Shop Like a Boss with These Back to School Looks

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Be the CEO of Cute this year!

I’m ready for the bugs to die. Beyond wanting to wear boots and jackets, I’m just excited not to itch somewhere (#CanIGetAnAmen)

But since everything’s on sale right now, I love to use this time of year to showcase ways to shop the summer sales while also prepping for the season ahead and (hold your ears kids) school starting back up.

To add some major cutie to this whole subject I had five models join me on the show this week to strut their stuff in GAP kids (and adult) clothes! This is also a sneak peak into the West Town Mall grand opening celebration that will be taking place Saturday, July 21st. You can read all about it here and can come take part in the festivities that day between 12 and 5!

Special thanks to…

Ainsley Bettis, Tyler Sharp, Bella Savas, Braylan Perry, Sophie McCart (and their moms!) for getting up early (in the summer, no less!) to join me for this segment :)

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Come See What’s New

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While I’ve only lived in Knoxville for less than 15 years, I’ve been shopping at West Town Mall since I was 12.

After all, they had a Warner Bros. store and I was a huge Looney Tunes fan (and still am if you’ve caught my recent story on Instagram).

I still remember being 12 and driving up to the mall – seeing the old W sign in the parking lot and getting very excited about what I would find there. Up until about a month ago we’ve been seeing that same sign out front, which served as a reminder it’s time for a refresh!

Now, when you pull up you see a brand new sign – and that’s not all that’s new! Inside there are beautiful places to sit, recharge (both physically and electronically) as well as a gorgeous new food court and soon-to-be-open dine-in movie theater. That’s right. Dine IN.

I’m so thankful for this mall. I’m a frequent shopper and (as you know if you’ve been around here for any length of time) I’m a big advocate for West Town Mall so I’m VERY excited that it’s gotten these upgrades and I can’t wait to see all the stores that will be coming in!

Meanwhile, come celebrate with me at the Grand Re-Opening celebration on Saturday, July 21st! From 12-5pm that day, there will be free food a FASHION SHOW, and giveaways happening every hour!

And let me tell you – the giveaways are AWESOME.

They include things like gift cards, diamond necklaces, Vera Bradley bags – SO MANY GREAT THINGS.

Oh and let me also add that comedian Leanne Morgan will be there! She is hilarious and I’m very excited about hearing her perform.

So if seeing me, a comedian and cute kids in a fashion show aren’t enough incentive, come for the prizes food and giveaways!

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Easy Ways to do Spa Treatments at Home

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Rest and relaxation are just a few feet away.

I’m all about taking time out for myself, even if it’s just a few minutes on the couch with a book. And since I would love to go to the spa, but always talk myself out of paying the money for it, I wanted to find another way to treat myself!

Honestly it’s not the relaxation factor that drives me to do things like this, it’s the “caring for my skin” factor. So even if you have a hard time powering down, think about how much you’re helping your skin by taking some time (any time!) do pamper it a little.

Thankfully, Fresh Kale Bath Company is FILLED with delicious soaps and products that are packed with things like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and other great ingredients that are good for our skin – giving us the great option of a spa treatment at home.

Watch my segment from this week on 10 New This Morning to see how  you can have your own special pamper session!

Be sure to go visit Fresh Kale in West Town Mall – right outside of JCP!

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Dillard’s Sale Picks

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All of the above.

Just know, this time of year there’s no “quick stops” into the mall. Every where you go there’s a fantastic sale sign that’s REALLY hard to ignore.

I’m hoping this quick guide will help you know what to look for/pick up at a good sale. Sometimes sales can be overwhelming and you end up in a fog (or as I like to call it – “Sale Drunk“) and you make purchases that you regret when you sober up the next day.

How do you avoid this? You go in knowing two things – what you need and what your total budget is.

You set parameters like – I have to be able to think of how I can immediately wear this with at least 2 outfits. Sometimes I do this…

Visualize your closet and you in it looking for something to wear – is that piece something you see yourself grabbing? Or do you more easily see it going into the “donate” pile in a few months? Sometimes that really helps me decide.

Okay, before I turn this into another post, let’s talk about what you can get at Dillard’s right now. They’re having a fantastic sale, in fact I’ve already purchased the necklace in this picture (except in pink so this black one may still be there).

Let’s dive in…WAIT, before we do – some of these items may be even CHEAPER in store (I know for sure the necklace is because I got it for $5 cheaper than the website lists) so be sure to go in Dillard’s at West Town Mall and see what deal you can get!

