Different Ways to Wear Your Scarves

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After wearing a sauna suit as my costume the other day (see Intagram for details), I decided I’m not opposed to bundling up even though it’s 80 degrees outside. :-|

If I can sweat through that, I can make it through anything.

This week on the show I demonstrated a couple things with scarves. The first was how to accessorize with them…

Too often I see earrings and scarves competing for the same space on the neck, so I did my part to rectify that with a simple rule of thumb, and showed which necklace is best for wearing with an infinity scarf.

Also on this week – how to tie your scarf in just four different ways! There are so many tutorials out there that give you a number of different ways – half of which I can’t even remember.

What I show below, however, I feel is memorable and simple enough to pull off. And remember, you can always return to this spot for a refresher once it gets truly cold outside.  In fact, feel free to return to this spot every day :)

Below that segment is the Live at Five at Four spot with my baby Jackson dressed as cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. He appears about half way through the clip, so be sure to check out him and his emotionless face on TV haha!

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