5 Posing Secrets to Look Skinnier in Pictures

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I’m very happy with how I look in pictures.
I’m hoping that sentence startles you, since I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone else say it out loud. But why not? Why do we have to pick out all of our flaws and say them out loud?

I want you to be happy with how you look when our picture is taken, too!

There was a time in my life when I didn’t like what I saw on the developed shot I picked up from Walgreen’s (remember those days, kids?), but I decided to focus on the things I love and work to highlight my best assets so that every shot turned out better and better.
Here are 4 of the tips and tricks I learned, honed and researched to look my best in front of the camera…(read two more secrets here).

 1. Angle yourself to appear slimmer.

There’s no questioning where my son gets his ginormous cheeks. Because my face can come across super wide, I always angle my face away from the camera. The same trick is good for your body. Angle yourself slightly so you’re not showing up wider than you are.

2. Prevent double chin with your tongue.

You know that area under your jaw that can contribute to a double chin? If you’ll stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth, it draws that part up and will help it appear slimmer. (You’re trying it right now, aren’t you?). It works, right!?

3. Confidence is key.

If you’re confident in who you are, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or if you’re covered in poop in the picture – your confidence is going to shine through all that crap (haha pun!).

Maybe you’re not fully happy with how you look or who you are, but you can fake it! Step out in faith and act like you’re the most confident person in the world. Soon you will find yourself looking at your picture thinking, “DANG I look GOOD.” And you might even say that outloud. :)


5. Get a great photographer.

There are days when I go to take a picture and stand there completely blank. That’s why I’m thankful for Sarah Moser! Not only is she talented as a photographer (I mean…just check out her Instagram!), but she’s also great at giving you ways to pose. And when you have a family photo shoot, what really makes a difference is that everyone is posed well and naturally. Sarah is gifted at that and makes you feel good as she points and clicks – which makes all the difference in the world!

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