My Spring Style Plan (and why you should have one)

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If I’m being honest, spring for me consists of sneaking in as many winter pieces as possible. I’M NOT READY TO LET GO.

Jackets, sweaters, scarves….even boots! I’ll throw it on with some lighter pinks and call it a day for as long as I can until the whispers get louder. Seeing as how this week is supposed to hit 87 degrees at some point…that time is about up.

Why do I have a style plan? Probably because I need to have a winter intervention, right?! Well, no. I was reminded of why I have a plan about 30 minutes ago when I sat down to write this post. The blank white paper with its endless possibilities hit me and I immediately thought, “time to online shop!” So I hoped on over to to see they’re having a sale! Woo Hoo!! Scroll, scroll, scroll…I don’t know what I need, or what to look for. I need a style plan…

Let me pause here and direct you to my 2016 Spring Style plan. I’m sitting here, fully impressed with past Elizabeth.

You need one too! It helps you direct yourself when shopping and prevents you from ending up with 12 jackets and nothing to wear underneath them (there’s a reason that’s my go-to example *guilty).

When making your plan, consider your style goals and how you can achieve them.

One of mine for the year is to shop my closet. Which means if I can’t find it there first, anything I bring home is going to replace something I’m obviously not touching in my wardrobe.

It also means I need to consider the trickier pieces in my closet when shopping, so I can pick up things to maximize what I’ve got.

Take jogger pants for example. I’ve purchased two pairs and I love them. But I need more tees that can work with those pants and later be dressed up.

PS: I dare you to find a picture on Pinterest of someone wearing jogger pants WITHOUT at least one hand in their pocket. Go on, try to find it. I’ll wait.

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spring style plan, why you need a style plan, style plan for spring


Something else I need to consider is my lifestyle.

I have a closet full of office-appropriate wear but this year I’ve transitioned into a work from home environment. Which means pajamas all day every day!!! athleisure has taken over my week and I’m totally ok with that.

But some days I need to take it up a notch, and you know, wear a dress. Here’s how I can easily do that and still be comfortable…

(Image source)

spring style plan, why you need a style plan, style plan for spring


Since my t-shirt collection is going to grow because of this new casual  lifestyle I’m leading, I need to find ways to be able to wear them on a Sunday with a simple addition of something dressier and maybe an accessory or two…enter: these pants.

I love their volume and how they can be comfortable, flattering and perfect for pairing with a simple tee.

(Image source)

spring style plan, why you need a style plan, style plan for spring


Finally, the only thing to get me excited about pulling out a dining room chair, packing up all my boots and climbing the chair to push them to the back of my closet is maxi dresses – YAS. I’ll wear them only on the days I intend to breathe.

This one… I mean…

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spring 2017 3


So what’s your style plan for this spring?


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