Stripes, Chambray and a Teeny Bit of Camo

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This past Sunday was Jackson’s first trip to church. I wore my bright heels so that people would remember that I still existed ;)

Really, I was happy for him to take all of the attention. I was just excited to get all fancied up. As nice as it is to lay around in your pajama’s, sometimes getting dressed up for a couple of hours helps you appreciate laying around again.

Aside from all of that, I was very excited to wear this great striped skirt I picked up for $10 at Ross. Target has one a lot like it and I was planning on getting it, but it was $30, so I saved $20 at Ross just by walking in the door!

A patterned A-line skirt like this will go for MILES in my closet. I can dress it down with this chambray shirt and statement necklace (that I got at the Walz-Mart, by the way), or I can pair it with a black top and make it look more like a dress. I can wear it with tights and a blazer in the fall, and a long sleeve shirt and booties in the spring. The options never end.

Here’s one like it from Express, and here’s a great chambray shirt from Ann Taylor.

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A Statement Necklace and My Favorite Swacket

swacket smile jpg

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how to style winter sweaters, forever21, statement necklace, waterfall sweater, what to wear this winter, winterwear, ootd, fashion blog, knoxville fashion, how to style a jacket

forever21, statement necklace, how to style a jacket, winterwear, waterfall jacket, a line skirt, madden girl wedges, tights, what to wear with tights, what to wear this winter, ootd, fashion blog, knoxville fashion

Similar necklace; swacket; skirt; shoes; undershirt came from here (believe it or not).

My favorite purchase of this fall/winter has hands down been this sweater (or jacket…maybe swacket?).

I actually took it right off the back of an unsuspecting mannequin, and I’m so glad I did (she had it coming).  I love having one cool go-to piece that I can grab and consistently feel good in throughout the colder months. It’s especially nice when I’m stuck trying to figure out what to wear – I just grab this and style it differently.

This time I changed things up by buttoning it up. It works especially well with this voluminous skirt and really helps showcase this gorgeous statement necklace my Aunt Kathleen got me for my birthday this past year.

Think about any swackets you’ve got, could you get more mileage out of them by wearing them buttoned?

Maybe now that you’ve learned the word “swacket” you’re confused as to what the proper pronunciation would be, AND need help styling it differently. Well I’ve got good news!

I’m teaming up with The Limited in West Town Mall for a style event on Saturday, February 28th. So from 12-2:30pm I’ll be in the store answering questions, offering advice and helping you look and feel your best!

Come see all the great items they have to offer and bring in a sweater or jacket that you’ve had a hard time styling – we’ll even work on how to say “swacket” while you’re there. None of the cool kids are saying it! ;)

Shopping My Closet

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Get More Money Out of Your Sequins

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Let’s save ourselves some money this New Year’s Eve and recycle some of that Christmas attire!

So this sparkly dress is from Ross. I bought it for less than $20. But it’s sleeveless, so I don’t want to always wear it by itself. I also like sparkly skirts. So by adding a few layers on top – I’ve re purposed it into just that!

I started with a tight black tank because the dress has a cowl neck and that volume needs to be hidden. Then I added a black collared shirt. I liked doing this just because it gave the neckline a little more interest and it helps hide the bumpiness on top.

Finally, I layered on a simple gray long sleeve top. I like the gray because it’s different and I feel like it adds more depth to the outfit rather than just doing more black.

There was one time when I stuffed the bottom half of this dress down into a skirt and just let the top part show. But that was just a one time thing and I think using it as a skirt is way better.

Think about re-purposing something you own this New Year’s Eve!

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Perks and Quirks

I once read that the title of your blog post can’t be witty. It has to tell the reader what they’re going to read about.

I hated reading that, because coming up with witty titles is right in my wheelhouse – it’s the load bearing beams of my wheelhouse.

Today I threw out what all of those wildly successful bloggers had to say about titles, and just boiled it down to, “Perks and Quirks”. Because  I want to show you all of the perks of TheSpiff and hopefully expose some of my quirks along the way (in the least creepster way possible…I’m now rethinking the use of “expose”).

I’ve been writing a blog for, well remember Xanga? Yep. So, let’s put 2001 on the time stamp. It wasn’t until 2009, a year into my marriage and months after graduating college that I decided to give myself an endless homework assignment combine my love of writing and fashion, fuel it with my passion to see women comfortable in their skin and start writing a blog legitimately.

A year after that decision I pushed “publish” on my very first post for TheSpiff. If you’re thinking that’s a long time between things and that I probably was watching too much Gilmore Girls, then you’d be right. But I was also working hard perfecting the site, coming up with a domain name, and pre-writing 3 months worth of blogs to get myself started.

Until I birth my first child, my proudest moment remains to be the night when I finally figured out how to manipulate html code so that my site looked exactly the way I wanted it. I will never forget that.

Fast forward to today and I’m now four months in on a newly revamped site (I paid someone this time). Today I wanted to kind of show you around and point out a new feature!

First off, take a look at my social media icons there on the top right. I know it’s like I’m introducing you to your right hand – it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. But maybe by “take a look” I mean click on them and hit follow… ;)

pinterest, fashion blog, knoxville fashion

I’ve got several great Pinterest boards that you’ll be pinterested in. I’m trying to drill down into the details of dressing, so I’ve got one on tights, jackets, shoes (etc.)…all stuff I would really wear. I don’t know WHERE I would wear some of it, but I don’t pin unless I truly like it.

Finally, and really the purpose of this diatribe, is I’ve recently added a way to subscribe to TheSpiff! If you’ll enter your email address in the box on the bottom right, you’ll get my posts in your email inbox. No more of this type, type, type, click, scroll nonsense, you can simply open your email, click and boom you’re reading one of my fashion/beauty nuggets for the day.

I make it oh so easy. It’s one of my quirks, I like to make things wildly easy on people. ;) …I also volunteer too much and sometimes I sing in the shower.

A Harvest of Blessing
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4 Things to Avoid When Developing Your Style


I want to help you find your style. Because once you relax into the image you want to put out there, putting outfits together becomes a lot easier.

Style isn’t what’s trendy, it’s really how you put your own spin on things. You and I could wear the exact same pieces, but our attitude and how we style them can produce two completely different looks.

That’s why it’s important to hone in on your image and develop it (never stop developing it, actually).

Here are three things you need to stop doing in order to develop your style:

1. Don’t consider what other people like.

Quit basing your clothing decisions on what you think others are going to like, and start paying attention to what you like. Trust that little bell inside that goes off when you hold up something you know you really love.

2. Don’t let shopping become a chore.

Stop spreading yourself too thin when you shop, and start setting yourself up for success. Do that by going where there are great options in close proximity (West Town Mall); where caffeine, water and food is readily available (West Town Mall); and where you can always take a brain break and catch a movie (West Town Mall), all without having to move your car :)

3. Don’t let your style become stagnant.

Style is an ever changing thing (thank God for that, or we’d still be tripping over hoop skirts). Continue to search for inspiration and find someone to help give you new ideas on how to put things together (blogs help tremendously with that, and I happen to know a good one ;) Never think your style is complete because there’s always something out there you haven’t tried that you may absolutely love.

4. Don’t loose your confidence.

When you’re constantly wearing things you love, it shows. Even if it’s something as simple as a white t-shirt and jeans, if you love that look and know it’s “you”, you’ll walk confidently and ooze beauty (Jennifer Aniston is a great example of this. Also, I realize “ooze” and “beauty” is a weird word combination).

Style is a powerful thing, I’d like to continue helping you find yours. Follow me on Instagram @thespiffblog

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