Wear Now & Later

We’ve hit one of the sweet spots in the year where retailers are practically shoving merchandise into our bags and asking for mere pennies in return.

But as you can remember, one of my goals this year is to not purchase things just because they’re on sale.

Here’s a list of items that can we worn in the dead of winter and well into spring, and they all happen to be super cheap.

Even if you can’t find these exact items in the store (that’s the risk you take when writing about things that are on sale), you’ll at least have guidelines so you know what to spend your money on.

All of these pieces, by the way, can be found at different retailers in West Town Mall…

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1. Palazzo Knit Pants from New York & Co. – Remember that post I did about volume? Well, these pants are a great example of putting volume on the bottom. Balance them out with a form fitting turtleneck or v-neck sweater, and warm up your toes in the winter by pairing them with your chunkiest boot. With the pant leg being so wide, no one will be able to tell! Then keep rocking them into the spring with high heels, a fitted tank, a patterned cardigan and a long swingy necklace. They’re on sale for $10 so the cost-per-wear ratio is un. real.

2. Sequin Sweater from GAP – A chunky sweater like this is going to really keep you warm and cute, especially if you layer a crisp white button down underneath it and pair it with jeans and boots. But the shiny polka-dots and gray color is happy enough to transition well into spring where you could rock it with cuffed boyfriend jeans and some bright pink heels. Gosh, I think I’ve talked MYSELF into buying this one!

3. Kiera Leather Booties from Ann Taylor – This is a classic shoe, so regardless of the season, if you see these puppies on sale snatch them up. They’re especially great to have now because you can wear them with sheer or opaque black tights, and later with cuffed boyfriend jeans. Badda bing. Badda boom.

4. Teardrop Treasure Earrings from Charming Charlie – This past year I fell in LOVE with colored drop earrings. Especially as an owner of a lot of black and a whole lotta gray, simple earrings with color like these really jazz up a neutral outfit. Grab them for $8 and use them to punch up some of your drab winter sweaters, then break them out again in the spring when you buy a floral patterned dress that incorporates this same gorgeous turquoise.

5. Kennedy Solid Tote from Francesca’s – I apologize, I thought this bag was on sale but it’s not. But before you go crossing it off your list, lets think of how attention grabbing this color would be on a cold, overcast winter day… Now let’s imagine how beautifully it would transition into spring with it’s unexpected shade of yellow that would surprisingly go with everything in your closet. See? It works.

Hey! You know what’s always fun? A good fashion show! Thursday, February 5th, My friend Claire Queisser is putting on a Rouge Fashion show at the Relix Variety Theater. Stop by from 7-8pm for hors d’ oeuvres then stick around because at 8:30 the fashion show begins!! For more info, click here!

Playing With Volume

striped sweater 3 jpg

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striped sweater 2 jpg

I’ll tell you what helps motivate you to get out of a comfortable warm bed in the morning – a big cozy sweater that’s actually cute.

But when you’re going with something that’s got a lot of volume, you’ve got to balance it out with something that’s not so voluminous. Like a black skirt and tights!

This combination is especially perfect if you’re rounder in the middle. The volume of the sweater will drape over your mid-section and help draw all the attention to the smaller spaces on your body.

I picked up this sweater at the fantasy factory that is the Dillard’s outlet in Asheville, NC. That place is a shoppers paradise. Well, let me rephrase that – it’s a deal-hunters paradise. If you don’t like picking through rack after rack in a sea of sale clothing then it’s not for you. Party pooper.

And since I can’t provide a link to that, there are two similarly shaped sweaters…here and here.

A black skirt like this is invaluable in the winter. I picked this one up at Forever21 years and years ago. I’ve yet to find a substitute, but I’m going to need to fast as I’ve really worn this one out. One like this is great with black tights which I will never stop wearing no matter how old I get. They make your legs look so skinny!!

Think about the balance of volume with the next outfit you put together and see how great it makes you look!

Shopping My Closet

Styling a Swingy Necklace

I love a good craving. I can go through long bouts of indecisiveness, so when a craving pops up I’m allĀ about it. Lately I’ve had a craving for long swingy necklaces. I love how they make you feel sexy and carefree. Like you just threw it on (because you did) and yet it looks so polished.