Post Work-Out Neem Body Wash – this falls into the category 0f “great gift.” I don’t know that I would use it, but I know people that might and I like to get a head start on Christmas presents, so this bag that was once $50 and is now marked down to $25 is perfect for that stash.

Kate Spade Earrings – WHY DON’T I OWN THESE?! Haha I’m all about stripes and these cuties are PERFECT. Marked down from $48 to $33. They would look so cute with gosh, just a t-shirt!

Pearl Earrings – here’s another tid-bit about sale shopping – buy things you need in advance of the need. If you know you’ve got a big event coming up next year, buy earrings like these which are marked down from $45 to $22 so that you don’t have to panic-buy anything and you have these on hand. Not to mention they’re gorrrgeous.

Hunter Boots – Let me unleash my beef with Target for a second in the form of this conversation…

Target: Hey every body, great news! You can all look like Joanna Gaines in tall black Hunter boots for a fraction of the cost!

Me: YAAAAAYYYY *sets alarm, wakes up at midnight…

Target: Hold please.

Me: *dances to hold music

Target: JOKE PARTY. We’re not making those, ya silly goose!

Me: :-|

Get your own dern tall black Hunter boots at Dillard’s for $96.

Tassel Necklace – The texture and movement of this piece is perfect for maxi dresses this summer. And I really like the addition of the gold sphere, I feel as if it gives it more of a flow.

Dooeny & Burke Backpack – I’m on the hunt for a good neutral backpack – because UH backpacks are awesome. This one is on sale for $103 down from $148. That’s a pretty good discount for such a quality bag.

Fossil Tote – this big-ole-bag would serve a myriad of purposes and is just about $50 off. Down to $103 from $148. Again, if a tote bag is on your list of needs, while one hundred bucks seems like a lot, it’s still less than the original price, and you’re getting real quality.

I hope this helps you stay out of the sale fog and buy things you’re going to use and love!

Oo! One more thing – Clinique at Dillard’s is offering a 4 piece gift set for any purchase over $40!

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A Bag with the Best Pockets

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Stash in style.

vera bradley, mallory tote, mom bag, mom purse with pockets, west town mall, bag for moms who need pockets, pockets, great bag with pockets

vera bradley, mallory tote, mom bag, mom purse with pockets, west town mall, bag for moms who need pockets, pockets, great bag with pockets

vera bradley, mallory tote, mom bag, mom purse with pockets, west town mall, bag for moms who need pockets, pockets, great bag with pockets, vera bradley west town mall

My first example of how great pockets can be is a fresh one, as I just sat down from scoping my house for a place to hide something from my toddler.

So there you have reason number one for having great pockets in a purse – sometimes you need to keep things hidden from tiny, nosy little hands.

Reason number two? It’s so very nice to have an organized bag. And an organized bag is best achieved through pockets. In college I learned the value of assigning pockets certain tasks. I had a huge I mean HUGE backpack with what felt like hundreds of pockets. So to make the best use of it all, I put certain things in certain pockets. It made for a smooth college experience and I would attribute it to the reason I got so many A’s. (Just kidding. That award goes to coffee).

Back to pockets…

I don’t have to continue selling you on them, you know they’re great! I’ve never heard a woman exclaim, “WHAT THE HOSINFEFER…WHY DOES THIS THING HAVE POCKETS?!” Actually…I may have done that once in relation to skinny jeans. Because why are we adding giant thigh-pockets to SKIN-NEE JEANS.

What I do want to turn you on to is where to find bags adorned with glorious said pockets. And that place is Vera Bradley.

The people at Vera Bradley – they get women. They understand that we need a quick access pocket for our phone (aka: chocolate) and that we also want that pocket to be undetectable.

They tap their temples confidently and give us a wink because they empathize with our need to stuff cash, coupons, receipts and Tampons in a safe place without them floating around visibly in our purse.

Their nods and knowing looks are well won because they get us with the multiple pockets on the inside for dinosaurs, hair brushes, snack bars and keys. And as we slow-motion tear through our purse for wipes as our child goes to touch their mouth with hands that have firmly planted on the bathroom floor – they want to subconsciously deliver an calming feeling so they line the purse with a pretty print.

Remember all of these things next time you go purse shopping. Because Vera Bradley people REALLY get women. And I love this bag.

Go see them and their beautiful store in West Town Mall right inside the Charming Charlie entrance!

Want to see more bags that will help you stay stylishly organized? Here ya go!

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