Caring for Your Jeans

You may choose to laugh at what I’m about to say and think that I’m making it up, but I assure you I’m not.

Most of the time when I get finished with a segment on TV, that day or the next I’ll find an article in a magazine or online sharing the very same information I had talked about on the show. I’m not saying the editors of Lucky or that Bobbie Thomas herself is hanging on my every word waiting to see what they should write about next (although it wouldn’t surprise me *she says with an obnoxious amount of swagger). I just think it’s pretty cool, and a testament to how awesome God is.

What does God have to do with a bi-weekly beauty segment, you wonder? Well when I got the email asking if I’d be on the show (two years ago this month!), after I finished dancing, jumping, screaming, smiling, I told God that I never wanted it to be a burden. I never wanted to stress about what I was going to talk about on the show, I wanted it to always be something I enjoyed doing and not a new avenue of frustration. And I can confidently say, two years into it He has been faithful to show me what to talk about next, I’ve never ever once stressed about a topic.

That’s because He never fails, and He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. He’s not some far off God sitting on a thrown with a baseball bat in hand playing wack-a-mole with us here on earth. He’s intently loving us, hoping that we’ll turn to Him for every little thing so He can show up strong. If you ever want more stories about His faithfulness, I’ve got 1,000 :)

Here’s the sentence in Lucky magazine that triggered that whole thought process. I read this eating breakfast after the show yesterday and couldn’t help but smile…”Boyfriend jeans…are the latest denim must-haves.” !!

Now watch for some great ways to preserve your new favorite pair of jeans!


Boyfriend Jeans for Everyone

boyfriend jeans

Looking for one piece to fast track you towards “trendy goddess” and go with items you already own?  Look no further than boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are typically a lighter wash, they’re cuffed on the bottom, have a looser fit (hence the name) and sometimes a rip or some worn in places that makes them look a little distressed.

You, my gorgeous friend, will look anything but distressed when you’ve got a pair of these. Because they go with such a wide range of things from flip flops, to high heels. Wear them with a t-shirt, a dress shirt, a tank top, a blazer. They must be the magical, traveling pants that Sisterhood was bragging about. And because they’ve got a looser fit, they’re flattering on all kinds of body types.

I really can’t stress enough how these jeans work for every age, weight, style.

I’ve compiled a few places with cute options for you to look at: GAP is where I got mine;  here’s a plus size option on Zappos made by DKNY, and for my petite friends, here’s a great pair from

I’m telling you, you’re going to love boyfriend jeans, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without a pair!

Spite Humidity, Have a Good Hair Day

fighting humidity

As I type this, I’m sitting outside enjoying a 75 degree day, completely humidity free.

That’s something I never could have done in the middle of a Floridian July (I am wearing my Jacksonville t-shirt, just so you know I haven’t completely lost allegiance ;) But I did want to point out that my humidity fighting resume includes battling it in Florida where the air sweats for you.

I’m certain our fight with humidity here in Tennessee isn’t over yet (in fact, two days later it’s in full swing again), so I wanted to pass on a few tips on how to help you fight the humidity battle…and win.

The very first step to fighting frizz and humidity, is to suck all of the moisture from your strands.

This means you’ve got to spend extra time under the blow dryer, but it’s worth it. Because when you don’t dry your hair completely, the moisture that’s left in it reacts to the moisture that’s in the air, and that’s what helps to bring about the frizzies.

Next, find a hair spray that has the words, “all day humidity resistance,” on it. This one from TRESemme has worked really well for me all summer. Spray over hair that you’ve styled or even just spritz it on a day when you’re wearing your hair straight for an extra layer of defense.

You could always lean into the humidity and allow it to work for you by going with some sea salt spray. I talk about this stuff a lot this time of year because it works so well. Unlike mousse it’s not going to harden your hair and make it crunchy. No, instead it’s going to give it a soft, matte texture. Even if you don’t have any wave to your hair, spray this stuff in and let it air dry for that tousled/bedhead/I’m a model off duty look.

And of course, you can always revert to throwing it up in a pretty bun, then taming your flyway’s with a cutie little hair tie like this one. It’s fabric that surrounds wire, so it stays put and doesn’t hurt your head, stopping humidity right in its tracks because it’s too busy saying, “Dang girl! You’re looking good!”

Clothes You Can Run Errands In

It turns out I’m not the only one who likes to run errands in workout clothes.

Apparently it’s becoming quite the phenomenon. So much so that it’s been given a name – “athleisure.” You could refer it as “lesisletic” if you’d like. I won’t stop you.

