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For less than a pizza, you can have all of this delivered to your mailbox. Well, not less than a Little Caesar’s pizza…or Domino’s on Tuesdays…never mind. How about for a mere $10 you can have all of this!

When I opened my Ipsy bag this month I was very happy with the size of the samples inside. And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

I’ve tried out several of the popular beauty subscriptions, and I can honestly say Ipsy is the best.

Here’s what I got this month and what I think about it…

The bag itself: Mmm not a big fan of this one. I talked about in this post how I plan to use these bags for helping me organize. This one just isn’t my style. But it would probably be good to hold hair stuff because that’s a mirror image of what I look like doing my hair in the morning.    ….why are you laughing.

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IT Hair Care – 12 in ONE: I’ve used a hair care product like this before, and I like it. It promises to do a bunch of things (a 12 item long list). I need to try it when I’ve got tangles, BECAUSE I HATE TANGLES. I only used a little and it made the ends of my hair softer and more behaved, so I can imagine this bottle is going to last me well into menopause.

IT Cosmetics: I don’t think it’s related to the hair care product, but it is ironic that they’re both called “it.” While this eyeliner brags about going on smooth (and it does) I didn’t like that it ended up all over my lid within a couple of hours. I use these types of eyeliners on days when I’m going light on the makeup and I was really hoping this would stay put. Maybe with a little bit of help – like a primer or eyeshadow – it will stay in place. Because going on smoothly will help me add the light touch of liner I’m going for.

Lord&Berry lipstick: Nice, neutral shade. Went on smoothly and you didn’t need a lot to add color. Not bad.

Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot: I’ve never got done with a mask and thought DEAR LORD MY SKIN!!!!!!!!!! And this mask, unfortunately, didn’t break that streak. What I look for is ease of use. This one you leave on from 5-10 minutes and just wipe off – again, not bad.

Dermelect nail polish: It’s really a treatment that helps splitting, weak nails that happens to be colored a delightful shade of purply pink. I’m excited to see what my nails look like at the end of the week. Since I paint my nails every week they are certainly on the weak side, so I’m a great candidate for something like this. I’ll keep you posted…

Sign up for this greatness? You won’t regret it… 

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