The Mid-Day Refresher Kit That Fits in Your Purse

 what to put in your purse


There are days when coming home for lunch isn’t so much because I hate trying to decide where to eat, but more because I love getting to refresh my look.

Running Sauntering out the door to work some mornings, I sometimes have a list of things I want to tweak…

  • Change shoes
  • File that one nail
  • Go with a different watch

So a mid-day stop at the house is a great time to do that and maybe spray on some fresh perfume or spritz my face with makeup-setting spray.

But on the days when I go out to lunch with co-workers and/or have some place to be right after work, I cannot tell you how far these little items go towards making me feel like a new person.

1. Compact: Somehow I can never fully finish a compact. But I’m good with that, because the last one always becomes the one I keep in my purse in the event I’ve rubbed my noes too much, or get something on my face. Honestly, this is really just there for my peace of mind.

2. Sample Perfume: Where I once hated perfume samples, I’ve really grown to love them. Not only does it allow you to try out a new scent, but they also make for perfect travel-ready pick-me-ups. Nothing brings on the feeling of being fresh faster than a few little sprits of perfume. This is a roller ball so I don’t have to worry about it leaking all over my bag.

3. Breath Mint: A couple drops of this and it’s like your mouth just took a shower.

4. Bobby Pins: I’m a firm believer in coming home with the hair style you left with, but in the event that you left too early to notice all the hairs you had sticking out in the back, or if it simply MUST GO FROM YOUR FACE – having bobby pins in the purse will certainly help. (I forgot to include a bobby pin in the picture because, ironically enough, I took this picture as I was running out the door to work).

5. Lip Balm: To me lip stick is the prettiest when you’ve applied it right after doing your makeup. So in the afternoon instead of putting more on, I usually follow it up and perk it up with some crazy luxurious lip balm like this Burt’s Bees number. I have about 17 of these things so that no purse is without.

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