Spiffy Family Holiday Outfits

I’ve been making TV appearances every other week for six and a half years now. In that time I can think of a handful of special appearances like the time I announced being pregnant with Jackson or the time my husband went with me (and made me the latest I’ve ever been, haha). I’d include the time I announced Elianna but it wasn’t as exciting only because there was a miscommunication and we kind of glossed over it. Oh well.

Recently, however, I had another TV appearance to add to that list – I had my little boy join me on air! It wasn’t his first time on TV, haha no that happened when he was three months old. But it was his first time being a clothing model.

So give it a watch and see how good he does! Oh yeah and enjoy the looks for your kids from Dillard’s. And double oh yeah – there’s some good tips on dressing your family in there too ;)

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Keep your Bag Spiffy & Organized

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Tired of digging around receipts and Goldfish crumbs in your old purse or diaper bag?

I tell you what gets me – being in a hurry and not being able to get what I need RIGHT when I need it.

I’m always looking for ways to help you stay spiffy and that includes your bag! Below are some beautiful fall bag options and tips on how to keep them clean and organized. All of the bags you can find around West Town Mall and the helpful tips are free ;)

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When It’s Time to Replace Basics…

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The word basic never raises heart rates. It’s association in the past couple years is pretty, well basic.

I feel as if I’m trying to define something to my 4-year-old…

“Mommy what’s basic?”

“Welp, it’s preeeeetty basic.”

So when you think about replacing the basics in your closet it’s about as exciting as paying for your things to be handed back to you from the cleaners. Whoop-de-do.

However, when you see THESE basics, you’re going to start humming “Bringing Sexy Back” cause girl, you’re going to feel it in any of these jackets – even the button downs I brought with me on the show are going to get you excited.

And think of all the new ways you can work these puppies into your regular rotation. I know there’s a black number I hold up that could really jazz up my everyday t-shirt and yoga pants world. So look for yourself and check any of them out in Banana Republic or White House Black Market in West Town Mall!

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