Items That Make it Easier to Get Dressed This Fall

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Not listed: a giant vat of coffee. That would certainly help me get dressed.

It’s just nice to be pulling clothes out of a different part of my closet. You know? It’s no secret that I love fall, and believe me, I can give you 1,000 reasons why this season is the best, but any time a drastic change in weather happens it feels a little like you got a whole new wardrobe.

Other times when a new seasons hits – you’re hit with the realization that you must have gone naked all last fall because you have absolutely NOTHING to wear.

I’m going to list for you today some products that will help enhance your fall wardrobe and hopefully make it easier to get dressed in the morning without having to buy a truck load of new things.

There are whole blogs, books and fashion beliefs based around this next sentence. So you can bet that if there were a fashion bible, this would be its “golden rule” – Leopard is a neutral.

Grab some leopard to jazz up your ensembles this fall. And can I mention that while surfing for leopard items, I found at least 250 things I want to add to my Christmas list because I LOVE LEOPARD.

white house black market, west town mall, leopard, fashion blogger knoxville

Grab all of those things at White House Black Market in West Town Mall.

With this new(ish) season comes cooler weather which means BOOTIES.

And what do you need with booties? No show socks. If there are shoes in your closet you’ve stayed away from because you don’t know what footwear to pair with them – go with these!!

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These puppies are the best. I wear them with everything and they rarely fall down or slip off. Scoop up your own on Amazon.

Leggings open up a whole new world of layering and I’m so excited about that.

The ongoing debate about leggings has died down a bit, but some people walk around clearly confused as to whether or not leggings are pants. Come back tomorrow for the answer to that question, meanwhile, get comfy leggings here.

soma leggings, where to find good leggings, leggings as pants, leggings


Soma leggings are soooo comfy!

Scarves will be making an appearance and they’re a great way to jazz up your basics. And since scarves can be expensive, why not spend less on some great earrings and pair them with your favorite scarf for a fancier feel.

I’m a firm believer in your accessories not interfering with your scarf. So I’ve gathered a couple pairs of earrings that would pair quite nicely with a big ole’ scarf…

charming charlie, west town mall, what to wear with a scarf, how to accessorize a scarf

charming charlie, west town mall, what to wear with a scarf, how to accessorize a scarf

charming charlie, west town mall, what to wear with a scarf, how to accessorize a scarf

Pick up all of these beauties at Charming Charlie in West Town Mall!

I hope this gives you a fresh look at some items in your closet for this season! Come back tomorrow for all your fall fashion questions answered!

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