Half a Year of Jackson


jackson snow

Those little cutie cheeks and everything attached to them are about to be 6 months old!

He is growing and changing so much these days. It’s a far departure from the sleep all day, suck down some food and then sleep some more. Now I feel like I’ve got to watch him every minute while he’s awake so I don’t miss something!

My favorite thing he’s been doing lately (for a little over a month now), is laughing.

I wanted to document the list of things that make him laugh so I can make fun of him for it reference it in the future…

  1. Fart noises
  2. Noises made into any spot on his neck
  3. Our dog Zack when he’s trying to hack up something
  4. Mommy jumping up and down

I can already tell, this kid’s got my perfect sense of humor ;)

He loves to grab his toes and oh, by the way, he’s sitting up on his own! He’ll wabble for a second, but it’s so neat to see how their little muscles develop and start to hold him up where before he’d just collapse to the side. Not that he doesn’t topple over every now and then, but you don’t have to harness him up like he’s about to mountain climb. Maybe just pad the area around him.

We’re swimming in a sea of slobber. I mean it. We come home, put on our wet suits and just swim around in it everywhere. Lord help Mommy let go of her unstained clothes as they fill up with baby dribble. (That was a legitimate prayer).

And snow happened this week so he got to sit in it. No sledding with Mommy yet, right now we’ll just sit.

Coming up on half a year with him renews my desire to just enjoy the here and now. I believe that has truly helped it not feel as if it’s flying by. I constantly check myself to make sure I’m not lamenting over time passed or wishing away the present to when he’ll be walking, talking, etc. I make it a point to have a moment each day where he’s the only thing on my agenda. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, it’s me and him (and Zack cause he gets in there too) and we’re just there to play.

As cliche, overused and trite as it sounds…enjoying the moment really makes a difference.

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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