Closet Cleanse in 5 Steps

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Want to know a secret? You’ll be able to check off a lot of resolutions this year simply by cleaning out your closet.

Think about it…you’ll start the day feeling good about yourself. You’ll shop better, saving yourself money. You’ll have more time in your life because you won’t be agonizing over what to wear…the list is endless.

Tell the voice inside your head that you DO have time and you CAN pull this off because if you do it in stages, it won’t take that long…

Step One:

Look at every single piece you own. I mean, thoughtfully look at each and every item. As you look, pull out the following:

  • Anything you haven’t worn in a year
  • Garments with holes or tears, and things that don’t fit right (for any reason)
  • Pieces you’re holding onto for nostalgia sake 

Don’t cheat! Pull those items out! You know what they are. You can probably think of three things right now.

Step Two:

That pile you pulled out of your closet in step one? Let’s work with that. (PS: this is my favorite part because you get to play dress up!)

  • Try on the pieces you haven’t worn in a year. Figure out why you’re not wearing them. Play around and get creative! If it’s a top that’s too long, can it be tucked into a skirt? Can the wide blouse be belted and worn under a blazer?
  • Garments with holes or tears/something doesn’t fit right? Can they be tailored to fit or fixed? If it’s a cheapo piece then forget it. You can replace it. But if it’s something you love that you know is quality, consider taking it to a tailor!
  • Pieces you’re holding onto for nostalgia sake? Box them. Put them away. Get them out of rotation.

If you want, make a night of this and invite friends over to help (then offer to do the same for them). OR take pictures of yourself in outfits you’re not sure about. Sometimes seeing it later, you can better decide whether you love it or not.

Step Three:

In this process of trying things on – make a list in your phone. Write down…

  • What items you need to replace
  • What you need more of to get the most of what you own
  • What you love about the pieces that are in your closet

Do you love shirts with a v neck? Put a note in your phone! Do you see that you need more black pants (something I’ve never, ever had a need for as I own 300 pairs) – write it down!

The more extensive the list, the easier it will be going shopping next time. This is the part that will save you money because (like in my case) you won’t make the mistake of buying ANOTHER pair of black pants because your list says you need more skirts.

This is so important to building a good wardrobe that will contain everything you need to easily get dressed throughout the year.

Step Four:

Anything that’s left from step four that didn’t make the cut, put into two piles.
One pile is for getting out. You can’t get rid of those clothes fast enough! Act like they’re on FIRE.

The other pile is for those you’re on the fence about. Put this pile in a place that’s out of your way. If you don’t think about or reach for anything in it within one week (set an alarm on your phone) – then get the whole thing out of your house.

If you don’t put a tight time frame on it (a week is just right) then it’s going to sit there and gather dust.

Step Five:

Look at what’s left! Everything that’s in your closet should be things you wear regularly and make you feel good. Guess what? You’ve got a snapshot of your personal style! Now you can step back and see the bigger picture of how you want to represent yourself and you can continue building out from there.

Knowing what you love to wear and what you already own are two big strides towards having a streamlined closet that will have you walking out the door in confidence all year long!

Need help setting style goals, now that you have a pristine closet? I can help with that.

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