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Frosting, harmony, table top decor. All three of those things are synonymous with accessorizing.

How? Let me explain…(although parts of this may not make sense if you’re a frosting fan).

I like to think of it all as a big page of words. If I were to take a highlighter and highlight every word on that page your eye wouldn’t be drawn to anything. It’s all a big yellow blob. But if I were to instead, highlight a word here, a phrase there, maybe three total on the whole page? Your eye would go just where I want it – those three spots.

The same is true for frosting in the baking world (I’m more of a cake fan which is why that analogy might not work for you); harmony in the music world; home accents in the interior decorating world; accessories in the fashion world.

I included all of those examples because sometimes using something you know helps.

For me, home decor is hard until I think of a room as an outfit. Then I can immediately get to work, knowing what the room needs.

Accessorizing is the thing I get asked about the most. It can be the hardest part about getting dressed and (bad news) it can really make or break your outfit. But (good news) I’m here to spiff up your accessorizing abilities! Because I LOVE that part of the process.

I’m working on fresh content for this, but in the meantime, enjoy this high-quality video I made about two years ago. It’s high quality because it was before I had a child. ;)

Here’s another post on the subject, and be sure to follow my Pinterest board on accessories while I work on more ways to help spiffy up your accessorizing!

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