How to Determine Your Body Shape

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Ask a woman what her shape is and I’ll bet you 4 Piko tops she’ll immediately point out her largest area.

But knowing your shape isn’t just about knowing where you’re the fullest, it’s about knowing your shape overall and where your natural waistline falls. This information will allow you to buy more wisely and wear only clothes that will accentuate all your best assets.

The best explanation I’ve found for figuring out your shape is the following exercise from Bobbie Thomas’ book, “The Power of Style.”

If you’ll do this exercise, you’ll be able to know exactly what shape you are…

“Grab a buddy, such as a friend or family member, because this style session requires the help of someone close. Stand with good posture and your arms relaxed at your sides in front of an all-white or solid-colored wall. You can wear a snug black outfit, or if you’re up for it, a bathing suit or bra and underwear. Now have your style-session buddy snap a photo of you.

The goal is to take a photo that will clearly capture the outline of your frame. Print it out and, using a pencil, mark the outermost points of your shoulders and hips. Then draw an X by connecting the dots.

Next, note your waistline with dots, at the point underneath your ribcage and just above your belly button. If your waistline points measure wider than your hips and shoulders, your X will more closely resemble a cross. Just remember to be honest and accurate, and if you decided to strike a pose in the buff, be sure to delete the picture!”

Now that you know how to figure out your shape, watch this quick video to see what dress to wear that will flatter it!

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