Lately I’ve had a craving for long swingy necklaces. I love how they make you feel sexy and carefree. Like you just threw it on (because you did) and yet it looks so polished.

This necklace was the basis for this whole outfit and I’ll tell you how it came about…

I didn’t want to wear it with just a simple sweater because it still needed some sort of background beyond just one color. That’s when I decided to go shopping and I found this number. The wide army green and black stripes are the perfect backdrop for the gold, and the sheerness of the blouse meant it would work well into spring (something I start to think about this time of year).

The fact that it was only $12 at JCP was a win. I immediately knew I could always throw a scarf on over it or wear it with my leather jacket…two more ways to get use out of it and therefore solidifying my decision.

These skinny black trousers from Old Navy were a perfect fit especially when I paired them with my colored leopard heels (I love me a good pattern mix).

For the rest of my jewelry, I liked doing a black watch and then a pile of bracelets because it meant nothing got more attention than the necklace. A bold bracelet would have taken some of the spotlight.

Note: I hope you enjoyed today’s post! It was a throwback to a post I wrote last January. I’ve got big things a-brewin’ that’s taking up a lot of my time (more on that later). So I’m scaling back the blog (for just a little bit) to 3 day a week posts. This will help me refine my material and be better at bringing you the absolute spiffiest fashion and beauty finds out there! Thanks for continuing to read and have a wonderful day! :)


Earrings: The Party Pants of Your Jewelry Box

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If you’re looking to add a quick dose of fun and maybe even something different to your look this year, go for a jazzy pair of earrings.

A fun pair can really wake up your classic pieces. And what’s great about them is they’re noticeable (if you wear them right, they go right near your face), but can be small enough to where you don’t have to give yourself a pep talk to walk out the door.

If they dangle, then they add great movement and punctuation to everything you say (translation: two instant charm generators). And not to mention, a pretty pair doesn’t have to cost much (I picked these up for $6 at H&M in Atlanta).

I dare you to pick up a pair you wouldn’t normally give a second glance to, and see how just how fun they make you feel.

Treat Yo’ Self Thursday

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In my house, the word “treat” always has to be spelled out as my little pupster can pick up on it from four rooms away. I have to admit, it is a fun word. In fact I’m a big fan of the phrase “treat yourself” because it can justify so many fun things (all within legal limits of course).

High on my list of things I’m going to “treat myself to” when I find it, is a pair of patterned pumps. I’m on the hunt for black and white ones especially, but as I searched to see what the stores in West Town Mall had to offer, I found a whole slew of pretty patterned options.

If you took one look at that graphic up there and already decided these weren’t for you, remember that you can wear them with long pants and in doing do, would have the funnest peak of pattern sticking out. If you have a closet full of classic pieces then a pair of pumps like these would really perk up your style. Read on sista!

1. Ahh if only these were available in more than just size 7 and 7 1/2. They must have been pretty popular at Ann Taylor, and for good reason! Look how gorgeous they are, and think of all the outfits they’d add some major glam too! I’d wear them with skinny jeans, tights, pajamas…the list is endless, really.

2. If you’re going to go for a colored patterned, why not go all out with these Steve Madden Varcityy Pumps at Belk. If all those colors overwhelm you, think of all the outfits this would match. Not only could you pull out one or two colors, but you could also pair this with neutrals…or *gasp, pattern mix with a simple striped skirt!!

3. These Calvin Klein Dolly Leopard Pointed-Toe Pumps from Dillard’s are showcasing such a beautiful leopard pattern. I love that it’s bigger and so rich looking. Of course I’ll always love a great animal print, and on a lower heel like this that would probably be bearable for a full day – gosh that’s going for the win. (Should I mention again that leopard goes with everything? No, you’re tired of hearing that? Ok.)

4. Let’s not forget the great selection (and current sale) awaiting us at Rack Room Shoes. And for a more subdued floral print shoe look no further than these Xappeal pumps. The underlying color is black, which means these puppies will again (notice a pattern here) go with everything. Especially if you have a solid color dress, oh girl, these shoes would really elevate your look.

5. For the most cautious and quietest among us, there are these (aptly named) Hush Puppies from JCP. With a muted pastel print and a much lower heel, these could really give you a great pattern option, without going too crazy.

It’s truly amazing how far a pair of heels like these will go. Get on over to West Town Mall and jazz up your shoe collection for the winter and coming spring!!

