Give Your Skin a Tall Glass of Gorgeous

Hydrated skin is really the end goal. Because when your skin is well hydrated, it’s less wrinkly, more glowy.

Bare Minerals is the way to go when it comes to super hydration. They’ve got all kinds of great oils packed into their products – oils with names that I didn’t want to attempt on live TV. It’s not that they’re complicated, it’s just that it’s 8:30 in the morning and live…so there’s that.

Watch this segment for great product suggestions, then stop by the store in West Town Mall and tell them you watched it for a 15% discount!

A couple things I didn’t get to mention about the lipstick….

  • I’m wearing it in this piece and it’s awesome (still wearing it actually). The color I’ve got on is Reign On.
  • This lipstick won an Allure Reader’s Choice award
  • It feels like no other lipstick I’ve ever worn – I don’t feel that it’s there! Which says to me it really is hydrating and not drying.

High Heels and Bold Stripes

jcp, jcpenney, west town mall, black and white striped skirt, tights, a line skirt, pink blouse, breast cancer awareness month, october,

jcp, jcpenney, west town mall, black and white striped skirt, tights, a line skirt, pink blouse, breast cancer awareness month, october, ootd, fashion blogger, pattern mixing, black and white striped skirt, pink blouse, tights

jcp, jcpenney, west town mall, black and white striped skirt, tights, a line skirt, pink blouse, breast cancer awareness month, october, ootd, fall outfit, fashion blogger, knoxville fashion blogger, black white and pink outfit

Hello high heels!

One thing you don’t really have use for immediately after having a baby are high heels. Somehow going from the bedroom to the living room for those 6 weeks never called for fancy footwear.

But I was very happy to put them back on several weeks ago and start gaining back that feeling of fancy. Although my feet had a lot to say about it afterwards and revolted hard core (“Where are the slippers we’ve been living in!?”)

This past Thursday I got to get all fancied up to co-emcee a fashion show with Katie Roach at West Town Mall. The show helped to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I knew the outfit was going to have to include pink. I picked up this blouse at JCPenney (they’ve also got a leopard version I’ve got my eye on) and tucked it into my black and white stripe steal from Ross.

I didn’t actually steal it, of course, but all they required for me to take it home was $10 (there’s a similar one here).

And let’s all be thankful it’s tights season!! Even if you don’t wear them, you can be thankful I’m using them to cover up my white legs ;)

Finally, I threw a little pattern mixing in there by adding a leopard belt. It’s a small detail that really makes the outfit unique, pick up a skinny patterned belt for yourself and try it with your next striped outfit.

I had such a blast commentating on the fashion show which showcased looks from all over the mall modeled by breast cancer survivors!

For more about what’s going on this month around town visit KomenKnoxville.Org and for more on my thoughts about going back to work with a baby click here!

Working Mom

working mom, mom blog, working mom post, baby, how to work and have a baby

This is how I end up writing now days – to keep everyone quiet I just pile them on my lap :)

I’m appreciating a specific lull right now.

I’m married and we’ve pro-created so the lull I’m enjoying is related to the questions people often pester you with about your next chapter in life. (I.e.: “When are you getting married”, “When are you going to have a baby!?”) Well I’ve recently turned the page to a pretty big chapter, so I get to enjoy this temporary pause in the pressure passing acquaintances feel the right to impose.

I’m also back at work as of last week. I left on maternity leave curious as to what it was going to be like to return. I did have an inkling, and it turns out my inkling was right…

People would always ask if I was going back to work after having Jackson, and I (fully knowing myself and that I couldn’t be at home everyday) would respond with a confident, “Yes.” Most of the time I would get told I’ll probably change my mind, or how that was their plan and it was impossible for them to go back.

I’ve learned that when it comes to having a baby, there’s no shortage of free advice that gets doled out. Nor is there a shortage on judgmental looks when you answer questions and your answers don’t line up with how people think you should do things.

