You’re Going to Want More Booties

shoes for fall

First up on my shoe wish list this season? These puppies. I fell in love with black Madden Girl wedges like these two years ago, and now I think it’s time to get another pair in a different color.

These are to your fall wardrobe what gladiator sandals are to summer outfits – striking the perfect balance of casual and dressy.

Wedges like this are great because they give you a little bit of height, which will come in handy under long wide legged jeans and can sometimes be a bit more comfortable than complete flats. Something else I love about these is they can be worn with socks.

I made the move from Florida to Tennessee 10 years ago this year and it’s starting to show. When I first moved here, I craved the feeling of flip flops between my toes. Ten years later, I’m tracking down shoes that will allow me to stay in socks for as long as possible. Funny how that goes.

These can be found at Target, by the way. And after reading the reviews it looks like they run true to size and are pretty comfortable after a long day. Some reviewers thought the back of the shoe was going to rub their leg but it seems that wasn’t a problem.

Besides getting to wear socks with these, the other thing I like about them is they’ve got a rubber sole. When I’m trying to convey a casual look, I really can’t stand it when my shoes are clicking on the ground. To me that is the sound of being dressed up – it’s the sound of high heels. And when I’m looking to be casual and cute, I don’t want everyone listening as I click my way around. It’s a quirky thing, I know.

Pair these with some cuffed boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt and earrings! Just don’t buy up all the size 10’s. I’m serious.

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