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Christina Aguilera had a bill board in our town several years ago that affected my life forever.

My husband and I were dating at the time and driving past her giant makeup-ed face he said, you know I like it when girls wear make up like that.

I decided I would love that man forever.

This week on 10 News This Morning I talked about some spring makeup trends to help refresh your look. Watch my segment below to see how you can pull off the trends with products from Bare Minerals!

One quick thing before you do, I may have taken too long gushing about them to get to everything I wanted to say…so below is what I would have ended with and the great deal they have going on right now!

The final trend I was going to speak to is lips! Matte is aallll over the place and I’m SO okay with that.

I like the matte look primarily because it’s approachable. It doesn’t look as if you can bump the person and lip gloss will end up everywhere. I don’t know why that runs through my head but it does.

I love how their matte lip stick wears – it doesn’t end up in crumbs all over your lips by the end of the day. It just softly fades.

Anyway, I could go on and on…

Right now at Bare buy that large bag pictured in the segment for $65 and fill it with 3 complexion pieces of your choice! (That saves you almost $30!), or you can buy the smaller bag for $45 and fill it with three eye or lip products of your choice!

Take advantage of that to get what you need and try something new!

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