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Time to get inspired to spring clean with these super affordable ways to organize your beauty products!

Everything is under $25 – picked it all up at either Walmart or Amazon.

On the go – this travel makeup case is everything.

The floral case is a travel makeup case from Amazon. It’s got customize-able compartments, great zippered pockets, wonderful brush storage (that’s wipe-able!) AND it’s only $22!

Use a silverware divider for all of your every day products.

I’ve used one for years and it helps me access everything quickly. I organize things by product so concealers go in one compartment, highlighters, mascara, foundation and so on and so forth. Wash it in the dishwasher to bring it back to life!

Use an ice cube tray to organize all your eye shadows.

Keeps everything visable and reachable.

Use a over-the-door shoe rack for hair prodcuts and tools!

I think this is the coolest one of all – it’s genius for making things neat, organized, visible and within easy reach.

For organization that’s on display…

Take a wire storage basket – flip it! Use it to store masks/lipsticks/mascara.

Use a spice rack to put what you often reach for on display (this one’s cool because it’s expandable). If you’re a crafty person, I think this would look pretty with a gold stripe down the side

It’s also a great way to organize your foundation – do light medium and heavy coverage on different levels. Or use it to display all of your beautiful perfumes.

I love a good container for your dresser or bathroom vanity – this is a cute little way to display cotton balls

Think outside the box without having to spend a lot will keep you nice and organized this spring!

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