Wrap Up in Scarves

scarves for fall

Some days, my hair and I just need some time off from each other. Like we’ve gotten in an argument and need to go to separate rooms to cool off.

Yesterday, for example, I would have loved to wrap up my whole head in one of these scarves and go hair-free the whole day. Thankfully as I drove home last night with tired eyes, I was able to pin back my bangs with one of the bobby pins I keep in my purse.

No matter how you wear (or dream about wearing) your scarves, here are four from West Town Mall that will add style and pizzazz to your collection this fall…

scarves for fall

Let’s go clockwise, starting with the frayed black and white plaid scarf from Forever21. I’m really coming around to this whole plaid thing. Mainly because it’s another pattern that will allow me to pattern mix! Wear this over a striped shirt, or have it peaking out from a brightly colored coat.

The gray scarf from American Eagle has a really neat crochet-like flower pattern in the middle. Subtle yet sweet. The fringe on the bottom is so different with that extra bit of tassel knitting mastery.

My favorite thing about this “Rose Plaid Quad Scarf” from Express are the colors. The use of purples and pinks is quite the unexpected yet bold mix that would play perfectly with black and white, all black, or a gray ensemble.

Lastly, this Metallic Heart Scarf from Francesca’s is such an airy gorgeous piece. I’m not a huge fan of hearts, but I might be able to make an exception for these tiny gold ones that add just enough glint to a feather-light material.

Speaking of material, notice how each of these scarves vary in fabric? That’s what your collection should look like. Because each fabric/fringe lays on you differently, and not every outfit calls for a bulky scarf. Sometimes you need a lighter fabric with little fringe, and sometimes you need a heavier fabric with lots of fringe. So the answer to your question is, yes. You DO need to go buy more scarves, tell your husband I said so!

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