And the Color of the Year Goes to…

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That just makes me hungry for Italian food.

As a dustier version of maroon, Marsala has been given that prestigious position of being the color to represent all other colors in the year 2015! What does this mean? Well, it means Marsala will travel the United States speaking at schools and communi…I don’t know what it means.

Orchid was the color of 2014 and I didn’t see it much past January.

But if you’re a fan of it, I’ve gathered some ways for you to incorporate it into your looks this winter, all of which can be found at West Town Mall.

(I will say that it’s hard to find the exact shade of “Marsala” around, it looks a little dustier than maroon, but I did my best to find colors close enough. And I don’t think the Pantone police will pull you over if you wear any of this).

First up, is this MNG top from JCP. The back has got a great lace detail, and I think the color would look great with grays or blacks or both. What’s great is it could also support either gold or silver jewelry.

This little bag should’ve gone on my Christmas list. I’m a huge fan of clutch purses, and this color would be a great yet subtle pop with so many neutral outfits. Grab this Coach clutch at Dillard’s and take it with you on shopping days or date nights!

The easiest possible way (besides nail polish) to introduce a color to your look is through lip stick. This is Heirloom Mix Lipstick in Salon Rouge from MAC (which is in both Dillard’s and Belk now) would probably look just as great layered as it would in one coat.

Converse Chuck Taylor’s from Rack Room Shoes – what a modern color spin on such a classic shoe! I’m all about shoes that allow me to wear full on socks. These would do that, and look great with my navy, black and gray t-shirt collection. Wait. I just realized I need these.

Whether we see it around the whole year or not, Pantone’s color of the year is a great excuse to try something new!

Happy 2015!


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