This past summer Dayton and I listened to a book on tape by a famous person who was talking about having kids. She started going into all the things people say and try to pressure you into doing because it’s how they did it, but she had a great saying that both Dayton and I have brought out several times in this whole process… “That’s great for you, but it’s not for me.”

Going back to work is for me. I’m not writing this because I’m trying to push down the guilt, I’m writing it so you can be encouraged in the decisions you make that you know are a part of God’s will. It’s Him, you and your spouse that are calling the shots, not the people you pass once a week in the women’s bathroom.

If staying home is where you feel God wants you, then that’s great for you! If using cloth diapers or not sticking the paci in your mouth to clean it off is part of your policy, that sounds perfect for you. If dressing your baby in Gator colors all day everyday is what you feel is best, then that’s wonderful for you!

…but it’s not for me. (Go VOLS ;)

Your Shoulder Wants a New Fall Bag

vera bradley, taupe purse, red bag, tote bag, west town mall, cheetah print purse, calf hair purse, leather purse, leather, leather bag, colored leather bag, fall purses, fall bags, cross body bag, leather cross body

Vera Bradley has been around for a long time. I remember as a teenager, sitting in my friends kitchen the morning after a sleepover and watching her older sister pick out her favorite bag from the Vera Bradley magazine.

I realize now that I framed that to sound like I was a teenager a long time ago – no, no, friends, that was fairly recent ;)

My point was it was popular back then (basically 5 years ago) and is still popular today. Those of you who were a teenager way way back in the beginning of the 2000’s probably remember it to.

The brand is known for its high quality bags, and up until recently carried them only in fun prints. Prints I always liked to look at because of their kaleidoscope-esque effect, but never wanted to carry because they didn’t reflect my style.

Well, some smart cookie over at Vera has suggested they break out of that fabric covered box and start making other options.

In the past several years, Vera has introduced leather, quilted leather and calf hair bags all to more fittingly reflect the style of the less girly among us *raises hand.

Pictured above are several options from these looks – notice a great range of style, size and color. Vera really nailed it with great options. The cheetah-print bag includes the calf hair and is so very beautiful.

The red Alexa shoulder bag would punch up any outfit like a bold lip – classic, gorgeous and won’t leave a mess on your coffee cup.

I especially love the cross-body options. They’ve done a great job of maximizing space in the small amount of bag. Both flaps in the black bag (bottom left) open up to different compartments.

And I’ve got to say they really nailed the taupe color (top left). I’ve looked far and wide for a great taupe colored bag and it turns out Vera Bradley is one of few to carry the color in what I consider to be a true taupe.

The good news is for all you pattern lovers, open any of these bags to reveal a gorgeous, colorful pattern inside which would go along way to elevate your mood every time you look in your purse.

Stop in and see these bags in person (and pet a calf hair bag or two) at the Vera Bradley in West Town Mall, right inside the Charming Charlie entrance!

Apps that Make My World Go Round

As weird as it is to say it because most days I still fancy myself a goofy 24 year old…I’m a working mom now.

And working mom’s need as many shortcuts and help as they can get. Two days into this process and I’m already well aware of that.

So I wanted to share some of the apps I rely on to help keep myself organized and looking amazing (yes, apps can help with that).

apps, baby apps, fashion blog, knoxville fashion blog, app to help organize

1. Baby Connect

This app allows you to log feedings and poopings and all kinds of bodily functions of your baby so you don’t have to keep it all in your brain. You can connect the app with other people too, so my husband can look at this app on his Android phone (weirdo) and see when Jackson was last fed.

I love it for logging poop (the only time in the world that sentence will make sense and not be embarrassing), because it helps me to know if Jackson’s got a blowout coming up.

apps, picture app, fashion blog, beauty blog, apps that help with life, pictures, picture app, groovebook

2. Groovebook

Maybe this doesn’t help my everyday organization, but it does make me feel better about myself. Of the thousands of pictures I take of this baby at least 100 of them will be in a hard copy every month because I’ve got Groovebook.

