For When You Don’t Feel Like a Professional Mom

Some days I feel like a professional Mom.

Like when I find a matching pair of socks! Or when I look at a new mom’s baby registry and see “wipe warmer” …even though I was that person less than 3 years ago.

Other days I feel less like a professional Mom. Like when I pull a shirt out for him to wear with a major stain on it, or when I realize I need to feed him lunch…at 4 o’clock (hope his grandmothers aren’t reading this).

I’m learning that’s how the mom thing goes – some days you feel like a pro, more often you feel like you’re doing well to put on clean underwear. But raising kids that love Jesus and can be productive, sorry Thomas the Train I meant…USEFUL members of society is such an important job. Arguably, THE most important job.

So whether you have a mom, are a mom or are believing to be a mom, stop long enough to appreciate the job they do.

I know I wouldn’t be the sparkling human being I am today if it weren’t for my praying Momma. I would be stuck in a ditch from all the bad choices I had made.

And to help you feel more like a professional mom and less like a bum your children call “Ma” here is a gathering of links from all the useful knowledge I’ve cultivated in all my year of being a mom (coming around the bend to 2, so I’m close to making that a plural “year”)

Here’s how to find a great diaper bag.

How to keep it organized once you get it.

The mistakes I made in the first year of motherhood.

And how my style has changed since becoming a mom.

Finally, here is a super great book I just finished on maintaining a godly home. I can’t emphasize how great this book is – my eyes were opened within the first paragraph of the first CHAPTER. It’s a must-read if you want to know how and why it’s important to raise God-fearing children.

Its also got prayers in the back that you can pray over your family, or pray if you’re believing for a family!

I hope you have a spiffy mother’s day weekend celebrating life!

Hey, take your mom to West Town Mall Saturday, May 13th to watch a fashion show (emceed by yours truly) and possibly win some prizes! There will be refreshments and so much fun to be had, so stop on by and see me!

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