Streamline Your Closet in 2017

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Last time this year I had a loooong list of to do’s.

We were getting ready to move. Yep, that pretty much took up the entire to do list.

I’ve repeatedly reveled in the fact that I don’t have any impending deadlines for the house. Especially on Saturday’s. If I want to just run around in my underwear or run around town (wearing clothes), I CAN! Guilt free!

Unfortunately it doesn’t mean the productivity police in my head aren’t going to stop showing up. There are several areas in our house that got unpacked in a hurry and now need some attention.

Places like my closet.

The closet feels like a never ending project, right? Well it doesn’t have to!

I’ve put together a list of things to do that will help keep your closet perpetually clean rather than cluttered. Things you can do throughout the year that don’t require giant blocks of time OR giant blocks of money!

Hop on over to the Knoxville Families Magazine blog (where I’m a regular contributor, whoop, whoop) and let me know what you think!


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