These Totes are Totes Cool

totesIt wasn’t until this sentence crossed my mind that I realized the value of a tote.

One day I was carrying my bag around, my shoulder was starting to hurt and I found myself thinking, “If only I could pop it off my shoulder and hold it by a handle!” It was then that the little tote birds alighted on my shoulders and I finally realized the point of these double strapped totes – it’s so that you can do both with ease!

Totes are everywhere now and I can only imagine will get more popular come this fall when everything trends a little more towards the structured look. Pictured, I have four options that start at $30 and go all the way up the ladder to over $300.

As you can imagine, the $30 bag comes from Forever21. This black bag would be great for a carryall if you’re going back to school, or for your laptop, wedding plans, scrapbook items…I could go on.

The lovely color block version from Express is $70. It’s definitely got the neutral color family covered, which means it will go with absolutely everything you own.

London Fog is a great brand, and they prove just how chic they can be with this cool black and white bag from Belk. I really love the visual of the texture in the white part, because even though the bag is $94 it looks way more expensive than that.

And finally *deep longing sigh* we’ve got this beauty from Michael Kors at Dillard’s. I look at this bag like most tweens look at Harry Styles. It’s perfect in every way, from it’s shape, to its hardware and the color. Lord help me, it’s gorgeous. And it should be for close to $358.

So there you have it, four bags in the trendy tote shape that can really sharpen your look this fall!

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