Refresh Your Image for 2015

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As we all know this is the time of year we normally set goals. But instead of looking to change things about ourselves, let’s focus on refreshing our image.

Regardless of your stage in life, you want to look and feel good about yourself. And if you’re in a position now where you aren’t happy with the image you’re putting out there, then let’s work on that!

I believe that by making a few adjustments, you can set yourself on track to achieve a new level of self confidence.

1. Make Your Social Media Time Productive

If you’re spending hours at a time scrolling through social sites, filling your brain with “perfect” images of other people, that’s going to wear down your confidence and how you feel when you look in the mirror. So be very cautious of how much time you spend mindlessly scrolling those sites, and instead get on with a purpose.

Search for exactly what you’re needing. Oftentimes, if I’m stuck on how to style a piece, I’ll hop on Pinterest and search for “leather skirt” and look at images until I get an idea of what I can pair it with that’s in my closet. This will help you focus on the clothes and not the tiny waist of the people in them. If you find yourself thinking, “I wish I had her____” get off.

2. Set Clothing Goals

A couple years ago I started setting goals for my look at the beginning of the year. Goals like, “buy more color”, “buy less black”, “for the love of all things holy, quit buying darkness.” Once I started doing that not only did my closet lighten up but I also noticed my style became more polished and my buying became more purposeful. It really helps to set the tone for your whole year, especially if you choose something that’s doable (unlike, “Replace everything in my closet by next Tuesday”).

My goals for this year include, not buying something just because it’s on sale. I’ve got too many “junk food” pieces in my closet that are low quality and bought only because it cost a couple dollars. I don’t need that cluttering up my space. My other goal is when I find something I love – buy multiples.

3. Find a Good Resource for Inspiration

Magazine subscriptions cost money and take up space. Blogs are free and weightless. Find a great one (THESPIFF.COM) you really jive with (THESPIFF.COM) and that makes you laugh (THESPIFF.COM) and make it a point to check it on a regular basis. I’m not just saying this because I write one of these, oh you know I didn’t even think this would make a great commercial for THESPIFF.COM! ;)

But seriously whether it’s this amazing blog or another mediocre one, stick to reading it. It’s a great resource for outfit inspiration, beauty product testing, and ideas/tutorials for freshening up your style written by real people with unbiased opinions. If that alone doesn’t elevate your style this year, I don’t know what will.

4. Shop off Your Beaten Path

My closet has grown by leaps and bounds this year because I started shopping outside my comfort zone. In doing so, I’ve found really great deals on quality pieces that have refreshed my whole look.

I know it can be intimidating to walk into a new store, especially if you feel you’re too old/young for the place, but if you find just one piece that you love and inspires a fantastic outfit – it will be totally worth it! As Style Consultant for West Town Mall, I’d be happy to recommend a place you may not have thought of! Be sure to contact me through my social media buttons up on the right if you have any questions!

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