The Puffy Jacket

My little nephew came into the world over the weekend, so we’ve been a little busy around here (Jackson has been picking out toys to share and bugs for him to touch ;) Meanwhile, please enjoy this post from last fall…

puffy jacket, jacket, what to wear, columbia

puffy jacket, jacket, columbia
Puffy has a bad rap. You never really hear it in a positive sense…”You look puffy today” No.

How about, “There’s not enough puff!” Never heard it.

Even “the puffy shirt” was a bad thing.

Let’s give puff its dignity back by applying it to a jacket (but just between you and me, we’re going to try and keep the puff to a minimum). I was searching for a good puffy jacket last month because they’re so warm, and it’s the perfect kind of jacket to wear with everyday clothes. It’s not too dressy, not too casual.

The options right now are pretty vast, so you definitely want to go into the search with some criteria. Mine was as follows…

1. It couldn’t make me look too puffy (case and point).

2. I didn’t want it to cover my bum (I’m all about that bass).

3. I didn’t want to look like I came from the future and/or was getting ready to travel into space.

I did a little internet shopping before hitting the actual store, and found that Dillard’s had the best selection of coats that fit my requirements.
That’s always something I enjoy doing since clicking around to stores uses up zero gas and very little energy. It’s a great way to narrow down the field.

Dillard’s seemed to have a lot of options that fit my requirements so I headed over there.

The jacket I’m wearing is made by Columbia. Look how the “puffies” get slimmer right at my waistline…that’s a great touch and makes the jacket seem less bulky overall. The great thing about Dillard’s is even though they didn’t have my size that day, I was able to order it through them and get free shipping directly to my house. That’s awesome.

This coat is SUPER warm (it’s got down feathers in it) and not too puffy plus it’s water proof. To see more of what Dillard’s has to offer click here. For a different price range of puffy jackets click here.

puffy jacket, jacket, coat, columbia

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