There are talks of several designers coming out with lines dedicated fully to this balance of comfort and function, but until that happens (and while we all build up our bank accounts) let’s talk about how you can accomplish the look with what’s in a store (or closet) nearest you.


The key to pulling off this look is to walk the line between “couch potato” and “Crossfit.” If you sway too far in either direction (i.e.: tennis skirt, pajama pants) you’re doing it wrong.
First off, you have to make sure you’ve got nice tennis shoes. Do not do flip flops, do not do Converse or Toms. Only clean tennis shoes will do.

Next up: pants. Old Navy has a great selection of workout pants that are both comfortable and flattering. Look on the tag to make sure the kind you’re getting are “compression pants.” Compression pants are great in that they smooth out your legs and keep you from jiggling (that’s the best way I can think of to explain it). Even if you’re not comfortable with wearing form fitting work out pants, buy them to wear in lieu of tights and just make sure whenever you wear them, you’ve got on a top that covers your butt. This orange tunic, for example, would look great with runner pants and tennis shoes. It’s from

Another combination that would work, are these relaxed fit terry pants from Old Navy. Pair them with an active bubble tank (like the purple one pictured also from Old Navy) and a hoodie (I found this gray one on Stein

I really feel that this is a look anyone can pull off.
If you’ve got questions about this, or anything else fashion/beauty related, feel free to contact me through any of my social media sites! Links to all of them are there in the top right corner.

The Transitional Skirt

transitional skirtsummer skirt jpg











Here’s a sentence no woman has ever uttered out loud, “the sales need to stop.”

I’m not saying they need to stop, but this time of year when the discount signs start becoming complex math problems, it starts to get mentally overwhelming (“Extra 35% off everything that’s been marked down 40% x 2 divided by 14!”). What I like to do when I’m shopping July sales, is keep an eye out for those transitional pieces that I can get on super discount. That way I’m not just buying for the here and now, I’m stocking up for the coming cooler months.

This skirt is a great example of what I’m talking about.

It’s got a denim quality to it, making it perfect for both the summer and fall months. It sits right at my natural waist line, which means I get more use out of shorter tops by tucking them in. And I can throw a sweater and a scarf over the whole thing later on to make the outfit fall appropriate. The pictures also prove that it can work in the office, or running errands.

Skirts, jackets, lightweight sweaters (especially cardigans), darker colored tops – all of these things will work well in your wardrobe for months to come, so keep an eye out!

(I purchased this skirt at Forever21 a couple years back, but you can find a similar denim pencil skirt at The Limited).

Makeup Brushes Need Showers Too

I’m going to promise not to dish out a big heaping bowl of gross in this post, if you’ll promise to clean your makeup brushes within the next week. Mm K? Mm K.

We meticulously wash our clothes, our hair, our hands, but the one thing that gets used the most on our bodies but probably gets washed the least (besides your bra…which you need to wash too!) is our makeup brushes.

I know it can be a pain, and sometimes they take so long to dry, but trust me, you NEED to be washing them out at least once a month. And don’t think I’m sitting here all high and mighty on my throne of meticulously cleaned makeup brushes either (with the right bristles that could be a pretty comfortable throne). I need to be better at cleaning mine.

That’s why I keep this daily makeup brush cleansing spray from Sephora in my makeup drawer. What this does is it disinfects your brushes without the need for rinsing. You’ve got to be really careful if you’re washing your brushes in water. You can clean them with a mild detergent, but do your best to not let the water get down in where the bristles are. Water erodes the glue that keeps the bristles in place. The last thing you want is brush hairs all over your face…actually the last thing you want is bacteria growing in your brush, and THAT getting on your face.

This spray bottle was about $8 at Sephora and is the easiest most convenient cleanser I’ve found for the job. Go pick some up and clean your brushes!

makeup brush cleaner


Pinterest Pick – Nude Sandals

nude sandals

It usually takes me a minute or two to find an outfit on Pinterest that I love so much, I could immediately write a 200 word blog about it (ok, sometimes it’s 300 400).

But the second I saw this picture, a slew of words flooded my brain. Good words. Because I’ve been looking for nude sandals just like these to add to my summer looks. And now that I’ve got visual proof (and not just what’s going on in my head), I’m amp-ing up the search.

Don’t you just love how these sandals make a classic black and white ensemble appear so fresh, so summer appropriate? Just imagine if they were black sandals. The dark, edgy gladiator look would over-power the sweetness of the top and wouldn’t work at all with the length of the skirt. But because the shoes are in a softer color, like this nude-brown, they add just enough visual interest without being overpowering.

