The Shoes You Need are at Belk and They’re on Sale

The amount of self control it’s taken for me not to buy every pair of animal print shoes I’ve come across in the past month is immeasurable. Any one else feel me?

Stripes and animal print are pretty much the only two colors in my closet, so when I open any of my social media apps and see everything being offered in animal print I want to buy it all.

The fact that I just walked through Belk in West Town Mall and they not only have great shoes in said prints, but they ALSO have them on sale was almost more than my self control could handle. And the thing is, I’ve got to go back tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes.

I did, however, want to make sure you knew of all the fabulous options they have so I walked around and took pictures, maybe licking a pair or two – but that’s not important.

Okay back at Nordstrom Sale time (it’s like a full season of the year – Spring, Nordrstom Sale, Summer, Fall, Winter) these puppies were everywhere. And everyone was raging about how cheap they were if they rang in even slightly under $80. These, my friends, are $50!

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I’m just going to close my eyes and post the next two shoes. After transferring the one with the stripe down the side from my pictures, I was mentally making plans to go back to the store and buy them. The Lord, my husband and my closet knows I don’t need another pair of athleisure shoes. If you do, please buy these and let me wear them through you…

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Look at the sale on these!!!

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Okay let’s take a break from animal print for a second and talk about these floral heels. While you might think you couldn’t pull these off in the fall (CAUSE IT’S FALL OFFICIALLY YOU GUYS) you’re wrong. I think these would add a cool pop of fun to an all black outfit, even a gray tshirt and jeans.

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Now back to our regularly scheduled animal print program…the kitten heel on these is just right.

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You guys. These booties. Hold. Me. Back.

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If that didn’t add things to your wish list I don’t know what to do for you.

Belk is having a great sale this week with door buster sales all over the store – go check them out in West Town Mall!

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When It’s Time to Replace Basics…

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The word basic never raises heart rates. It’s association in the past couple years is pretty, well basic.

I feel as if I’m trying to define something to my 4-year-old…

“Mommy what’s basic?”

“Welp, it’s preeeeetty basic.”

So when you think about replacing the basics in your closet it’s about as exciting as paying for your things to be handed back to you from the cleaners. Whoop-de-do.

However, when you see THESE basics, you’re going to start humming “Bringing Sexy Back” cause girl, you’re going to feel it in any of these jackets – even the button downs I brought with me on the show are going to get you excited.

And think of all the new ways you can work these puppies into your regular rotation. I know there’s a black number I hold up that could really jazz up my everyday t-shirt and yoga pants world. So look for yourself and check any of them out in Banana Republic or White House Black Market in West Town Mall!

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Back to School Fashion

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Styling six kids for a productive, confident, comfortable day at school was a fun challenge. It also made me thankful I don’t have six kids…

Whether you’re dressing little ones for the school year or not, getting a peak into back-to-school fashions is a great way to see what’s around the bend for fashion trends. And, well it’s just fun to see these professionals strut their stuff!

Be sure to check out even MORE fun tomorrow at West Town Mall. We’re having the annual Back to School Bash complete with prizes, a CANDY BUFFET and a fashion show featuring THE greatest emcee you ever did encounter – so humble too ;)

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What to Buy Tax Free

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And the sales just keep on coming…

We’re about to hit tax free weekend, which means the sales are just getting deeper.

There’s really no wrong thing to buy during this time unless you fall in love with something over $100 in which case, you’re going to pay tax.

But I did want to pull together options of one particular item I like to look at this time of year (honestly, I’d buy this piece all day any day). And that’s a good jacket. I bought the one I’m wearing in the picture from Banana Republic on tax free weekend years and years ago. It still looks great and I didn’t pay more than $60 for it.

It’s hard to get your hands on a well made jacket at a deep deep discount unless you’re buying out of season. But right now with sales the way they are and at the very least a 10% discount (no tax), you can get your hands on a quality piece you’ll wear with so many things for so many years.

Here is a round up of my favorites from two stores in West Town Mall…White House Black Market and Chico’s.

White House Black Market:

white house black market jacket, west town mall, what to buy tax free weekend in knoxville, knoxville shopping

This metallic jacket *heart eyes* would go so beautifully over a summer dress now and just as easily pair with a black shirt, dark jeans and heels at Christmas time.

white house black market jacket, blazers, west town mall, knoxville fashion

From now until the end of time, a black blazer will always be a thing.

I stand by that statement and not just because I love both black things and blazers. They’re a staple in any closet, even if it never sees the inside of a boardroom. Get a well made version (with stretch!) in this classic shape.


My current denim jacket came from Chico’s. It was the answer to all my denim jacket needs and relatively inexpensive for a good denim jacket – right under $100. So I’m going to continue keeping an eye on Chico’s jacket options. Take a look at the couple I found that you might also enjoy…

chicos, west town mall chicos, knoxville fashion, black denim jacket

I wore this jacket on air one time and got multiple compliments from the people in studio. I was just borrowing it but you better believe I’m going for it at some point. The nice thing about a black denim is you can wear it with jeans without doing exact denim on denim. It also acts as a more casual answer to a blazer. Yep, I’m going for it.

chicos, west town mall chicos, denim jacket, where to find a good denim jacket

This is the lighter version of the jacket I own. I was drawn to it because of the lack of pockets (wanted to stay far away from the ho-down vibe), the long lines in the front (so flattering) and the stretchy fit. It’s probably the most comfortable denim jacket I’ve ever worn.

Don’t hesitate to buy yourself something this weekend that you’ll reach for over and over again – and love doing it!



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Sales from Around West Town Mall

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This time of year can be so overwhelming with the number of sales going on.

You especially want to avoid shopping sale drunk and buying things just because “they’re a good deal.” So I did what I had to do and scoured West Town Mall for the best deals both for now and a few for later. Remember, you can always Christmas shop too! (thank yourself later for that one)

dillards 2

dillards 3

Shoe sale: 65% off good mix of current season and some fall booties. Great stop to update your heel collection
Other select shoes are 40% including some Kate Spade which is rare.
Swim sale: 33-50% off all the good brands. Even if you don’t need a suit, check it out for cover ups – they have some pretty ones that would add a nice light piece to your summer wardrobe and they are on sale as well.
Swim towels are on sale in the home section, they are 25% off – most were under $25 and they’re HUGE
Leggings sale: right before you get to the lingerie section, but you’re not quiet in kids yet, there is a legging section where they currently have 65% off really great leggings. Some are work out and some are the athleisure kind. Be sure to check that out a lot of good deals in there.
Lingerie sale: their bras and panties are always great brands and outlast the other places that also have annual sales this time of year. I’d much rather spend money on something I know will last.
Forever21 has sandals for $9 and flip flops for $2
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Vera Bradley has their beach bags and towels 40% off and a whole slew of other bags 40% off – including lots from their leather line which is fantastic
Now is also a great time to stock up on gifts for the remainder of the year…
Things Remembered has buy one get one 50% which I took advantage of – got an engraved frame for my husband and an initial key chain for my diaper bag and spent less than $55.
Speaking of gifts…Hallmark has a good sale section going that has a lot of good hostess gifts and table decor for 50% off.
GAP has extra 50% off clearance (and $15 tees for women)
Eddie Bauer has 50% off your entire purchase – with lots of good men’s clothes on sale both this season and next. Great for gifts!
Coach has a huge 50% off section in the back of the store that includes some beautiful jewelry, purses and men’s bags.
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