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I’ve been on vacation this past week. Yes, vacation after maternity leave. High five!

So to prepare for being a bit preoccupied by babies in bathing suits, I’ve got this post (and video) for you from last year. It features a great boutique here in Knoxville (well Powell to be exact) that has all kinds of great pieces including shoes and accessories. They’ve got their own space off of Emory Road (117 E. Emory Road if you must know) and are run by the nicest girls on the planet who just celebrated their one year anniversary of being open for business!

Read all about it, then go check them out and follow them on Instagram for updates on their inventory! @reapthesewboutique

P.S: This year I also did a little dance after seeing pumpkins in the grocery store for the first time…

I’ve been not-so-quietly squealing with joy all weekend at the thought of fall being right around the corner. I may or may not have sang and danced a little when I got my first glimpse of pumpkins outside the grocery store (which may or may not have incited “you’re crazy” comments from my husband).

I know it doesn’t at all feel like fall is anywhere near our part of the world, but the great news is that doesn’t mean we have to waist our money on new summer clothes we’ll only wear for a few more weeks. Nor does it mean we have to sweat it out by immediately sporting scarves and boots. There is a happy medium, and I talk all about it in yesterday’s segment from the morning show.

All of the clothes featured are from a great local boutique called Reap the Sew. They’ve got a great selection of trendy boho pieces that will work in your closet regardless of your style! I was super excited to pick up some great colorful accessories while dropping off the clothes from the show yesterday.

reap the sew jpg

These earrings and necklace (along with the necklace I talk about buying in the clip) are going to add a great little dash of color to my constant barrage of black/white/gray. I’m especially excited to work that necklace with the orange accent into a game-day look!

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