Style Goals for 2017

13 me

You may ask why I like to set style goals for myself. Why not just keep dressing like I do?

Because 13 year old Elizabeth. That’s why.

Sure I kept it classic with the black velvet and pearls. And how ’bout that bow? The bow that was made for the heads of two grown women, but instead I clipped it to my 13-year-old noggin already heavy with hair. Yeah! Such a Rock Star.

This girl, while the embodiment of style and grace #obvs, needs to be edited a bit (I’m looking straight at those “bangs”). Which is why I like to keep it fresh. And taking a step back to look at your style and setting goals for polishing it is a great way to do that.

So what does 2017 hold for how I express myself in clothing? I’m so glad you asked!

1. Realize the value of investment pieces.

I think it’s a right of passage in your 30’s to quickly loose the taste for the quick and cheap clothing you hoarded in your 20’s and to start craving quality.

While I will always consider myself Forever21 *wink, I’m starting to realize the value of a slightly more expensive piece of clothing that will be with me for years.

I plan to realize that more often this year and choose quality over quantity.

2. Refresh my accessories.

Speaking of Forever21, they called and want their jewelry section back (we all know that’s a lie as their jewelry is final sale, duh).

I happen to own a lot of their pieces, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I bought a necklace the other day that looks identical to one you could find in J. Crew but was one tenth the price. I appreciate that.

However, I’ve owned and worn a lot of their pieces over and over and over again, and this year it’s time to refresh.

Goal: go through, clean out what I don’t want and start devoting some funds to things like new bracelets, better quality rings I can wear on the regular, and necklaces that will jazz up my basics.

3. Shop my closet.

During the month of December I purposefully shopped what I already owned, and it was fun!

I saved money, agony, and came to realize just how many great clothes I have. Plus, what is the saying, necessity is the mother of invention?

This year I’m going to be more inventive with what I already own.

Set some style goals for yourself! It will help streamline your shopping and keep your style focused on the message you want to portray.

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