Instead of matching it to the belt, I probably would have cinched the waste with something leopard, which would also play well against the striped bag while still tying in the blacks and browns, but that belt works just fine as well. This just goes to show you how far a pair of sandals like this can go in one’s closet.

I love love love this look, and need to quit typing so I can go out and find a pair of nude sandals. I’m also going to keep the website it came from on my radar, since most of the looks I saw on there would suit me just fine.

Well Hello, TJ

business bag from

May I interrupt the conversation you’re probably having about how great TJMaxx is, with some news about how great TJMaxx is? Thanks.

I don’t know if you know this, and I’m certain your bank account is going to grimace at the news…or will that be your husband? Either way, if you haven’t yet seen it, TJ Maxx has a pretty awesome website. There you can find just as good of a deal as you would in store, only when you shop online, there’s no one to elbow in the ribs when they reach for your bag.

I’m on the hunt for a new laptop bag for my work computer, and sauntered over to their site one day just to see what they had to offer. I was so pleased to find their online options have quadrupled since I was last on, and their prices are still just as reasonable.

Now let’s talk about their bags.

They list the dimensions for each bag, which greatly helps when you’re searching for something to house a 15″ laptop. It made it so much easier to find this bag (which was not in the store, by the way, so what they carry online can be completely different).

I really wanted a laptop bag that didn’t scream “laptop bag” (which meant it couldn’t be black). This one is great in that it has plenty of room, a easy slouchy look to it and is a gorgeous color. I did have to pay for shipping, which was around $7, so it brought the total from $34 to a little over $40. Not too bad, especially considering all the other bags I looked at were pretty pricy. Speaking of which, does anyone else find themselves loving the most expensive options available? I do that all the time, I’ll be browsing through a store or a website, say “Oo! I like that!” and nine times out of ten it’s over $1,000.

That’s a habit I desperately need to break. Thankfully I’ve got the TJ Maxx website to help!

Ps: I did end up taking the bag back (my laptop was a little too snug inside), but the good news about that is you can return it to any store in town.

More Maxi for Your Money

Well Hello, Friday.

In an effort to give you more maxi dress inspiration, and maybe an idea or two of what to wear this weekend, I wanted to show you how simply adding a jacket to a maxi dress can make a difference.

Also, take a couple minutes to watch my segment from Tuesday to see how to get more maxi for your money!

Here’s what the dress looks like alone…

maxi dress

This is the look I wore on Tuesday…

chambray shirt 2 edited jpg

Maxi dress


Take off the chambray shirt, add a jean jacket and a belt to define the waste a little more. There’s my “high fashion” pose…once this is out on the internet I’ll probably be asked to move to Paris.

denim jacket adjust edited jpg

maxi dress


Or go a little more edgy and add a white leather jacket. You can’t add a leather jacket without giving your mean face, it’s just a rule – I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.leather jacket tough edited jpg

Maxi dress

And here’s my segment from Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Balancing Your Beauty & Fashion Budget

When you’re on a budget, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to spend your money on. Do you buy the latest and greatest BB Cream that you just can’t live without (or maybe the worlds greatest bronzer brush)? Or do you get that great lace top you’ve been drooling over for 2 weeks?

If you ever figure out the answers to these questions will you private message me? Ha. Just kidding.

Here’s the thought process I go through to determine where my dollars are going to be spent…

fashion budget

Let’s say I’ve got $30 left in my budget for the month. If there is a top that costs about that much, I consider the store (do they often run sales?), the amount of tops left in my size (if there’s only one then I need to scoop it up), and how much I truly love it (would I throw my favorite jean jacket in front of a train to save this thing?).

If the store does frequently run sales, and if there are plenty of tops left in my size, then I roll the dice and wait on it. Chances are high that I’ll get it for a better price if I do that. If they don’t frequently run sales, yet there are plenty left in my size, I buy it depending on the kind of hole it will fill in my closet and how much I like it.

A top that’s everything I’ve been looking for in clothing that covers my upper half, is worth buying over a bronzer brush. If it’s going to stretch what I’ve got and save me the stress of what to wear to an event in the very near future, again totally worth it. If it will do none of those things, wait on it.

Beauty products (including bronzer brushes) don’t typically run out of stock as often as clothes do. That’s why they start the game a couple points behind. However, if you’re not going to feel good in that new top because your makeup looks terrible, then it’s worth it to go for the beauty product.

Something else I do, is make a list of the beauty products I need. That way when I have clothes money left over, I can pick up something off my list and produce a win/win.