For $2.99 every month this app allows you to upload 100 pictures to a book and will send them to you in a book in the mail. It’s amazing and not only makes for the easiest photo albums EVER but also each one comes with a cute pattern on the front so I like to set them out on my coffee table.

Is it ironic that we went from wanting our pictures digitally to wanting hard copies now? Yes, yes it is.

Use the code “OGLE43″ to get a free one.

weather app, wbir, fashion blog, apps that help your life, weather, knoxville weather

3. WBIR Weather App

My husband makes fun of me for watching the weather forecast over and over again within the same hour. But I like to do that because it solidifies the weather in my mind and allows me to dress for it appropriately for the rest of the week.

This app allows me to sneak a peak at it in case I forgot what I watched without getting ridiculed ;)

lose it, weight loss app, fashion blog app, calorie counter app

4. Lose It!

I can thank Jackson for the fact that I’m still not in my favorite jeans yet. Whaaa whaaaaa. But I will be able to non-sarcastically thank this app for getting me back in them.

Hold yourself accountable with this calorie counter. It’s got a great library of restaurants (the best, I’ve found, out of any of the other apps like it), and allows you to scan bar-codes of things you’ve eaten for even faster entry.

sale app, shopping app, fashion blog, knxoville shopping app, how to buy things on an app, offerup, offerup app

5. OfferUp

It’s the garage sale of the 21st century – scrolling through people’s junk in an app.

Simply tell it what area you’re in and you’ll get to do all the browsing you want without the owner awkwardly watching you from deeper within the garage.

Pay the set price or make them an offer they cannot refuse.

If anything it will give you a break from duck-face selfies on Instagram.

Fall, Oh How I Love You Even More

fall, gap kids, fall fashion, baby, autumn, west town mall

I usually like to celebrate fall the very minute it arrives, even counting down the hours we have left until we’re in the most glorious season of all. This year, however, was a little different.

Fall came in the middle of the night and I had just started celebrating not being awake with Jackson around that same time. But on the first day of fall, Jackson gave me a new reason to celebrate – he smiled at me for the first time!

He gave me the smile while I was making a poop joke, so I can imagine this boys sense of humor hasn’t fallen far from the tree :)

Every little milestone is so exciting and the fact that he reached this one on the first day of my favorite season makes me realize anew how much God loves us and cares about what we care about.

Now I can’t wait to hear him laugh!

Speaking of smiling, if you’re taking family pictures this fall or if your kids need a wardrobe refresh, check out my segment from the week where I talk about some really cute GAP Kids clothes and the new line that lets them be the designers!

3 Shopping Ideas for Fall

I feel as if I am in a rut when it comes to writing the first post about fall. I pretty much stick to saying how I’m not going to gush about the oncoming season, then follow it with something like, “Just know if fall were a drug, I’d have to check into rehab,” or something like that.

Well I’m not going to do it this year! (Crap, that’s the first thing I always say). Just kno…Ha, I have a serious problem as I didn’t start writing that to be cute. Uh…I’m stuck on where to go from here. Let’s just say I’m a huge fan of fall.

Fall clothes especially make me drool, so I thought I’d share some fall inspiration off my Pinterest board (titled, “Spiffy Fall Clothes” if you want to follow) and share with you my fashion plan for the upcoming season.

1. Shop in Color.

fall fashion, fall styling, west town mall, fall fashion 2015, fashion blog, knoxville fashion blog

I’ve made a rule for myself for fall shopping – I’m not allowed to buy any gray. It’s the safe color to get but doesn’t help when you’re feeling a pop of color OR when your closet is already full of gray (out of protest to the movie I refuse to do a 50 shades of gray joke here).

Gray is soft, it is wonderful and boy does it go with a lot, but there are times you want to stand out. Be bold! Join me in buying off the rainbow this season.

