Two Quick Tricks to Help You Get Dressed This Spring

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*Bear hugs Winter goodbye.

Okay so I’ve got to come to terms with the fact that winter is over this week (OR DO I??)… Actually, I consider winter fully and completely over – as in stop reaching for winter colors/textures – by Easter. So if you want to join my “Still Celebrating Winter Over Here” party, feel free to do so until April 1st. And that’s no joke.

For the rest of you, keep reading…

Spring isn’t as drastic as a shift in seasons as thinking about summer can be. But the good news is if you master these two tricks I’m about to give you, then you’ll seamlessly transition into that season as well. So what’s the first trick?

Think of one look you want to rock this spring. Just one.

Example: for me, this spring I want to rock a graphic tee, jacket, jeans and jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace or bold earrings, I want to rock them with a jacket, tee and jeans. The good news is, I can vary that look in a multitude of ways – swap out the jeans for a maxi skirt, change out jackets, do a plain t-shirt with a patterned jacket and so on and so forth.

What that one look as done, if you’ll notice, is it’s created a myriad of looks for me to choose from. It’s also directed my focus to what I’m going to buy to start prepping for spring looks. Right now, I’m on the hunt for fun earrings to jazz up my collection. I’m also tracking down great graphic tees because the rest of the ensemble I’ve got in stock.

See how that works? Once you’re finished you have a whole collection of looks to swap out and wear in different ways – but all of it translates you and your style in varying degrees of dressiness. Which means you’ll ALWAYS have something to wear.

Give yourself a style challenge.

A couple weeks ago I pulled out the pieces I wanted to wear before the season ended and forced myself to choose from that group. I wanted to be sure to get use out of all my favorites. But what it did was made outfit decisions way easier.

The good news about doing this with your spring wardrobe, is that you can pull out pieces you might not have touched in a while. Making it feel like you went out and bought some new clothes. And even if your style doesn’t lend itself to definitive” spring-like clothing (IE: florals, light pinks, etc.) then pull out pieces that are lighter weight or just a bit flowy-er and make a capsule wardrobe out of them.

Still need some help? Check out my spring post from last year. I just re-read it and was reminded about how genius I am (AND SO HUMBLE).

Let’s make this our spiffiest spring yet!

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