Boost Your Confidence in One Easy Step

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I’ve accidentally conducted an experiment.

It’s an accidental experiment because I didn’t intentionally set out to see the effects, I was just being myself. But I’ve noticed an impact and I’m good with it.

I like to joke around. A lot. And since people usually go for the easy jokes of being self deprecating, I learned a long time ago that not many people (especially women) go for the jokes where they come off confident (jokingly cocky would be a better description).

The effects, I’ve noticed, have taken place with a particular friend who would dish out the self deprecating comments like candy for a while. Then after years of being around my jokes filled with the fact that I can do anything and if I’m touching it it’s awesome – this person started speaking the same way about themselves. In fact I noticed in some instances they’d leave off the jovial edge and just speak better about themselves in general.

I’m not saying that I played a complete hand in this transformation, but I will take some of the credit (thank you very much). Because as I said earlier, most people go for the self-demeaning humor so going against the grain and actually talking about how awesome you are, really wakes people up to what your saying and changes their perspective of you. They know, you know you’re awesome.

And you are.

Why shouldn’t we brag about ourselves? We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God Himself!

Of course you don’t want to tip the scale to arrogance, but my guess is you’ve been speaking so poorly about yourself to others for so long that it’s going to take some getting used to building yourself up out loud. And if you have to fake it till you make it then so be it.

Start small: “My nails look great today!”

And build big: “My butt is BRINGING IT in these jeans!”

I truly believe that by hearing yourself say nice things you’re going to single-handedly boost your confidence and how others perceive you.

And listen, if the thought of sounding like a Nike shirt really makes you nervous, then simply start by stopping the negative comments you would normally say about yourself. After you’ve done that a couple times and a negative thought pops in your head that you go to say out loud, twist it around to be something positive, or simply agree with someone when they compliment you.

You are awesome, you look amazing and it’s because you read this fabulous blog. See, it’s not that hard ;)


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