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If you think that I’m exaggerating when I say, I squeal and dance a little bit every time I see a pumpkin or hear a fall reference, you are wrong.

In fact, “squeal” and “a little bit” are under exaggerations.

In the long list of delicious autumn-related things we get to breathe in, eat up, see, wear and do in the coming months, taking family fall pictures is one of them.

I want to help you style your fall family photo shoot my letting you in on my thought process as I put our look together.

Start with one piece.

Minimize the daunting feeling of making multiple people look good, by starting with just one thing. Sometimes it’s what I want Jackson to wear, or it’s something I want to wear.

Either way, having that one piece to build off of really helps lay the ground work for all of the looks.

For our Christmas card picture from last year, I knew I wanted Jackson to have a tie on, so I started with that onesie (that was waaaay to big for him). I pulled out the gray and echoed the maroon a bit in my lipstick. *kissy face.

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Coordinate, don’t match.

This isn’t 1985. Your bow doesn’t have to be cut from the same material as your puffy sleeve dress.

In fact, you don’t even have to all be wearing the exact same colors.

For Jackson’s birthday party, I knew I wanted the boys in a variation of gray/black/white/army green, but I wanted to be in a bright color to mix it up. I looked around for something in a deep/bright orange but found this pink and it worked beautifully.

If you have trouble with colors, pay attention to websites you like or the colors of your favorite brand. Those colors are chosen by how they compliment each other, so it will get you in the habit of seeing what works.

Also, Pinterest. I say that like I’m on there. I need 45 more hours in my day for that.

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Throw in patterns.

This is my biggest tip of all. Looking back on our family pictures, my favorite thing about our looks are the patterns and how good they look on camera.

Anyone else ever notice that game show contestants are always wearing solid colors? Unless you’re immediately leaving your family portrait to appear on Family Feud, leave the solids at home.

Patterns look great on camera and give your look more depth and visual interest.

Also, a photographer friend once told me that white is a no no, and all black gets lost in the shadows.

Go for patterns.


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