#StyleGoals 2018

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Because #squadgoals is over used.

Whether you conjure resolutions in the new year or not, you need to believe in style goals.

Why? What’s the big deal? Who do I think I am trying to tell you what to do!? Well, I’ll tell you…

If you take a step back from your closet and get a good picture of what you like and don’t like, it will help shape your looks for the rest of the year and have you feeling spiffy everyday.

I’m such a big advocate for setting achievable style goals for myself because they allow me to remain focused in my shopping and #ootd decision making. And I firmly believe it plays a big role in developing personal style, which is exactly what you want. A look that is all your own, touching the trends or classic pieces in the way that only you can – all the while showcasing your favorite assets.

Here are my #StyleGoals for 2018…

1. Replace staple pieces.

I have a jean jacket that has served its purpose but is starting to loose it’s shape. I’ve been lightly looking around for months now, but this is the year I intend to find my jean jacket soul mate. I’m certain I’ll keep you updated on that.

Black pants are something else I’d like to replace and here’ s a little lesson on that…

When you’re shopping to replace something that’s crucial to your closet, try your hardest not to settle for “almost perfect” pieces. I own 3 or 4 “almost perfect” pairs of black pants that are cluttering up my closet and my bank statement. If I would just put effort into finding THE perfect pair, I can clear some of that clutter out.

2. Carefully consider my needs before purchasing.

While Christmas shopping last month it was my goal to not buy anything for myself. IT WAS SO HARD. But I did it! (for the most part). In that little exercise of self control, I realized I make so many clothing purchases that aren’t truly necessary.

I want to continue that mindset and quit cluttering my closet with pieces that don’t move me.

To do this I’m going to need to really have a handle on what it is I have/need which is a topic I’ll cover very soon.

3. Continue shaping my look.

This past year I experienced a shift in how I work. I no longer need office wear but leaned heavily towards athleisure. I’ve got a nice collection of that now, so I’d like to focus on pieces that lean away from the “ath” and more towards the “don’t I look fancy?!”

I’d also like to break my long-standing rule of sequins only in December. I own a pair of sequin pants that really would be chic if worn to a summer event with a silky tank. Let’s do that, in 2018. Let’s break our own rules with pieces we already own.

I hope these goals inspire you to have your best, spiffiest year yet!

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