You Can Benefit from this New Way to Shop {Big Time}

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Experience and convenience are the new buzz words when it comes to shopping. Could subscription services BE any more convenient? #chandlerbing I think not.What I’m bringing to you today are great ways to freshen up your look without spending a lot of money. If you think about it budget wise – what you’re taking out of your budget and what you’re getting for that price is a real bargain!Rocksbox for example…

You get three designer pieces of jewelry for $21. If you were to buy each of these pieces it would cost you close to $200 if not more!

Other fun things about it? These pieces you didn’t pick out yourself will really stretch your style (they’ll be within your taste because you fill out a profile and review every set you get to let them know you like what you get – or not!). Getting these pieces in the mail has caused me to craft outfits around them – outfits that I probably normally wouldn’t have thought to wear but wore because I wanted to showcase my jewelry. So if you need to freshen up what you own and don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it – this is the way to go.

What’s even better? You can get your first month free by clicking on this link and using the code below when you go to sign up.


Here is the link to sign up – use ELIZABETHOBFF8 to get your free month!

Here are other links to subscription services that will make your life easier.Some I haven’t tried, the first one I have…and I LOVE it…
Ipsy – the best beauty box service out there
Letote – especially good for maternity wear but they also have regular clothes. And unlike Stitch Fix you get to wear the clothes without having to actually purchase each piece.
Unlimited – this is great for people who have to dress up on a regular basis. While I’m thankful for my casual life style, I would be a little less sad about dressing up if I used this service (think rotating closet).


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