Easy Ways to do Spa Treatments at Home

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Rest and relaxation are just a few feet away.

I’m all about taking time out for myself, even if it’s just a few minutes on the couch with a book. And since I would love to go to the spa, but always talk myself out of paying the money for it, I wanted to find another way to treat myself!

Honestly it’s not the relaxation factor that drives me to do things like this, it’s the “caring for my skin” factor. So even if you have a hard time powering down, think about how much you’re helping your skin by taking some time (any time!) do pamper it a little.

Thankfully, Fresh Kale Bath Company is FILLED with delicious soaps and products that are packed with things like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and other great ingredients that are good for our skin – giving us the great option of a spa treatment at home.

Watch my segment from this week on 10 New This Morning to see how  you can have your own special pamper session!

Be sure to go visit Fresh Kale in West Town Mall – right outside of JCP!

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