How to Keep Your Purse Cute and Organized

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While in church a few weeks ago, just as we were all asked to stand for the service to close – my purse dumped out.

That’s high up there on the list of things that you don’t want happening during service (other things on that list: your child saying something inappropriate, your bra popping off).

The worst thing about it falling over? Everyone on the row behind me saw that I keep all my lipsticks in a cruddy Ziploc bag. Which is cruddy because it rolls around in my purse and gets beat up.

It was in that moment of pure annoyance (or should I say “purse” annoyance HA), that I realized I needed to change some things about my life. Specifically the things that are in my purse and how they are organized.

As it turns out, I signed up for a beauty subscription service that sends adorable bags to my mailbox EVERY MONTH. Why have I not been making full use of these cute Ipsy bags?! What else in my life have I been totally looking over?! Could my phone be used to make phone calls?!

As Jackson gets older his needs are only going to get more bag-related (snacks, snacks and snacks for after snack time – we’ve learned he’s a big fan of food). These bags are REALLY going to come in handy. And it’s another great cost justification for signing up for Ipsy. It’s only $10 a month and not only does it deliver cute bags, it makes it so that you don’t have to buy things like mascara, blush and bronzer for years.

I’m happy to report I now have an army of amazingly cute organized bags – one for lipsticks, one for receipts, one for gift cards, one for snacks and one for wipes.

We are living the good life now! :-D

Read what all typically comes in an Ipsy bag.

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