More Maxi for Your Money

Well Hello, Friday.

In an effort to give you more maxi dress inspiration, and maybe an idea or two of what to wear this weekend, I wanted to show you how simply adding a jacket to a maxi dress can make a difference.

Also, take a couple minutes to watch my segment from Tuesday to see how to get more maxi for your money!

Here’s what the dress looks like alone…

maxi dress

This is the look I wore on Tuesday…

chambray shirt 2 edited jpg

Maxi dress


Take off the chambray shirt, add a jean jacket and a belt to define the waste a little more. There’s my “high fashion” pose…once this is out on the internet I’ll probably be asked to move to Paris.

denim jacket adjust edited jpg

maxi dress


Or go a little more edgy and add a white leather jacket. You can’t add a leather jacket without giving your mean face, it’s just a rule – I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.leather jacket tough edited jpg

Maxi dress

And here’s my segment from Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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