Boutique Critique!

This episode of boutique critique is featuring the store Deb, now in the West Town Mall across from Rack Room Shoes and right near the Sears door.

Deb has occupied the once darker and yuckier corner of the mall now for a little over a month, and I must say they are doing a fantastic job bringing life to that end of the mall.

It’s a huge store, taking up what I estimate to be three spaces (no one, trust me, no one will miss that creepy massage place…bleh) and has a nice assortment of clothes ranging from the formal to the casual.

They also cater to all kinds of sizes-the entire left side of the store is dedicated to plus size. The formals they offer are really pretty and are at a good price point of around $40, which isn’t bad at all. Their regular shirts are priced at around $17 and their jeans are typically $30. The good news is, they’ve got a ton of sales racks so I’m sure bargain hunters will be satisfied every time.

The sales staff was nice. Two of them came up and made sure I was finding everything ok and, in fact, upon entering the store I was handed a coupon-I think I dreamt that once ;)
The dressing rooms in the back remind me of Bella Boutique’s rooms with the bright pink carpeting and the stage in front of the multi-paneled mirror-which is great when both formal and jean shopping.

Deb’s style is more on the side of Body Shop/Rue 21 (in fact their jewelry reminds me a lot of Body Shop stuff) so if you’re a fan of them, then you’ve got yourself a bigger playground.
It’s definitely worth checking out. I’m thankful just to walk by something brighter and happier on that side of the mall.

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