Model Behavior


A couple Saturdays ago, I got to be a part of the Fashion Board Model Search at West Town Mall.

I had the pleasure of getting to watch close to 100 kids/teens/adults strut what their momma gave them in order to make the cut for this year’s Back to School Fashion Show (coming this August at West Town)!

I tried to be the encouraging face at the end of the runway, as children as young as 4 and adults as “experienced” as 50 made their way towards the judges table. Some you could tell were nervous, others walked tall and confidently, making eye contact and clearly saying their name and personal info.

I recognized a bunch of girls from the Fashion Camp I got to be a part of back in June. And watching them walk that runway, stop in the middle to give a pose, and look the judges in the eye while they said their name and school, proved my point that what they learned at that camp will stick with them for a long time.

Each one of those girls presented themselves very well.

The whole time I was sitting there I couldn’t help think about the act of presenting yourself to other people. Regardless of what you’re wearing, in those first few seconds of an introduction it’s your body language that’s really being the loudest.

Do you walk confidently? Do you look a person in the eye? Do you speak clearly?

If you’re not doing any one of those things because you don’t want to draw attention to certain parts of you, unfortunately it’s not working. The biggest impression you leave if you present yourself well, will be your confidence not your flaws.

Listen, I’m just here to get you looking/feeling/acting spiffy. Take a cue from these models and carry yourself with confidence!



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