2. Stock up on cool.

pinterst, fall fashion, fall fashion 2015, pinterest outfits, fall, fashion blog, knoxville fashion blog, casual outfits, sequence

Anyone else as addicted to Fixer Upper as I am? That show could be the theme song to my maternity leave – I’ve been watching it nonstop. And forget getting inspired by Joanna Gaines’ ability to stage a home – lets talk about her ability to look so cute! She has a great style that is both comfortable but awesome at the same time.

I want to get better at buying things that will help me get dressed on Saturdays and be cute about it. This outfit with the stripes on the left is a great example. Cute and cool.

The sequence jacket is a great reminder to mix and match high and low. That also helps create a cool look and reminds me to bust out my sequence pants more often.

3. Buy textures.

leather pants, style, fall style, fall fashion, fashion blog, knoxville fashion blog, fall fashion 2015

These pictures make me think two things: I can’t wait to wear my leather pants again, and why does every girl on Pinterest have thighs that don’t touch? Girl please. Let a cheeto or two introduce your one thigh to the other for crying out loud.

I do love the left picture and how she’s wearing an all black outfit, but the different textures make it less boring and more awesome. So if you’re stuck with buying the same color and can’t get out of the rut despite your best efforts, shop for that color but in different textures so your look is multi-dimensional.

Also, the picture on the right proves you can layer/add textual interest with more than just your fabrics – this gal did it with some great bracelets for a cool vibe.

What are your plans for shopping this fall?

Be sure to check out this and other boards on my Pinterest!

Reap the Sew

I’ve been on vacation this past week. Yes, vacation after maternity leave. High five!

So to prepare for being a bit preoccupied by babies in bathing suits, I’ve got this post (and video) for you from last year. It features a great boutique here in Knoxville (well Powell to be exact) that has all kinds of great pieces including shoes and accessories. They’ve got their own space off of Emory Road (117 E. Emory Road if you must know) and are run by the nicest girls on the planet who just celebrated their one year anniversary of being open for business!

Read all about it, then go check them out and follow them on Instagram for updates on their inventory! @reapthesewboutique

P.S: This year I also did a little dance after seeing pumpkins in the grocery store for the first time…

I’ve been not-so-quietly squealing with joy all weekend at the thought of fall being right around the corner. I may or may not have sang and danced a little when I got my first glimpse of pumpkins outside the grocery store (which may or may not have incited “you’re crazy” comments from my husband).

I know it doesn’t at all feel like fall is anywhere near our part of the world, but the great news is that doesn’t mean we have to waist our money on new summer clothes we’ll only wear for a few more weeks. Nor does it mean we have to sweat it out by immediately sporting scarves and boots. There is a happy medium, and I talk all about it in yesterday’s segment from the morning show.

All of the clothes featured are from a great local boutique called Reap the Sew. They’ve got a great selection of trendy boho pieces that will work in your closet regardless of your style! I was super excited to pick up some great colorful accessories while dropping off the clothes from the show yesterday.

reap the sew jpg

These earrings and necklace (along with the necklace I talk about buying in the clip) are going to add a great little dash of color to my constant barrage of black/white/gray. I’m especially excited to work that necklace with the orange accent into a game-day look!

Fall is a Great Excuse for New Shoes


rack room shoes, patterned pumps, fall shoes, converse, west town mall, shoes to wear for fall, fall shoes 2015, fall 2015, fashion blog, knoxville fashion blog, shoes, booties

There’s a cute pop song by Paolo Nutini called, “New Shoes”. One of the lines in the song goes, “I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.”

That’s a good way to put it. Even if the new shoes are peaking out about one inch from long pants, it’s a fun feeling to put them on for the first time.

Fall is a great time to re-evaluate your shoe collection and freshen it up a bit. I wanted to bring you some shoe inspiration to get your juices flowing, and I wanted to bring it to you from Rack Room. I most often venture in there when I’m at the mall with my husband, which is rare – so rare he asked me where Profits was one day :-\ “They’re not in the mall any more, Grandpa.”

