Product Review: Dry Shampoo

I’m sometimes afraid to tell people how often I wash my hair.

I don’t want them immediately assuming I only bathe once a week, because that’s not true. I simply only wash my hair once I week. I bathe the rest of me once a month. Silly head.

If you’re sitting there wishing you could cut down your hair washing regimen from a daily thing to at least every couple of days, know that it’s actually possible. It is! If you’ll stop washing it as much, your hair/scalp will eventually slow down in its oil production and get used to a wash every couple of days.

Right now you’re probably thinking about that in-between time when you’re having to get your hair used to not being washed as much and how horrid that may be. Well, friend, it won’t be too horrid if you’ll just buy yourself this dry shampoo.

dry shampoo

I’m such a big fan of this NYM (Not Your Mother’s) hair product line, that recently I realized it was time to try their dry shampoo. The results? A decent smell (I’ve yet to find one that’s HOLY-MOLY good), no residue, clean and manageable hair. #nailed it.

It comes in a great big can too, so if those first couple days of not washing your hair turns out to feel a lot like rehab, you can go to town with the spray. Just be sure to rub in it every time.

Anyone else notice my sudden campaign to stop washing things? I promise it’s filled with good intentions :)

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