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Family weddings are complete, the website is unveiled…I’m breathing large sighs of relief these days.

If you’d like to watch my segment from yesterday where I talked about what all the features spiff now has to offer, along with how to confidently respond to compliments, click below!

Meanwhile, I’d like to point out a few new things around the site that I didn’t get to yesterday on the show…

You can now easily like and share posts with the Facebook buttons located at the bottom of each post. These are not for emergency use, and please share with others only after you’ve enjoyed it for yourself (a little airplane instructional humor there for ya).

Social buttons are available for your following pleasure there on the right. Click each and every one and faithfully follow my every move in every social media avenue possible (too strong? How about…) Feel free to follow me and my adventures as a fashion blogger, get more great tips, outfit inspiration and adorable pictures of my dog!

Speaking of which, did you know TheSpiff has a Pinterest page? On it I share pictures of my own outfits as well as what’s inspiring me!

Here are a few of my recent favorites…

I’ll take any way to wear a leather jacket and boyfriend jeans…oh, I can combine them? Yes please.

leather and boyfriend jeans

I look at this outfit, and I think how much I want to recreate it. Then I think about the logistics of it and how the chambray jacket/shirt would always be blowing around and the waste band of that skirt might not be tight enough to hold me and the shirt I’ve dipped into it. But other than all of that, totally love this!

chevron skirt

Now this is what I like to see…easy weekend wear that isn’t too fussy.

easy weekend wear

Remember to check out the “About” tab above and really just be a nosy rosy when it comes to the site, because it’s all been done for you! So enjoy!

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