He refuses to park any where but right outside of the Sears tool section. He swears you can get the best parking space there. I think it’s because he has to walk through the tool section. I’m certain he wouldn’t be so adamant if that door lead to ladies underwear. Nevertheless, his stance on parking always leads us right past Rack Room Shoes (as it is right outside of Sears) which gives me the opportunity to browse.

After putting this list together, I’m probably going to find myself parking in the Sears tool section as I now want each and every one of these shoes.

How gorgeous are those pumps? I have found that patterned pumps come in handy more often than black ones, especially if you’re like me and don’t wear a lot of pattern up top. They add color and contract and make simple outfits look pulled together.

I love the detailing of the taupe booties. That leather sliver really livens them up. And speaking of livening up, I bet your instinct is to grab the same old black flats when getting dressed for work, but not try some red ones! It would be like adding red lipstick to your look without staining your coffee cup.

Those low black ankle boots will be a staple in my fall wardrobe this season, as will easy sneakers like those Converse. Both shoes will allow me to look cute even when I’m going more casual.

Go get you a good parking spot and check out all the great options Rack Room has to offer at West Town Mall :)


Introducing: Jackson

Seven weeks ago I was still trying to imagine what his little face would look like, and how unconditional love for my child would change me.

Now that he’s here, I’ve stared at him for so long his face is always in my brain, like a light imprint that shows up when you close your eyes . And I can tell you that all of the blood, sweat and tears it took to get him here was worth every minute.

The story to getting Jackson starts in 2012 when we first decided we were ready for kids. Before that time I knew I was too selfish to have a baby and I was good with waiting. Once we decided it was time, it was scary but very exciting.

Within the two years of believing for this little one we experienced great loss. Standing in faith to bring a baby into this world regardless of what my body was telling me was the hardest walk I’ve ever had to walk. But I thank God for His Word and the story of Abraham. Because if Sara can have a baby in her old age, I knew nothing was impossible! And praise God He never fails.

Fast all the way forward past a some pretty heavy fruit cravings and a much anticipated baby belly, to two days before Jackson was born. I was scheduled to have an induction on Thursday, July 30th, but I wasn’t dilating very fast so they wanted me to come in the day before that on Wednesday. Our bags had been packed and next to the front door for almost a week and a half so needless to say, we were ready with a capital READY.

With the car loaded, our little dog taken care of and literally every detail at both our jobs wrapped up, Dayton hits the button to close the trunk and we are on our way. As he’s doing that, my phone rings and I have the craziest most unexpected phone call of my life – the hospital is full, too many people went into labor in the last 12 hours, they’re postponing inductions.

We unpack the car and go back in the house. One of us may or may not have cried.

Later on we laughed because most of the time people’s delivery stories include not being ready and rushing out the door, but ours includes being overly ready and then getting rejected from the hospital. Alanis Morissette can write her another irony song.

It wasn’t until noon the next day that there was finally a room available at the hospital and we could go in. Sparing you a large load of details…they broke my water at midnight on Thursday and Jackson arrived at 10:26 am on Friday. I hard-core pushed with every contraction for a total of 3 hours.

Just the other day we got the bill for the epidural. My husband asked if I would pay that amount again. I said, “Don’t tell the doctor, but I would pay twice that.”

I remember thinking at one point that I was going to be pushing for the rest of my life. I thought, “This is it. Everyone will go about their lives and I will forever be in this room trying to get this baby out.” Spoiler alert: I’m not pushing any more – Jackson finally made it out. We both had to take some time to recover from the whole labor process, but thankfully we are all doing just fine.

He has a lot of hair and some major cheeks. Needless to say, I’ve spent the majority of my maternity leave just staring at him :)

A big thanks to both Southern Roots Photography and Taryn Yager Photography for these awesome pictures!

into jeo 6

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intro jeo


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intro jeo 3

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