Successfully Shop Tax Free


Good old Uncle Sam is throwing us a bone this weekend, and giving us a whopping 10% off all our clothing purchases.

It’s a small bone, but we’ll take it! It’s also a genius ploy they’ve got going – giving us a time limit and all. The savings and the urgency combined can send you into a sale drunk shopping frenzy. So I want to help sober you up with 9 words that will show you how to walk away with your nose clean, your closet stocked, and your wallet giving you a slow clap.

Now is the time to make a big purchase.

Your wallet’s shooting me a confused look. Allow me to explain…

Yes you save on everything you buy this weekend, but unless you have kids to buy for or a closet to build from scratch, the dangers of you buying things you won’t wear, far outweigh the benefits of saving 10%. Between the crowds and the picked over merchandise (I’m looking at you, Forever21 jewelery wall) it’s easy to make a rushed bad decision. So instead, focus your efforts on the one thing you really need.

Last year, for example, I purchased a black blazer. It’s a bee-utiful blazer that I’ll have and wear for many years to come. It’s from Banana Republic, so it’s of impeccable quality. And you know what? I saved a lot of money by buying it tax free.

Think about the one quality piece you’re really needing to buy, and go get that sucker this weekend!

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