Treasure Tromp

Let’s Refresh Together


I am Elizabeth Ogle, beauty and fashion blogger as well as Style Consultant for West Town Mall (if you know that already give an exasperated sigh while throwing your hands in the air).

This year so far has been a swirl of fun activities so now that I’m back to blogging regularly, I thought a great way to really start 2015 would be to reintroduce myself and my hidden agendas. I had a meeting about that with the other person I work with (my dog) and he agreed bones are delicious….which I took to mean, “Reintroducing yourself is the most professional thing to do at this juncture.”

I am so passionate about clothes and confidence and beauty products that four years ago I decided to pour all of that into a blog. Oh and I love to write, so consider that the homemade whip cream on top of it all. Yum.

In 2012 I was given the opportunity to be a guest on WBIR’s morning show over on FOX. Turns out I love being on TV and they loved having me, so for the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been a regular guest (my latest segment you can watch above). In 2013 I applied for “Style Setter” with Simon malls. A job that I got which meant I got to write about things from my local mall (West Town Mall – to be exact). Once that gig ended nationally in 2014, the people running West Town said they were having so much fun with me and I with them that they gave me a new title, “Style Consultant.”

That means I get to write some more and have mall merchandise at my disposal to talk about on TV!

I tell you all of that not to toot my own horn (ha, toot), but to instead show that I’m a professional blogger (ok maybe a small toot) (ha) and most importantly to testify to the fact that when you obey God and walk in the destiny He has planned for you, great things happen!!

God has put in me a strong desire to help women feel good about themselves and to dress in a way that presents them beautifully to the world. So if you want all of that, come back my and read some more! If you don’t want any of that, read other blogs ;) kidding. I do think it’s important to make it a habit of reading a blog(s). Not only because they’re FREE to read, but also because they help you stay fresh and in-the-know on what’s happening in the style/beauty world, from real/unbiased people.

So if you like what you’ve read so far, I hope you come back tomorrow and the next day and the day after that x infinity. :)

Shopping My Closet

Dressing Dallas

Refresh Your Image for 2015

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As we all know this is the time of year we normally set goals. But instead of looking to change things about ourselves, let’s focus on refreshing our image.

Regardless of your stage in life, you want to look and feel good about yourself. And if you’re in a position now where you aren’t happy with the image you’re putting out there, then let’s work on that!

I believe that by making a few adjustments, you can set yourself on track to achieve a new level of self confidence.

1. Make Your Social Media Time Productive

If you’re spending hours at a time scrolling through social sites, filling your brain with “perfect” images of other people, that’s going to wear down your confidence and how you feel when you look in the mirror. So be very cautious of how much time you spend mindlessly scrolling those sites, and instead get on with a purpose.

Search for exactly what you’re needing. Oftentimes, if I’m stuck on how to style a piece, I’ll hop on Pinterest and search for “leather skirt” and look at images until I get an idea of what I can pair it with that’s in my closet. This will help you focus on the clothes and not the tiny waist of the people in them. If you find yourself thinking, “I wish I had her____” get off.

2. Set Clothing Goals

A couple years ago I started setting goals for my look at the beginning of the year. Goals like, “buy more color”, “buy less black”, “for the love of all things holy, quit buying darkness.” Once I started doing that not only did my closet lighten up but I also noticed my style became more polished and my buying became more purposeful. It really helps to set the tone for your whole year, especially if you choose something that’s doable (unlike, “Replace everything in my closet by next Tuesday”).

My goals for this year include, not buying something just because it’s on sale. I’ve got too many “junk food” pieces in my closet that are low quality and bought only because it cost a couple dollars. I don’t need that cluttering up my space. My other goal is when I find something I love – buy multiples.

3. Find a Good Resource for Inspiration

Magazine subscriptions cost money and take up space. Blogs are free and weightless. Find a great one (THESPIFF.COM) you really jive with (THESPIFF.COM) and that makes you laugh (THESPIFF.COM) and make it a point to check it on a regular basis. I’m not just saying this because I write one of these, oh you know I didn’t even think this would make a great commercial for THESPIFF.COM! ;)

But seriously whether it’s this amazing blog or another mediocre one, stick to reading it. It’s a great resource for outfit inspiration, beauty product testing, and ideas/tutorials for freshening up your style written by real people with unbiased opinions. If that alone doesn’t elevate your style this year, I don’t know what will.

