The Magnolia Story

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No one needs another reason to love Joanna Gaines. But as it turns out, I’ve got one.

Twice now I’ve blazed through the book, “Magnolia Story.” I cried, laughed and marveled loud enough reading through it the first time it got my husband interested, so we listened to it on a long road trip.

Sure it’s neat to learn the back story of their lives. Knowing how they met and the journey they embarked on with business and kids (the stories of them as new parents had us laughing so hard we cried) – all of that is so entertaining.

But truly the best part, the part that reaches deep down in your soul and stirs the passions God placed inside you – is where Joanna shares how God nudged her into fulfilling her dreams.

If you were to ask me to tell you about this in person, I guarantee I’d have a hard time telling you without tearing up.

There’s a place in the book where Joanna is sure God is leading her to do something very, very hard. And as she is doing it, she hears…

“Joanna, if you trust me with your dreams, I’ll take them further than you could have ever imagined.”

As the reader, seeing what it is she’s laying down and knowing where it is God takes her in the future (and He’s not even finished yet!) it’s like an electrical shot of faith. In the moment where she’s laying down what she loved, there’s no way her mind went to the fact that her and her husband would star in one of HGTV’s most successful shows, or that they would have a nationwide appeal, a line in Target, and so on and so on (I mean there are so many so on’s!)

To me, it’s so encouraging and an example to look to in moments of frustration and WHY?! I’m so thankful they shared their story.

Please take time out to read it. I’m certain you’ll laugh, cry and feel a power surge of encouragement like I did!

Need help navigating motherhood/daily activities/LIFE – this book is a huge help.

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