Spiffy Family Holiday Outfits

I’ve been making TV appearances every other week for six and a half years now. In that time I can think of a handful of special appearances like the time I announced being pregnant with Jackson or the time my husband went with me (and made me the latest I’ve ever been, haha). I’d include the time I announced Elianna but it wasn’t as exciting only because there was a miscommunication and we kind of glossed over it. Oh well.

Recently, however, I had another TV appearance to add to that list – I had my little boy join me on air! It wasn’t his first time on TV, haha no that happened when he was three months old. But it was his first time being a clothing model.

So give it a watch and see how good he does! Oh yeah and enjoy the looks for your kids from Dillard’s. And double oh yeah – there’s some good tips on dressing your family in there too ;)

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