4. Shop off Your Beaten Path

My closet has grown by leaps and bounds this year because I started shopping outside my comfort zone. In doing so, I’ve found really great deals on quality pieces that have refreshed my whole look.

I know it can be intimidating to walk into a new store, especially if you feel you’re too old/young for the place, but if you find just one piece that you love and inspires a fantastic outfit – it will be totally worth it! As Style Consultant for West Town Mall, I’d be happy to recommend a place you may not have thought of! Be sure to contact me through my social media buttons up on the right if you have any questions!

This Blog Post Will Inspire You

nail polishes, nail polish holder, goals, how to set goals, what goals to set

That’s a lofty goal I set for myself in the title. But I had to do something as my unction to get back in my routine has been severely lacking this January. Am I alone in that?

Usually I’m all jazzed about getting back into things, but this year it seems that I need to plug my “jazzed” into an outlet.

I thought it would help get me excited and charged up about the year if I took a look at how I did with my goals from 2014 (you can read the original post here if you’d like)…

1. Learn new eyeshadow techniques. (Check!)

This past year not only did I switch up my routine looks, but I integrated new colors and paired my everyday look waaaaay down (that’s another post for another time).

2. Purge my house of crap things I’m not using. (Check! ..ish)

I did a good job of cleaning certain areas out, but holy frappuccino, there are so many more areas in our house that need to be cleaned out. This month so far I have cleared out all my unnecessary nail polishes and whittled down my 124 bottle collection to just what I’m going to use (that shelf you see pictured was built by my husband! Awww). Next up is my closet…and by “my closet” I really mean every closet in our house.

3. Rock a tutu. For real. (Well, I got close)

If you follow me on Instagram you got to see the five minutes I rocked a tutu. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. I ordered one online for a specific event, it just didn’t get here in time. After trying it on though, I was glad it didn’t. The sparkly pants I went with were a much better option. Maybe I’ll try again with a white one in the spring.

What goals did you accomplish this past year!?

I’ll have more on goal setting for 2015 next week. In fact I plan on talking about how to better your image in the coming year! I hope you have a great weekend, and I’m glad to be back to a regular posting schedule! :)

Prep Time

Happy post-holidays everybody!
These past few weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind of parties, family time and crashing on the couch.

This week I’m still in major catchup mode, so give me a minute to get everything back together and I’ll be back to a blogging routine in no time! Until then, enjoy my segment from last week where I talked about my favorite products from 2014 and click here to see where you can buy them all.

It’s going to be a wonderful year! (I just need a little more time to prep for it ;)

And the Color of the Year Goes to…

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That just makes me hungry for Italian food.

As a dustier version of maroon, Marsala has been given that prestigious position of being the color to represent all other colors in the year 2015! What does this mean? Well, it means Marsala will travel the United States speaking at schools and communi…I don’t know what it means.

Orchid was the color of 2014 and I didn’t see it much past January.

But if you’re a fan of it, I’ve gathered some ways for you to incorporate it into your looks this winter, all of which can be found at West Town Mall.

(I will say that it’s hard to find the exact shade of “Marsala” around, it looks a little dustier than maroon, but I did my best to find colors close enough. And I don’t think the Pantone police will pull you over if you wear any of this).

First up, is this MNG top from JCP. The back has got a great lace detail, and I think the color would look great with grays or blacks or both. What’s great is it could also support either gold or silver jewelry.

This little bag should’ve gone on my Christmas list. I’m a huge fan of clutch purses, and this color would be a great yet subtle pop with so many neutral outfits. Grab this Coach clutch at Dillard’s and take it with you on shopping days or date nights!

The easiest possible way (besides nail polish) to introduce a color to your look is through lip stick. This is Heirloom Mix Lipstick in Salon Rouge from MAC (which is in both Dillard’s and Belk now) would probably look just as great layered as it would in one coat.

Converse Chuck Taylor’s from Rack Room Shoes – what a modern color spin on such a classic shoe! I’m all about shoes that allow me to wear full on socks. These would do that, and look great with my navy, black and gray t-shirt collection. Wait. I just realized I need these.

Whether we see it around the whole year or not, Pantone’s color of the year is a great excuse to try something new!

Happy 2015!