Fashion Camp

fashion camp

I will never forget the first time I really pieced an outfit together.

I was barely a teenager, but I can still remember layering a black blazer over a long silky white top. The proportions were just right, and it made me so excited. I may have re-worn it a time or two (or 12) and would probably not love it today, but it was my ah-ha moment with clothing.

I’m sure the same will be said years from now when you ask any of the girls that attended Fashion Camp at West Town Mall. I got to go and watch last Thursday as they learned everything from how to properly greet each other to how to walk a runway.

I couldn’t stop thinking of how valuable the day was for these girls. After they practiced walking the runway, they got to hear great clothing tips from the people at Delias, they got skin care tips from Clinique, then wrapped everything up with their very own fashion show.

Coaching them throughout the day, was Claire Queisser, Fashion Coordinator at Claire Queisser Runway Events and for West Town Mall. I loved getting to sit back and listen as she patiently showed the girls how to walk down a runway and present themselves. And I especially enjoyed getting to watch her brain in action as she helped to style the outfits they picked out.

From their first walk down the runway in the morning, to the actual runway show in the afternoon, there was a marked difference on the faces of these girls. By the end of the day they were holding their heads higher and their smiles got a little brighter…and I don’t think that’s going to wear off anytime soon.

These beautiful photos are brought to you by Alexandra J. Photography, by the way. Click here to look her up on Facebook!

fashion camp

me and claire


models from camp

fashion camp

fashion camp

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