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There’s a great new purse shape that’s been making its way through the crowd of bags out there, it’s called the Bucket Bag.

It looks just like it sounds too (as you can see).

I picked this one up at TJMaxx for a steal (a STEAL I tell you, at $20), but I’ve linked to one just like it and since the shape is becoming more popular the options are starting to increase.

Honestly, at first I wasn’t a big fan. And even now I don’t think I’d own one that’s not cross-body. I got this one because I needed a summer cross-body option and really with the quilting on it, I think I could carry this well into fall.

It’s nice in the sense that it’s deep and can hold my long wallet. It’s not nice in the sense that the opening is a little small and I have to work to get my hand down in there to pull things out. But if you’re not a fan of having a wide open purse for people to stick their hands or eyes down into, then this is the perfect bag for you. It’s especially great on vacation which is where I first carried it.

Grab one like this in a bright white and it will really refresh your summer purse collection!

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