hourglass figure, or if you’re looking to add curves by faking an hourglass – wear your belts at your natural waistline.

If it’s your hips or butt that you’re trying to conceal – wear your belts like an empire waist, which you can do with a cardigan like I have pictured or over a button down shirt.

If you are wider on top than on bottom – wear your belts around your hips so as to draw the eye downward.

If you’re more of a diamond shape with your waist being the widest part – wear your belt just above your waist where your body starts to curve in. That will draw the eye in and make you appear slimmer overall.

Fall is the perfect time to start playing with belts, because now is when we do a lot of layering and a lot of layers can get messy real quick. But a belt pulls it all together. The best news of all is you can inexpensively play with them by going to Forever21 and grabbing one for $6 or so (Target has a great selection as well).

The belt I’m wearing in the picture actually came off a dress I bought at Ross. Maybe you have one in your closet already!

Great Sales and Outfit Inspiration (AKA: The Perfect Blog Post)

I don’t want you to go one minute this fall thinking that you don’t have anything to wear. So my plan is to load you up on everything you need when it comes to fall outfit inspiration and where to shop for it. So sit back and take it all in…

A couple weeks ago West Town Mall held their annual Back to School Fashion Show, and as the newly minted Fashion Consultant for the mall I got to get a close up look at each outfit

White House Black Market proves with both of these outfits that leather and animal print are going strong this fall. They also show how you can successfully dress for this time of year. Notice the leather peplum top is sleeveless, making it perfect to wear alone now or under jackets later.

white house black market jpg

Speaking of fabulous jackets that we’ve been drooling over…or maybe that was just in my head…the leopard jacket is gorgeous. In their store I saw them style it with a lace top peeking out at the bottom, showing how versatile the jacket can be.

Both outfits are great examples of the fact that you can look fall appropriate without sweating off your MAC off. Just stick to buying pieces like these that have the colors/textures/patterns of fall, without all the heavy material weighing you down. Pair those maroon pants with the sleeveless leather peplum top and boom – you’re cool and ready to rock.

By the way, Dillard’s at West Town Mall has put a lot of things on clearance, so be sure to go check that out!

Product Review: Nexxus Hair Spray

Does anyone else get excited to go to the travel section?

Everything in it is so cheap and so darn cute! Just think of how much fun we could have had with our American Girl dolls and the miniature size body washes – oh the social media pics I could have produced as a child….

Nevertheless, I love the travel section now for different reasons (thankfully they go outside the bounds of setting up dolls in real life scenarios with hair spray and shampoo). I love it because it allows me to test run products without spending a lot of money.

While on vacation a couple weeks ago, I didn’t pack any of my hair sprays so that I could go by the travel section (ha the sentence could end there) and grab a brand I’ve never used before.

This time I picked up Nexxus Hair Spray (more specifically “Finishing Mist”). This one promised a touchable hold, which means you can still run your fingers through your hair without getting caught (I hate it when that happens and you’re sitting in front of people who you know are being entertained watching you untangle your fingers).

nexxus hair spray

I really liked two things about this spray and really disliked one…

1. I loved that it did what it promised – it held my style and still allowed movement in my hair and the ability to run my fingers through it after styling.

2. It passed the overnight test. I had to only touch up in a few places, but overall the style held strong after sleeping on it.

What I disliked the most was the smell. It has that hardcore heavy hairspray smell.

But because the hair spray performed so well in the other categories, I may not toss it out entirely. I’ll just have to keep going back to the travel section to buy more…I should do that now and maybe buy lots of other things while I’m standing there…

Your New Favorite Tee

Every season I try to keep tabs on what it is I want to grab the most in my closet, or what I go to grab that isn’t there.

Each and every fall/winter go-round I’m wanting easy layering shirts like this one from GAP.


There’s a reason they call it the “favorite tee.” Because it’s comfortable, hugs you in all the right places, and is perfect for layering.

Even if you never wear it alone with the bed-head look and light wash jeans (like this gal) you’ll love having them around to wear under and over things like white button downs, puffy jackets and blazers (that would be over the white button down, and under the other two…just to clarify *winky face).

They’ve got a great range of neutrals, which makes it easy to stock up. And even if you have a shirt like this, but it’s v-neck go ahead and grab the crew neck version because it will come in handy. Trust me.

They make great colorful, comfy canvases for things like statement necklaces and scarves. You’ll see. Stock up at the GAP in West Town Mall today!

Interview Your Next Purchase With These 4 Questions

My boots are inching closer and closer to the front of my closet.
Those sweet cozy shoe days are almost upon us.

I know I’ve talked a lot about transitioning your wardrobe into fall lately, but the conundrum of what to wear is only going to get more complicated as we start to inch away from 90 degrees.

If you’re still shopping the summer sales, but want to get the most for your money and not have to wait till next year to wear what you’ve purchased, here’s what you do…

fall wish list leather cami

You put new criteria on what you’re buying (this top from Express is a great example).

This time of year I’m very careful to buy off the summer sale rack. I don’t want to be filling up my closet with floaty summer pieces unless I can answer yes to some questions.

This list will help you determine what to save for the coming months as the days grow shorter (yay!) and cooler (yay!). So when browsing through your closet or the summer sale racks, trying to figure out what you’re going to wear this fall, look over your summer things and ask these questions…

1. Would it go well with a jacket or a sweater?
If it does then it’s golden, because it will help you formulate oh so many outfits well into fall.

2. Does it go with boots?
This could even be something sleeveless because if it still goes with boots then you’re good.

3. Can it be worn belted or tucked in?
Remember, a top doesn’t just have to be worn plan. If it does look good either of those ways then it may be salvageable with a jacket thrown over the whole thing!

4. Is it a good foundation for a scarf?
Again, even if it’s sleeveless, the two may go very well hand in hand.
Asking these questions will not only stretch your summer wardrobe, but will also help you make the transition into fall-flawlessly (or fall-lessly)!