Four Months Later…

Well hello there.

Sitting down to write this, I realized it’s been four months almost to the day since I last posted. There’s been nothing happening specifically to keep me from posting – no major world events or complete life shifts that have taken up my time. Just living like a lady of leisure (pronounced “Lay-Zure” with hand coifed in the air).

Looking at that last post, it’s funny to me to see anything that took place earlier this year. We had no idea what was coming down the pike. But you know who did know? God. God can throw down in a game of who knew it first because He knew as He FORMED US IN OUR MOM’S BELLY that we were going to live during this time. And because He knew that, He equipped us with all the tools we need to not just survive through it, but to thrive.

I made this video for our church towards the end of March. What I say in it is true then and true now. It’s all about the carefree life God wants us living. Take two minutes to watch because it can really change your life.

I promise to be back regularly (again) to make every day a spiffy day!

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