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Last week I became acutely aware of how much I love having painted nails. I took the week off from color, and  it made me realize why I love wearing nail polish.

First of all, I love that it distinguishes my hand. Not only is it another chance to show off my personality and likes, but it also gives my fingers a bit of feminine edge. A well polished hand is just another detail that helps make you feel beautiful. And you don’t have to have long pointy nails to feel that way either. I like to keep mine short and square, so do what makes you feel most comfortably you!

That being said, I wanted to let you all know about the Julep box I received in the mail. Back when I did the segment on subscription boxes, I had contacted them about sending me a box. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time to be on the show, but I did want to write about it so you’d know the great things they have to offer…

julep maven

In their box every month comes $40 worth of product whether it be a beauty product or a nail polish. The upside to that is you’ve only paid $25 for it (or $20 if you pay in 3 month chunks). What I got in my box was two full size nail polishes and a full size eye liner. Not bad. (You can upgrade to Maven Luxe for $60 worth of products for a little bit higher monthly fee).

Plus, their nail polish has oxygen technology that helps your nails still get air, as well as green coffee extract that delivers antioxidants. Not bad at all.

One of my favorite things about their box is that during a specified window of time each month, you can get online and see what it is you’re getting and change something if you don’t like it. No other box offers this kind of customization and I think that’s worth noting.

If you’re not an adventurer when it comes to picking colors but you still want to build up your collection – this box is for you.  Here’s a link to get started!

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