Press Pause with Me

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Today I wanted to provide a moment. A moment to pause.

Next week (if not already) the holiday rush will begin. I’ve already thought several times about everything I want to get done before Thanksgiving. But right after that thought starts the panic that I’m not enjoying the last week of fall.

So I needed a moment to pause, and I figured you did too.

This is a picture I took in my favorite place to walk. I love going on walks because they force you to just slow down, enjoy the moment and think. If you don’t have time for a walk, enjoy this picture for a second.

Notice all the pretty leaves, especially that gorgeous red tree in the background. Think of the fun things you’ve done in the past month, your favorite moments, things you’re thankful for. Go ahead, I’ll wait.



One thing I’ve tried to do since giving birth (and especially in this, my favorite time of year) is take moments to just think about how much I’m enjoying everything. And it helps! I can look back on all those times I’ve paused and it feels as if time isn’t flying by me as much.

Listen, my goal with this blog isn’t just to help you put outfits together. My hope is that you always walk away with a little more swagger in your step because TheSpiff has made you feel happier, more uplifted. And yes, in my mind you finish the blog then immediately walk away from your computer.

I hope that today I’ve handed you the chance to enjoy the season! The holidays are about to begin and they’re going to be wonderful, you’ll get everything done. Just enjoy yourself.

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